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who's alive?

Surround yourself with others that lift you up and support your vision and you'll go further then trying to prove the people around you wrong who don't believe in you. 💯🚀🙌🏽


hi it's my birthday

"The Harder We Work The Luckier I Get!" Freedom!

What does it mean for YOU?

Having more time in the day to be present and intimate with your lover?

Investing more time with your kids and their future?

Traveling the globe with your loved ones to experience all that this magical world has to offer?

For me!

Freedom means... It means space.

It means love.

It means life... It means everything.

People ask me all the time. "Toby, When u first made $10,000 in one month?" Could u believe it?


When u first made $100k in one month, could u believe it?

Or even

When u made your first million, could u believe it?

Wanna know the truth?

Of course I believed it.

If I hadn't believed it, it would never of happened.

If I didn't believe in myself and what's possible in life, I would never of been able I to travel to the Maldives islands and earn a crazy $16,000 while we're there.

We wouldn't of been able to pay the abnormally large down payment of our home by just one webinars commissions.

If I didn't believe in myself and what's possible. I wouldn't be able to play, focus and love with kids every single day!

So, Why I'm I telling u this?

Some might say... To brag?

Some might say.. To boost?

He'll no.

I tell u this to demonstrate what's possible.

I share my passion for freedom with u to hopefully "spark" some anger, some emotion, some inspiration to believe in yourself and work harder!

Think about it,

If a couple of homeless hippies from the basement of a bar can create the life of their dreams in just a matter of years.

Imagine what u can do.


What do u see when I say Imagine your dream future?

Where would u live?

Where would u travel?

Who would u bring with u?

How would your home look?

What car would u drive?

Do u even dare to dream?

Here's my simple advice.

#1 Get a crystal clear HD plan of what u want.
# 2 Imprint that plan into your head/heart and DNA so their is no room for disbelief.
#3 Get obsessed and Work daily to obtain it.
#4 minimize the communication with negative people who don't "believe" in what's possible.

What will you do with it?

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If you want to live the life of your dreams...
You need to PUSH past your fears and accept that you may fail. .
However failure does not define you, but only makes you stronger. .
Failure is just a moment in time. .
Quitting is who you are as a person.
When your heart is in it to win...
You will fail your way to success!
Now go kick some ass!



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Hälsosam hotellfrukost!
Jag tittar ut över matsalen och förvånas över frosseriet, måste man vräka sig våfflor etc etc för att man bott på hotell?
Min frukost är ganska lika varesig jag bor hemma eller borta!

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