“Cousin Squad” ready to set sail 🚢

While away I was far from perfect with my diet but I at least tried to stick to some of the principles from the new 2B mindset... Water first - veggies most
It was actually easter then I thought to get veggies in each meal. Since it’s pretty much unlimited food I was able to load up.

I’m going to look into this plan more this week and want to start soon.
Who else wants to lose weight happily with me? Exercise Optional!!

It’s the little things...

Another favorite from the cruise.
Pure childhood bliss. 💕🍝 🧚‍♂️

We are back!! 🚢

3 words

We had an amazing unplugged week sailing around the western Caribbean! So many stories and adventures to share.

Sophia’s favorite thing was EVERYTHING.
Savannah’s favorite thing was swimming with sting rays.
More to come my friends!

My girl was SO excited to have me at her Preschool for Mother’s Day Tea.

Stressing so hard today!!! So many unknowns going on! Kind of feeling debilitated so I did a guided meditation for stress. I need a lot of work on shutting my mind off but I’m working on it! 🧘‍♀️

Last day of faith formation. So happy we decided to start sending her this year, she has loved it!

I was feeling like a failure the other day because I didn't finish 80 Day Obsession.

LIFE happened and I got sick. Now I'm less then one week away from being on a magical boat surrounded by food.

I believe in eating healthy but I also believe in giving yourself some grace and letting yourself have a good time once in a while. I mean YOLO.

After some of the videos my team shared with me in the new 2B mindset, I no longer feel that way.

THIS is exactly what I needed to hear coming off such a strict program into vacation mode!

Vacation does not mean I give up, it means I change my mindset a little and still have fun!! Some of my team actually LOST WEIGHT while on vacation following this program!

Happy Cinco De Mayo!! 🇲🇽

Sometimes it looks like everything is going well on the outside but you are barely staying on your feet. Take a moment to look after yourself, who else will? Come to Getahead 24 festival on Wednesday 13th June in London to learn how to avoid burnout while winning at life!
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"Food is everything, exercise is extra credit. - Ilana Muhlstein, M.S., R.D. & Co-Creator of 2B Mindset.

Working out is great for your heart health, stress relief, sleep and more. But if your eating isn't in a good place, you'll never lose the weight and keep it off FOR GOOD.

I just listened to a call on the way home last night about this new program that just launched. I am SO excited about this!! It's going to CHANGE LIVES. This weight loss program is a breakthrough new way of eating that will have you feeling full and satisfied not hungry and deprived. ✅This is going to teach us how to LIVE LIFE while still being able to lose weight. ❌NO MORE counting points, colors, calories, food groups, ect... ❌NO MORE fad diets ❌NO MORE being stressed to go out to eat or going to parties. ❌NO MORE feeling like you are missing out because you are trying to lose weight. ❌NO MORE emotional eating. ❌NO MORE fearing food ❌NO MORE feeling defeated. ❌NO MORE GIVING UP.

I still have room in my success group for you. Just drop me a comment or message and I’ll add you to the interest group for more info!

Call me cautious but I happen to agree. I guess it’s the Police Wife in me, we think differently. I won’t even put a thin blue line sticker on my car these days and absolutely will not put my kids school magnet on my car!

4 year well check + 2 shots = ice cream 🍦

My plans were to wake up this morning and pick up where I left off with my program but my body was telling me otherwise.

Respiratory infections are no joke! I guess it’s true it can take up to 2 weeks to clear up 😯

I definitely didn’t want to do anything intense while my body is still healing so I’m taking it easy with yoga and walking the rest of the week 🧘‍♀️ I need to get centered anyway and get my mindset right to get back in it. I think mindset is everything when it comes to doing any type of program.
I may have gotten thrown off but I’m NOT finished. That’s just life, it happens, just need to adjust and more forward 💕

Can’t help my self, it still makes me giggle 🙃

Waiting on sissy at dance like...

Sunday Funday Birthday Party for Miss Olivia 🎂 🎊 🎈

Going through pics... That one time Vannie didn’t like cake 🎂🤣

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