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Y así celebró mi vida ... con la bendición de hacer lo que me gusta , estar cerquita de las personas y compartir lo que he aprendido durante mis 34añitos de vida , gracias Dios por esta vida y todos los que me rodean , gracias por todo todito todo lo que me regalas y por mostrarme el camino siempre ... gracias a ustedes por sus hermosos mensajes , a mi familia y amigos por acompañarme en las locuras que conforman mi existir .
#sanalocura #happybirthdaytome #workingmom #wellnesswarrior

My first week back to work has been really great. I'm beyond grateful for the love and support from you all and my @etalkctv family. But man do I miss this little human something fierce. I practically run home to see this face. So instead of cocktail parties after work, it's bath time with Bea for me. And I wouldn't have it any other way. @beatrixgraham 🐝 #thebeanut

Hey babes it's meeeee in all my preggo glory! #27weeks and def feelin pregnant. Tired, aching back, nothing sounds good to eat 🙄, and running out of clothes that fit. However... all that doesn't really matter because I'm GROWING a HUMAN. Shit is hard work... right?! Anyways, I wanted to pop in and say Hi to all of you people who like my posts on the reg. I usually don't do this but it's time to start talkin with you girls who follow me. I mean we are friends now right? Yah fun. So if you want, comment below and say HEY 👋🏻 and let me know where you are from! Would love to hear where all my followers are at! || kini from @novellaroyale ... rings are available in the shop and that plant is all up in my business 😆 || #noeditshere #allnaturalbaby

Although twiddling drives me BONKERS, it's your baby's way of helping to stimulate a letdown. How many of you Milky Mamas have a twiddler?

RetterHerz @ellipirelli_blog ❤🔥
Wie verändert der Terror unser Leben? Ist Sicherheit eine Illusion? Was passiert, wenn es passiert? 🚌🔥🚑🚑🚑
Als Notärztin bin ich als Mitglied des Rettungsdienstes natürlich in einem möglichen Anschlagsszenario anzutreffen und gefordert. Wie geht man strategisch vor? Wie sichtet man Patienten? Wie viele Verletzte gibt es, wer versorgt sie und wohin mit ihnen? All diese Fragen inmitten eines großen Chaos sicher beantworten zu können, ist eine riesige Herausforderung. Um für den Ernstfall zu trainieren wird es bei uns übermorgen eine große Anti-Terror-Übung mit über 1500 Beteiligten geben 🚑🚓🚒🚓🚨🚁🚒👮🏻👨🏻‍🚒😷🔥 Ich bin gespannt auf die Szenarien und Fallstricke, die auch für uns weitestgehend eine Überraschung sein werden! Es soll möglichst realistisch sein und da sich einige Szenen und polizeiliche Maßnahmen auch in der Öffentlichkeit abspielen, sind unsere Bürger durch die lokalen Medien bereits vorgewarnt worden👍🏻 Ansonsten war mein Tag auf dem #NEF heute weitestgehend Routine. Viel Neuro, viel geärgert aber auch viel gelacht😅
Also ihr Lieben, gute Nacht und passt auf euch auf❤
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On my way to work #goodmorning #kkstyle #workingmom

I didn't think I would get emotional about maternity leave coming to an end this week since I work from HOME, but here we are 😭😭😭. I've even worked one day a week since he got here, but I really think there was something to be said for not being on a schedule, having no expectations and just cuddling or adventuring wherever we wanted whenever we wanted. 🙌🏼💃🏼🎉 This has been SUCH a special time. I am drying my tears tonight and choosing to tell myself that our adventures aren't ending, they are just beginning!! I want to say a million thank you's to each and every one of y'all who has cheered me on these past three months. I have loved getting to share bits and pieces of this new journey with you. And thank you from the bottom of my confetti-filled heart for shopping with All She Wrote Notes. It was because of YOUR support financially that I was even able to take a maternity leave and grow our family. I will always be grateful for each and every purchase you make and class you attend. I am very excited to get back out there and start spreading happiness with my handwriting again next week. To all of the other mama's out there, I salute you! We are in this together. 💖

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Love spring & summer in the city. Especially grabbing lunch out. Felt like a Rose Lemonade and veggie bowl day #foodie #roselemonade #blueribbonsushi #downtownnyc #nyc #veggiebowl #brookfieldplace #brookfield #springinnyc #oneworldtradecenter #freedomtown #workingmom

Found this little guy in one of our bird feeders this morning, having a cheeky little drink!

