Oh no...Momma has morning sickness again! I feel you Momma🙋🏽‍♀️ Definitely been there and who are they kidding...morning sickness lasts all day!
Relieve those symptoms with the Momma Nausea Blend from the Momma-to-Be EO Blends Set🌱

‘This Blend eased my nausea [from hyperemesis] I love it so much.’ 💕Tristan

Order with link in Profile👆🏽

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Got to spend part of the day with these beauties 😍 laughing, drinking mimosas, planning and dreaming about our future.
Realizing the vision for your life takes hard work, which is why many people don’t ever fully realize their dreams. Then there are some that achieve their dreams......and SURPASS THEM!! That.....the second one.....that will be us!! 🙌🏻 🤸🏼‍♀️ We are building a team of inspiring women. ❤️ We are building our own confidence. 💰 We are building a financial foundation for our family.
We can do anything we are willing to work for and SO CAN YOU.
So let me ask you......Are you willing to put in some hard work to get a LIFETIME of success?

What are your dreams? No really.....I want you to think BIG!!! Ya....like the ones your scared to say out loud. 🙈

What are THOSE dreams??? I’m telling you girl, THOSE are possible!! I know....I didn’t believe it either, but I’ve seen it first hand and I’m ready for it to be ME!! So whatta ya say??? Wanna do this thing together???? Wanna take those CRAZY dreams in your head and make them your LIFE??!!! Cuz I sure do!! And so do these girls! ➡️ Reach out! I wanna hear what your dreams are and let’s plan how to get there together!
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Welkom nieuw schooljaar!

Vandaag start in het zuiden het nieuwe schooljaar weer. Dat betekent dat we ons weer een ritme aan mogen meten en dat vind ik eigenlijk wel erg prettig. Ondanks dat ik het een heerlijke zomer vond met de kinderen merk ik wel dat een beetje ritme en structuur ons allemaal goed.

Dus ik pak er een kop koffie bij en ga de tassen klaar maken van de kinderen. De een gaat naar school en de ander naar de opvang. Je raadt het al: het wordt een fijne werkdag voor mij!

Gaan bij jullie de kinderen al naar school of hebben ze nog vakantie?
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I learned a valuable lesson on joy today. What does it mean to feel joy? Is it a choice to feel joy? I can only speak for myself. For me, joy is what I feel when I’m surrounded by people who love me and support me through my most difficult of days. Joy is what I feel when I hold my children close and hug and kiss them. Joy is what I feel when I’m working hard. I absolutely love my career choice. Joy is what I feel when I remember that I’m a child of God. Joy isn’t always a choice. You have to work really hard to really feel it on a regular basis. And since I’m not a perfect person, I don’t feel it on a regular basis. Sometimes I have really bad days, where I’m not in control of what I’m feeling. Being debilitated mentally and/or physically makes it incredibly hard to feel any sort of joy. I know for a fact that I felt joy this morning and I loved every second of it.

Pick your favorate Black and white look for work today!
Happy monday
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Memilih bahagia seperti memilih kopi. Mau yang manis atau pahit? Hehe.
I choose a HAPPY Monday with a less sweet coffee 😉

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Had fun hanging this weekend with my little man! It is amazing how fast he keeps developing: his talking, understanding, and personality are showing up more and more every day! .
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Not too put pressure on our children, but to inspire them, encourage them to be more than what they thought they could be 🌟 #ThisisMom #parentingtruths #parenting #workingmom #workingmomlife #workingwoman #workingwomen
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We love infinitely amidst all the struggles, despite all the challenges, and in spite all the hardships. We love inifinitely because of our children and our family. ❤ #ThisisMom #parentingtruths #parenting #workingmom #workingmomlife #workingwoman #workingwomen
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PEOPLE.com featured Active Hydration Body Replenish in an article entitled, "The Best New Beauty Products of 2018”. 🎉 “This product claims to hydrate skin after just one use, and spoiler: It DOES! The magic ingredients? Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerin that both draw in moisture from the atmosphere and lock it onto skin. It’s also fast-absorbing and leaves the body feeling smooth, hydrated and glowly.” I ❤️ all the rave reviews! And I second how it makes my skin feel! Message me to try it today. #peoplemagazine @people #hydrated #hydratedskin #hydratedskinishappyskin #bodybutter #bodycream .
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Do the best you can do

Better late than never... My office has been the least visited room in my house since June, and yet somehow it turned into a disaster🤷🏼‍♀️. It may have taken three days in between feedings and snuggles, but I am finally ready and organized for tomorrow!
Now for some sleep... big day ahead😴!!!

Beautiful walk with my girl tonight watching the sunset. 🌖

Now time to get ready for the week! 💃🏼☺️

I remember when I use to get into kind of a little depression on Sunday nights 😓 because I had nothing to really look forward to except work, exhaustion and just barely surviving each day. —
Now I look forward to my weeks, to my Monday’s! Yeah I actually like them 😝. What’s the difference now? I have a purpose! I know I am making a difference and THAT makes getting out of bed so much easier. —
Yeah I still have down days, darker moments but when you truly love what you do and know your life matters (because it does!!!) that is when life just gets better. 🙌🏼🌈

Coaching has brought all of this to me and I thank God that he brought this opportunity into my life when he did. I hate to even think where I would be if I would have ignored the door he was opening for me! —
Maybe this post is YOUR door opening, YOUR opportunity?! If something inside of you is telling you “maybe, what if?” Or maybe just curious to learn more, let’s talk! I’d love to share my story with you and how this might be the change you’ve been looking for. 💕

You’ve been watching my journey and wondering... 🤔 What exactly is the deal?!?! It’s simple but so powerful! 💥
People are hard wired to work better together!!! A study from the University of Virginia found “that if you look at a hill and judge how steep it is before climbing it, you perceive it as 30 percent steeper than it actually is if you’re in a negative state of mind. They did a follow-up study that is even more fascinating: People judged the same hill as being 20 percent less steep when standing next to a friend.” 🌄

I found an amazing friend 💛 and team of women who help me re-frame the hills I need to overcome.
We provide each other support, encouragement, ideas, tips - all in an effort to thrive instead of just survive. 🙌🏻 We are NOT fitness experts, nutritionists, in perfect shape - the juggle, being the best mom and the best you, is real! 🤪

We are always looking to add to our Supermama Squad! If you need some positivity to jump start your health or even a place to begin, reach out! Our next prep week starts soon and there is a spot with your name on it!
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This little guy may be excited to start day care tomorrow but mommy and daddy are a little nervous. It’s a blessing that I have a job that allows me to bring Mitchell to work. I can’t imagine the nervousness that other parents feel when they take their child to day care but have to leave! Here’s to hoping he has a great 1st day!! (I should’ve been in bed hours ago but Mitch had other ideas) #oopsiedaisymommy #6weeksold #nervousmommy #workingmomlife #daycarelife #infantteacher #blessed

Happy mama over here..with all my boys home.💙💙💙.
Sunday nights are all about looking forward to the fun I want to have with these guys this week, creating a happy + healthy home for them to grow in, and getting my biz in order for the week {ie-scheduling team calls, planning my posts, checking in with my clients & setting BIG goals for our team}!🔥.
Sunday nights are no longer about anxiety and feeling sad about the upcoming work week and leaving my kids all day for the next 5 days. (Totally ok if that’s what you want to do by the way, but personally it wasn’t working for me❤️).
Want to know more about what I actually do as a coach? Just ask! {OR, hop in the 1 Day Coach Info Session I’m hosting this week😉-Link in BIO!!} Ps. I’m waiting for YOU to do this with us.👯‍♀️

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