What if I told you running your business on Instagram doesn't have to be a mystery?
I don't know about you, but I'd rather leave mysteries to Tom Clancy and Charles Dickens.
Discovering an Instagram strategy does not need to be as hard as deciphering the Da Vinci Code!
If you're ready for a step-by-step strategy to build your business right here on Instagram....
....then check out my Instagram Makeover eCourse!
If you're ready to turn followers into customers then click the link in my bio. Now back to Michael Connelly's latest mystery novel.
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I need to get myself out of my comfort zone. I’m off Networking later and I’ve just sent an uncomfortable email that I was putting off. What do you do that gets you out of comfort and into action? #freelancewriter #workfromhomelife #comfortzone #virtualassistant #visionpaservices

What time of day is most productive for you? Do you start your morning ready to jump in? Do you hit your stride in the afternoon? Or maybe you are a night owl? Finding your ideal time to work and then being able to schedule your day so that you ARE working at that time is key. And I am still working on that! :-)

Let’s talk CONTROL for a quick sec.
Most emotional distress comes simplifies down to: a desire to avoid pain or control chaos.
Highlight that 👆🏻 and remember that next time you’re feeling anxious or stressed. Ask yourself: what’re you avoiding or trying to control?
Specifically, we women try to control our appearance at all costs. I get it. We want to feel good in our skin. We want to present ourselves well. Butttt... at the end of the day, we don’t actually have that much control.
Some of us carry weight differently on our bodies. Some of us get more wrinkles or more cellulite. Some of us have good skin or bad skin. Sure, some treatments can help with all of these things, but still, we are all created differently and we will each have different struggles.
Instead of spending your life wishing you were a different person with different genes, spend your days being grateful for the person you are with the body you have.
P.S. Did you hear my announcement on the podcast about my new 2% Club? More info here 👇🏻
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Pink Rebel Palette 🎨

There’s no fast track to creating the life of your dreams 🚀
I can’t promise, that your journey will be pain free. You’ll probably want to give up, once in a while.
But here’s what I know for sure: When you find yourself living the life, you’ve always wanted, having realized some of your biggest dreams - it’ll all be worth it!

Progress is the name of the game. 3 week progress pic.
Never forget why you started. How you view your action steps will affect your outcome and what you do.

You can watch the journey or you can join the journey.
#thechoiceisyours .
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Yay or Nah?
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ANYONE interested kindly inbox/Whtsapp on 9618993564.
I am looking for ladies & girls who can do part-time business from home without disturbing their routine.
Work part time but earn full time income.
Become consultant not dealer/agent/distributor/seller.
Age no bar
Daily 3-4 hours on social media
Get recognition
Look great💁
Get money 💰
Have fun💃
Explore This opportunity With us. You guys have to take a best step for ur life style.
ANYONE interested kindly inbox/Whtsapp on 9618993564.
Or drop your number n name
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Work update: currently proofreading Chile & Easter Island for @lonelyplanet 👩‍💻 On a side note, I need to repot and stake this monstera so it grows up instead of out 🌱

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Good morning everyone
Only 3 more weeks now until our FIRST ever M Network event in the UK. So excited to be apart of something amazing.
This is the first company that I have actually been able to get sales and earn money from.
If you love health and wellness products and would love to be apart of something new and exciting.
Please drop me a message

Quick Tip: Episode 152

Advice to freelancers:
On getting clients: “Start by asking people what you can do for them.” - Nix Eniego

I can not believe the amount of money ive actually made from what I do on social media ! -
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Success! I finally got my my eldest son (age 10) to sit and meditate for 8 minutes! He has a very busy mind and is very fidgety so this is brilliant! It’s taken many attempts and much resistencia to get him to take part so this is a small triumph! My youngest (age 7) really enjoys the meditation and finds it easy to relax and go with it. My children are SO different! ....
.... The reason I’m sharing this is - there is no right or wrong way to meditate, some find it easy, some find it really hard. But by simply trying to do it regularly you’ll reap its many benefits. .... .... .... I would like to thank the creator of the ‘Breethe’ app Lynne Goldberg and highly recommend it as the mini kids meditations are perfect ones to start our young ones on. Check it out!

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