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Another night of fantastic proof that making money at home using something as simple as the Internet CAN get you free of societies norm. Are you ready for a change? #MLM #growyourbusiness #gfltakeover #workfromhomemomsrock #growsomethinggreen

Salad-kabobs and Paella! Dinner was fun tonight! #workfromhomemomsrock

These cute kiddos are my "why"--the reason I chose Norwex. I love knowing we've reduced the toxic chemicals in our homes & our home is even cleaner without them. The money we save by not having to buy tons of cleaning products is amazing. I'm also glad I can clean a lot more quickly so I have more time with them. And I love knowing I don't have to put them in daycare since I can work from home while they sleep or play! <3

#ilovemykids #imoutnumbered #theyremywhy #smallbusinessowner #workfromhomemomsrock

Taking advantage of some diwn time and getting some work done while I get an oil change. I love that I can literally work from anywhere. All these reports I can access from my phone.

The truth behind my workday. It's 90% snuggles.

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The truth behind my workday. It's 90% snuggles.

I have been in this business for five months. Let me tell you that this graphic right here says it all. I have in no way felt that anyone is competing against each other. Instead, I have received and given back nothing but positivity, reinforcement, and guidance from everyone in this business, including those that are not even on my team. This business is about empowerment and believing in ourselves. We work hard, we strive, we accomplish success for ourself and our families. This business is something you can be a part of. You deserve success. You deserve to enjoy life rather than just live it. This isn't just another job that runs you down, it builds you up. Message me to become your own boss today! #whynotyoutoo #joinmyrfteam #lifechangingopportunity #60daytrial #rodanandfieldsconsultant

Salad-kabobs and Paella! Dinner was fun tonight! #workfromhomemomsrock

Turn your volume on! I scream like a little girl as we SPLAT into that rock! Haha!!
I freaking love summer! I love summer activities, hanging with friends, and having a good time.
For a long time I didn't do anything like this because it seemed like I was always at work and I never had enough time or money. I am so grateful for the life I have now :)

The Power in Me
When morning comes and the sun rises in the east,
I think of the power in me.
When I stand up for what is right and what I believe,
It is because of the power in me.
No matter who it is or what they want me to do,
I will stand up for my beliefs because of the power in me.
When you are mad, sad or scared,
What will help you through is the power in you.
That power comes straight from the heart.
Believing is what creates the power in anybody.
If you don’t believe in yourself,
Then say good-bye to the power in you.
When I go to sleep, before I close my eyes,
I look at the sun setting in the west,
And I thank God for giving me the power in me.
The power Samara is talking about reveals itself as resourcefulness, tenacity, integrity, self-control and courage. She’s right. It’s in all of us. It’s also called character. Michael Josephson
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The answer - No, it's paint...I think. Kids are bonkers and kinda gross. You never really know what stain is what and you find yourself asking questions that in other situations might seem a little odd. It makes me giggle. #kidsaregross but I love 'em

Ready for the day ahead... adorned in Stella & Dot jewellery and about to drink my detox tea!

support small business!

Make every day count..wake up with a smile and a song in your heart..and everyone around you will smile and sing back...true story ❤

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