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First fire of the winter. Its the end of another crazy bananas week. I'm having to manage my time even more efficiently than ever before. The more complicated my life gets, the more efficient I become. Intensely long days and juggling each division and it's own workloads, operations, staff and clients alongside ensuring I spend as much time with my boys each evening and keep everything moving smoothly and forward always. It's full on and exhausting and at times very stressful but remembering to down tools and take proper solid time out to rejuvenate and restore and reset is so essential. I am only human after all. When I'm really tired I can't function, I can't think or do properly and am no use to anyone. When I'm going at a hundred miles an hour, when I do stop, I get sick, and it hits me hard. That's no good either as I have way too many responsibilities and people dependent on me to be up and doing my job each and every day. There is no balance. It's just knowing what's right for you, in your world. That's not for anyone else to say or judge you on. You know your world, and you know when you are pushing yourself hard and what you limits are. My family is my everything, and they are at the heart of all that I do. My work is an extremely close second as it pays for the life we have, it's my dream and it's my passion and it will provide the life I want us to have. I can't ever put either ball down, but I can ensure I lay down to rest now and then, while holding both firmly in my hands at all times. No Barbados as usual this year, I can't go anywhere for a while yet, so will swap my pina colada for rioja instead. 😉❤️

✖️playtime✖️ With work done and dusted for the day... it’s time to get down to the serious business of playing with my baby girl.
#siennajamieloi #workingmama #mybubbaandi #blessed

Y de nuevo al tajo 😜😜😜 !!foto de prueba a mi gine q no me movido de la silla de ruedas 🤸‍♂️ ! Esto es lo malo que adores en lo que trabajes y tener a mi agencia , mi segunda familia @mrperezmanagement q me miman y cuidan y por supuesto a mi amigo del alma @valero_rioja que no puedo dejar de hacer fotos contigo y crear nuevas historias . Love u !!! #workingmama #lovemyjob and very thanks a mi mami. Que haríamos sin las abuelas !!! 💕💕💕💕

Off to work we go! Rehearsal day for #missglobal2017 #beautypageanthost #workingday #workingmama #ootd

Morning👋🏻 Simulator officially over and all passed. In two hours I need to be at the airport again. 4 flights. The stress and lack of sleep of the past couple of weeks is coming out and I look like a dragon. Let’s get this headache under control. Just one more day and then two weeks off😅❤️Rocking horse by @thelaserboutique outfit by @bieboe.nl ballerinas by @moccstars USE CODE @mumazed FOR DISCOUNT crown by @fable.heart 👋🏻Have a lovely day💗🌿🎀🌸#goodmorning #babykiki #babykikicopleston #babyoftheday #babyootd #ootd #thelaserboutique @thelaserboutique #bieboenl @bieboe.nl #moccstars @moccstars #fableheart @fable.heart #kidslookbook @kidslookbook #kidsfashionforall @kidsfashionforall #kidzootd @kidzootd #cutest_kiddies @cutest_kiddies #cutestkidsonig @cutestkidsonig #thesugarjar @thesugarjar #workingmama

Looks like I’ll not be trying on wedding dresses for the foreseeable future.

Light it up! ⚡️⚡️⚡️Hard work, long nights with fantastic energy and talented people, so grateful. We should all consider dancing like this when walking down the street. 💃🏻💃🏻 ⚡️

This little dapper guy is going to be my side kick at my Stella & Dot trunk show today ... he doesn't look as excited as I am 😅#stelladotstyle #stylistlife #workingmama #therealmaddox #mycutestaccessory


Pretty sure that’s what I have done all weekend but... more will do 😂😂

Woke up feeling like 💩
Going to try to sweat it off then head to the doc.

Being sick sucks. I just want to stay in bed all day and watch Netflix but even a sick mom needs to put the kids first.

Picked up this @warriors cap from @nordstrom along with a long-sleeve striped tee that was only $19!! 😍 #nordstrom #goldenstate #warriors #blackcap #lularoesarah #lularoe #workingmama

Is this actually happening? 😀 Queen Bee and WildSpirit selling side by side at J Crew... what an exciting event and we can't wait to see everyone coming by so champagne and shopping! ALSO All J Crew Is 40% off!!! How about that for the cherry on top? .
. . . .
#queenbee #invites #holidaycards #party #partyinvites #bigevent #onsalenow #jcrew #elpaseo #palmdesert #workingmama #champagne #smallbusiness #local @wildspiritboots

You’ll never believe what I just did! I became an entrepreneur all from my phone!! It Might sound crazy but I can now take care of my little one and work from home.!! Do you wanna make 500-2000 a month.!!!! Contact me...!! #itworks #WorkingMama #Money #soexcited #thankgod

He is the most beautiful soul!! To say he has my heart is an understatement... I’m sure missing him and his daddy this weekend... #MrDLW #amyjophotography #myheart #workingmama

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