What are you doing to become successful? Becoming successful in a field of study is easy to do, but staying successful is what many people lack. Just in the past 3 months I’ve been able to see all the good and bad of the career I’ve chosen. Mostly all good in my eye, but what I’ve noticed most is that so many people in my field chose to not further their skills and education and expect to still be successful. If you want to stay successful those are the exact things that you need to keep doing to benefit yourself, your salon & the happiness of your clients. The minute you decide you know everything about your job and choose to stop educating yourself is the moment you stop being successful. Always ask questions. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in the field for 20 years, just beginning or you’re at the top of the pyramid. You can always learn from others everyday. So I challenge you to learn something new today no matter your field. Be the change you want to see in the world because it’s a beautiful one when we all make it💗

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Weekday drinks celebrating my new job opportunity! So excited to get working and back into the agency world! Here we go ✔️
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Quit that job (done)
Enjoy two weeks off before starting your new job (working on It)
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Hello Everyone! Please tune in to the latest episode of “Per My Last Email.” Today I’m talking all about #Mentorship. I think everyone should have at least ONE mentor. Especially if you are relatively new to #WorkLife, mentors are great at giving advice, pushing you out of your comfort zone, and advocating for you when new opportunities arise!
I’m sharing my personal experiences in the video, but please feel free to share your questions, tips, and stories as it relates to Mentorship in the comments.
You can find the link in my bio, or head over to Facebook and search “Per My Last email”

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So excited about working at my church for the summer!!🎉😃✌🏾 _______________________________________________The Lord is already moving, and I’m expectant for what’s to come in the days ahead!
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I don’t know about you, but I am tired of the stigma that millennials are getting! Sometimes you have to stand up, work hard, and figure out how to prove them wrong. The Working Millennial is putting together an online course to help millennials learn “soft skills” as well as improving work ethic to shut up these older generations. Join me and let’s get some things done! #entrepreneur #millennials #millennial #work #workout #success #motivational #motivation #goals #workethic #workingmillennial

Around this time last year I started applying for internships. Little did I know that an opportunity for a job would present itself. I have learned so much in the last year and continue to everyday. Be sure to look out for a long term piece I’ve been working on about what I’ve learned my first year working out of college. ~ COMING SOON ~ •

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Hello 2018, you look challenging but we are ready for ya!!😉💕Leggo Mother @mluevangelista and Ate @garleenrae!😘 #VCMLove #VCMHeartwork

OOTD-ing cause I finally found the perfect mom jeans and my go-to shop for smart casual tops! 💛

Ending November with another #FeaturedFabGrad! This interview will definitely have you screaming yaaaaasss 🙌🏾 with all the great tips and relatable moments shared! In this episode, my best friend @solvethekase tells her story about living on her own in Los Angeles right after college. She also shares her experience of looking for a job in the entertainment industry in LA! Click the #linkinmybio to see how Kasey made it all work! ☺️

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