3 tickets. 8 days!!! When I had Alaina I decided that one day I was going to take my sweet girl to Disney World. At the time I had no idea how I was going to make that happen - but I knew how many amazing memories I had from being there as a kid with my parents and grandparents so I was DETERMINED to make that happen for her too.
And it did - 2 years ago!
So never did I think that in 8 days I would be taking her for the SECOND time - or that my Sister would be able to come along with us and I could treat her to her flight too!!! And here's the thing - neither of us would have been able to go if we weren't coaches.
You see -
🔅I didn't need to take vacation time or get my time off approved by someone else. 🔅I will still be earning a paycheck while we're gone. 🔅And I paid cash for our entire trip.
I can never say thank you enough to my coach for telling me she thought I'd be the perfect fit for Beachbody! Yes - it was a total leap of faith but it has made so many amazing things possible for me. I can't wait to see where our travels take us next!

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