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WOW!!! I had a blast assisting @titansofdance today in Phoenix 🙌🏼👍🏼Great way to kick off the new dance season by training with these AMAZING teachers ❤️Can't wait for my next Titans city!!! #tiredandinspired #titansofdance #titanup #itraininallstyles #passionfordance #workhardplayhard #ilovedance #thankful #smallbutmighty #sytycd #sytycdthenextgeneration 🕺🏼💃

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend & are ready for the new week #workhardplayhard 🥂

I am so, so, SO, proud of this race! Did I PR? Nope, and that's OK! It was probably one of the hardest half marathons I've ever ran due to the atrocious heat 🔥🔥At mile 4-5 I knew I couldn't go 100% and so I played it smart! I crossed the finish line feeling happy and with a smile on my face and that's all that matters ☺️🏃🏼‍♀️ Thank you all for your wonderful support! It does not go unnoticed!! #runjillrun #ocnjhalfmarathon #marathontraining

Comparison is hurtful and useless for so many reasons, and it's important to remember that there are so many factors that go into taking a picture: Posing, lighting, flexing, time of day, angles, food, water, stress.
On social media I rarely show my insecurities, yes I talk about them, but I don't show you my bloated tummy, I don't show when I have breakouts, my tummy rolls or even my hips. I know my angles, I have a decently bomb selfie mirror and lighting and just like the large majority of people on Instagram I honestly don't show my "flaws". And it's sad but I'm not sure when it happened, that I became more and more confident wearing high waisted clothing, and less and less confident low waisted clothing. It sucks that sometimes I can't help but criticize my body, my curves and my hips when they're visible.
As women we naturally hold more fat and more weight in our lower hips and lower abs. So why is it that society constantly tells us and makes us feel pressure to hide that and cover that? And I guess it doesn't help that where are surrounded constantly by a world of highlights. I don't want those of you who follow me to think I walk around all day with a 6 pack and a perfectly angled booty shot because that just isn't true!
But at least we can know and spread the knowledge that Instagram is not reality.
At least we can educate ourself and others and try to remember that comparing yourself to YOURSELF can be just as harmful as comparing yourself to others. There is no "better", there is just you. I'm learning to be confident in myself at all times whether that's 9pm or 8am. I'm learning to be accepting of myself no matter how my body image may be at the time. I will tell you honestly that it's much easier for me to take a picture smiling and flexing then it is to roll down my shorts, not flex and show you reality. But I believe that Fitness is more than how we look. And I believe that this industry needs to be about more truth and less covering up. We all deserve to love ourselves and we all deserve to accept ourselves. Comparison just takes away from all of the above. Let's make self-love a priority, let's make acceptance the new fitness

Limits like fear are often just an illusion consuming your thoughts and holding you back from reality 🎈⠀
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LATE NIGHT ARABIAN DESSERT SNIPER 😘 a few tequilas, no makeup and some peer pressure will do it 😂 #dubai #platinumblonde #offduty #boysclub #sniper #deadlywoman #perfectshot #fashion #glamour #tanned #makeup #afterhours #workhardplayhard

When you have work on Monday after a heavy weekend #mondays #work #workhardplayhard #holidaysarecoming

photo booth fun 💍👓🎩📸🥂🌸

Cause if #billmurray says it, it must be true. Get up and punch Monday in the face 💯#butfirstcoffee #riseandgrind #workflow #workhardplayhard #willworkfordonuts #hellomondaywemeetagain

Дорогие наши как только мы наберём 500 подписчиков👀
Мы устроим конкурс бесплатных призов🎁 победителей будет трое👌🏻 Кто окажется счастливчиком и как будет проходить конкурс ещё не известно, но обещаем будет интересно🤗😻 Наш ассортимент расшириться, страница будет более яркой, интересной и полезной😉🔥
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Happy Monday everyone 💪🏻#goals #workhardplayhard #mondaymotivation

hubby ft. champagne 🥂

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