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Little feet that used to kicked my ribs 😻
🍼baby notes - it is not as hard of an adjustment to the newborn as I expected it to be. Maybe, the experience, or maybe the older memories are exaggerated, or maybe it is because I was mentally preparing for what comes with newborn that made the difference, but this is what it is and I am very happy with it.
🔖work notes - I haven't taken time off for maternity leave this time around at all. As a matter of fact, I worked during the first half of labor, and the day after Elisey was born I had a project that needed to be turned in. And a few days after I needed to go back ( unexpectedly) to a dancing part of my life too. A little too ambitious? Probably. A bit too "workaholic"? For sure. It works for me though. And I love it. Partially, I had things prepped on advance to ensure the workflow is not affected.
Partially, situations happened to come up that required my involvement. Not the best time in the world, but does life ever happen at the best time?
✨ life notes - my husband accidentally lacerated his hand, deep enough to probably cause some tendon damage. How severe we still don't know, but 10 stitches later, he's got a splint for the next 1-2 months. Hopefully, all comes to the best outcomes. In the meantime, this translated into my load being quadrupled, from work to home, as lots of changes needed to be made - he can't really help with a baby much and can't hold/operate heavy video equipment neither ( we are looking for a temporary replacement for him at the moment).
I'm just grateful this didn't happen before I had a baby. Life obviously likes to test my limits. But there is a bright side to it all. Always. And that's what gives me strength to move forward .✨
Маленькие пяточки, которые меня толкали изнутри еще совсем недавно.😻
🍼 малышовские заметки - в этот раз адаптация к новому малышу не такая сложная, как я ожидала. То ли опыт, то ли преувеличенные воспоминания первого малыша, то ли подсознательная подготовка внутренне заранее - так или иначе, я не против 🤗
🔖рабочие заметки - с этим малышом у меня не было вообще даже подобия микро-декрета, даже по американским меркам. В этот раз👇🏻

I know August is almost over, but it's still not late to buy a copy of @workingmommag Aug 2017 issue and know more about us #WeAreThePratties and other parenting stuff❤️ #WorkingMomMag #WorkingMom

Pulang kerja mendapati Ghali anget dan laporan Oma Ghali mencret (berampas). Ghani Alhamdulillah udh sembuh mencret dan angetnya (manjanya masih tinggal hehe)
Jadi Ghali tadi bobo sama Mommy di kamar skalian skin to skin. Ghani bobo di box dluar.
Mommygen mondar mandir kamar-keluar-kamar krn memantau Ghani diluar dan gonta ganti air kompres Ghali.
Tambah pergalauan karena besok Mommygen mau ke luar kota.
Syafakumullah anak2 soleh 😘😘
Sehat kembaliiii ❤❤
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Keep calm and keep on juicing y’all!
I make fresh green juices for me and Joe ever morning but sometimes I just like to go and buy one! Somehow mine don't taste as yummy as the ones they sell at the juicing places😭
In the beginning it was sort of weird to “drink” my veggies, but now it’s just a habit… in fact, I actually crave it first thing when I wake up!
I didn't bring my juicer to the river last week and had juicing withdrawals hahahahaha
Do you guys juice and have you noticed any positive effects? Personally, I feel more energetic, alert, nourished and overall healthier!
#juicelife #everythinggreen #juice #juicecleanse
🇪🇸Hago zumos súper verdes y frescos para mí y Joe cada mañana, pero a veces me gusta comprar uno! De alguna manera mi sabor no es tan delicioso como los que venden en las tiendas de zumos.
Al principio era extraño "beberme" mis verduras, pero ahora es un hábito ... de hecho, se me antoja nada más me despierto!
Vosotros os bebéis vuestros vegetales como
yo ? Habéis notado algún efecto positivo? Personalmente, yo me siento más enérgetica, alerta, nutrida y en general más sana!

8 months old today... and from the looks of it he is pretty happy about it 🎉

Daily this show teaches me. So fortunate to do what I love. #incrediblygrateful #neverlostonme #WillWorkForSchoolFees #workingmom


Day 111✨11 miles✨1 hour 56 minutes✨ I felt like I was packing for a trip for this run! It was hot 🔥 hot 🔥 HOT 🔥‼️My running partner & I wanted to quit, A LOT! But, we reminded ourselves of our half goal, "Never stop, consistently run!" We kept this mentality during our 11 mile run and we pushed through the heat, humidity and our pain and finished our run, yay 🎉✨
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A full look on my yesterday's outfit 🎀 • love my new loafers in navy suede 💙 BUT they are so uncomfortable in the back and hurt my feet so I wanted to ask you for your tips to make them more smoother in the back - very much appreciated 💗 #happywednesday #workingmom #momlife #prettyballerinas

Getting into a new routine is challenging. The past few nights I've gone to bed super early to help counteract fatigue from commuting, and I'm starting to feel like myself again. 5:30am lifting session done. That marathon won't run itself! I have to put in the work.
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4G (Gülüyoruz)
Yeni projenin Öncüleri biziz. 😊
Heyecanlıyız, hazırız✌️💕 Sabah kahvaltısında değerli misafirlerimizle açılışı yaptık🎉 Şimdiden herkese hayırlı olsun👌🙏🏻
We are the leaders of the new project😊✌️ We are excited, proud and ready 😊 And the project starts with a meeting at breakfast 🎉
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Boom killed it!

Share a smile with someone ☺️ #choosehappy #bebetter #prüvit

Hoy os saludamos con esta idílica imagen de @ainatorre paseando con su bebé a orillas del río Garona, en Toulouse. 😊 ¡Gracias por compartir!

Watta day so busy... but I should accept the fact that this is what I want so just enjoy doing it and strike a pose and smile LIFE is so beautiful 😍 #living_in_the_dessert #middleeast #kuwaitlife #workingmom #work_wok_work #thankful #grateful #thankyoulord

#Mittag | während das kranke Mäuschen Mittagsschlaf hält gibt es für meine eine kleine Stärkung und ein wenig Arbeit muss auch erledigt werden ☕️ #workingmom #homeoffice #krankesmäuschen #lebenmitkind #momlife #erstmalkaffee #ohnekaffeeohnemich #mittagssnack #gesundundfit #healthy #kaffeeliebe #littlegirl #arbeitarbeitarbeit

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