#escargot #printemps #spring #garden #gardentales #morning #friday #bankholidayweekend #workingmom #nature #motherearth #naturalworld

I'm happier today than the other days of the week 😂 just because tomorrow I get to sleep in at least 1 hour , if miss Alexandria allows it #playtime #bondintimewithAlexandria #mommyanddaughtertime #weekendsareforfamily #10montholdbaby #workingmom

Huhu 👋 auf geht's ins lange Wochenende💕 was habt ihr so Feines geplant? Ich möchte die nächsten Tage, neben meiner Familie 💑 💖 💏 wieder mehr dem Laufen🏃 widmen😊...hab ich die Woche bisschen vernachlässigt. Heute stand ein mega ätzendes Freeletics Workout an...VENUS😱😱😱 zwar "nur" 2/4, aber 100 von den verfluchten Pushups reichen mir da völlig um meine gute Erziehung über Bord zu werfen und wild gestikulierend vor mich hin zu fluchen😨😨😨 ob das jemals besser wird??? Hmmmm...für das gute Gefühl zum Abschluss gab es dann noch einige 💖Burpees💖 ... jetzt fühle ich mich pudelwohl😆😄...macht euch einen schönen Abend ihr Granaten 😘😘😘
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After suffering from a migraine, all morning, it felt good to wake up to a "clear to close" and messages about seeing a listing I've only had on the market a few days 🤗#workingmom #working #cleartoclose #realestate #realtor #workpayingoffwhileimsleeping

Just got off work, taking a quick break before I pick up my daughter from school and head to the gym... #veinsfordays #workingmom #leanmachine #breaktime #bodybuilding #figuregirl

Look who came to visit mommy at her store!!! Yay! Baby time!!! ❤️ Oh yeah, Jon was there too 😂❤️
#rednose #workingmom #momlife #walgreens #charity #rednosedayusa #momma #mommasgirl #mybaby #mybabygirl #friyay

Nap time sketches. SUPER surprise how much I am pumping out despite a sick baby. 🙌🏻🙌🏻 love it when my brain gets on the focus train.

(FULL BLOOM) One of my favourite parts about the beautiful Akti Beach Village Resort we stayed in when on holiday in Cyprus, was the incredible roses blossoming everywhere you looked. They smelt incredible & just looking at them made me happier! I took quite a few snaps of the gorgeous blooms surrounding Akti Beach, so you might spot a few on here soon! Today was my first proper day back into a routine since the holiday, back at work tonight and this weekend (Anyone else here who works part-time as well as blogging? Thankfully I do both from home, so it's not too bad!), but I have some lovely plans for the weekend ahead. Spending time with family tomorrow & breakfast with a friend this weekend, at my favourite local breakfast spot no less. And a spot of blogging over the weekend will finish things have nicely! I shared Willow's 15-month update over on www.tattooedtealady.com if you fancy a read! 🌸 What are your plans for the last weekend of April?

Amazing start to the day when you get free leggings and supplements in your mailbox!!

What's that? Updates on my blog be sure to check it out link in bio⬆️

Hey, guys super excited! I just started a new business venture selling overall wellness product. These are all natural products. I started this business because my goals are to have a fully furnished home, college funds for my kids and money towards my bills. I'm a single mother of two kids and I work hard but I want better. I just made some wrap cash super excited!!!😮Currently looking for people wanting to make an extra $500-2,000 a month. I will mentor you and help you reach your financial goals! Who is ready to make some money 💰? 😮#makingmoney #money #Texas #boss #bossbabe #money #motivation #hypothyroidism #Excited #Cute #change #workingmom #Love #mylife #financialfreedom #momboss #workingmom

We've had a perfect Friday at the zoo with these cutie pies! 😍❤️ And FYI, if anyone wants a little bit of an extra workout - pull two 30ish pound toddlers in a wagon around the zoo in 80 degree weather for 3 hours 😜🤣

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