A baby in a basket what more do you need from life? Seriously though why must my children always randomly wake up screaming at 2am 😩

Who wants to hear about Emma’s up and coming home birth 🙋🏻‍♀️ We will be chatting about it live on Facebook today before 2pm!
If you’ve got any questions for her make sure you jump on and ask them! 😘😘 📷 @mamasphotographyjourney

Such a fun morning with these little rascals!! She didn’t eat her healthy cupcake so I did, now of course she wants it back 🤷🏻‍♀️ #toobaditsinmybelly

I wanted to share a poem that I wrote for Emma my partner in crime who's due to have her baby any day now!
Dearest Goddess Mumma,
If I could give you anything it would be…

My eternal gratitude.
I am grateful for you for being in my life
I am grateful for our friendship that is always just right.
I am grateful for the many ears that you lend

And I am grateful for the crises you seem to know how to mend.
Emma you are my rock and I want you to know,
I am here for you, even though your always in the flow.
You have such strength and I have no doubt

In your ability to birth that little sprout.
I wish you all the strength that you’ve always given me
But I know you don’t need it, my soul sister you amaze me
Christie xx
please share you're prayers and blessings for my beautiful friend to give her the strength and support she needs to birth this baby!)

My BIGGEST fear in life? Living an average, run of the mill, mediocre life...
I don’t think anyone sets out to live a mediocre life, but it’s basically what we’re taught to do.
✅Go to school
✅Get a job to pay the bills {bonus points if it’s something you’ll actually ENJOY doing for the next 40 years}
✅Get married
✅Buy a home
✅Have 2 kids {3 if you’re feeling crazy 😜}
✅Make just enough $ to hopefully cover your expenses & maybe 1 family vacation a year
✅Wait until the kids have left the nest & you’re retired to start doing ALL the things you dream of doing...
I was headed down that path - I could check off everything on that list & one day I realized it was suffocating my soul. I KNEW deep down that I was made for more, but if I didn’t make a change I was headed straight toward mediocreville & the thought of that made me ill 🤢
So I saw an opportunity online to become a coach >> get in great shape, inspire others to do the same, & earn an income by positively impacting others. Did I know what I was doing at first? No, but I believed in my ability to figure it out. And THAT I’ve done!!
Through coaching I’ve regained my ability to DREAM BIG, provide for my family & give back in ways I never imagined, & experience a freedom of time to pursue what I want to do on a daily basis. It’s the OPPOSITE of average & it feels damn good. Best part?! I get to pay it forward and teach other women HOW to do what I do!!
I’m hosting a no-obligation event this Thursday at 8:30pm where you can just tune in from your phone, learn the ins and out of what is we do as coaches, and then decide if it's for you. That's it. Drop a 💜 below if you’d like to be added to the group or send me a message📲

I just love this. Nothing happens in business unless we make them. It's not always easy but remember - things CAN happen if you make them.
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Work More Hard on Yourself ,
Than you Do on your Job .

Wages will give you a Living,
Profit's will Create Your Fortune .

Wherever you are , Whatever you Do start with what you have,
it might just be the Extra Time you Have with Right Efforts you can work on Creating Your Fortune while you continue to make a Living .

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On my way to 10,000 steps.
Beautiful Dawesville Cut, Mandurah!
Health Begins Within

Are you interested in becoming a travel agent?

Send us a DM today.

Think again 🤔 #dreambigger

Until you can Get the Acid!
Hyaluronic Acid that is!
Game changer!
A new approach to ageing joints and skin!

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Sink baths are the best kind! Do you think he will wash my dishes while he’s in there? 🤔

Got all fancy with my smoothie this morning 🤤🤤gluten free and dairy free ain’t so bad 🤷🏻‍♀️

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