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Poll: is Maya helping Lauren work today, or distracting her? 💻
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Top or bottom?👇

Happy Thanksgiving From @teamjetset! Comment a 🦃 emoji to show some love back👇🏻 (Shoutout to Nathan Alien for this video)

Buat sebagian teman2 lihat foto terlampir mungkin saja baper marah bahkan trauma. Meski baper saran saya jangan ditabrak.. Hehe

Mengapa baper? Sebab bayar listrik saat ini tidak seperti dulu. Saat ini membayar tagihan listrik bulanan adalah beban. Apalagi yang pake Token Listrik. 100.000 bisa habis dalam 3 hari. Makin lama makin naik tagihannya yang membuat sebagian orang mulai beli bodrek :) Aaarrrgggghhhhh 😡😡 Padahal kalau jeli justru dibalik beban tagihan listrik ada peluang. Bayangkan saja tahun 2016 konsumis listrik di Indonesia diatas 200 Trilyun. Sedangkan kita tahu PLN juga memanfaatkan pihak ketiga untuk membantu bayar listrik lebih mudah.

Jika merchant (pihak ketiga) dikasih margin 2.500 per struk, atau anggap saja 1-2% dari total tagihan maka akan ada sekitar 4-5 trilyun uang admin yang bisa dinikmati oleh rakyat. Gede banget khan?

Khabar baiknya saya dan 1.6 juta lainnya ikut menikmati fee base transaksi PLN (cashback) sehingga mau listrik naik tidak akan begitu berpengaruh. Apalagi makin lama makin guede cashbacknya. Asli ini trend bisnis yang wajib diperjuangkan.

Oleh sebab itu saya bukan termasuk orang yang suka marah-marah kalau melihat tiang listrik, apalagi nabrak. Lagian tiang listrik tidak salah kok? Yang salah KITA, karena tidak jeli melihat dan memanfaatkan peluang.

Betul apa betul?? yg mau ngemubah pengeluaran pembayaran listrik dan bayar" yg lainnya menjadi pemasukan rutin .. Biar gk galau kalau tagihan listrik makin meningkat..
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💕Tag bae or yours crush😍😊❤💕💯..follow @jamal.cute.quotes for more @jamal_charles_xx 😘😘😘💯❤
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We live it! We embody culture.. that’s where our success starts! 🔥

You can listen to your friends and do the same shit, like what you’re already doing like them. Or you can try something new.

I was told by a smart man Time =Life Therefore, waste your time and waste your life, or master your time and master your life ..


Started my day off amazingly and then I got a pinched nerve in my side that just doesn’t want to give 🙈

Looks like I’m a very old lady 👵 as I walk.
Hubby needs to work is magic fingers tonight to really get this kink out of my side.
Otherwise eating and walking today. Trying to get as much water 💦 as I can in too.
Tomorrow is #BLACKFRIDAY which I’m super pumped for. Sooooo many amazing specials. 30-60% off 😱

You can’t get better than that 🙌🏻😉😍

Today’s the day to improve your networking skills!
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Less than 24 hours away now for our Black Friday deals on some amazing products 💁🏻‍♀️ One of those including our Creamy Hydrating Masque which is great for your skin during the winter 🧖🏻‍♀️❄️ Offers start tomorrow with this product at an amazing 30% off so make sure you get your hands on it while it lasts at this great price! ✨ for more info on this and other Black Friday products please message me 💌 #thursdayfeels #blackfridaydeals #nuskin

Gotta work this morning. Tons of food headed my way later that’s why I’m even more thankful for my superfood shake!!

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Met a beautiful lady recently who works for herself from home in Toronto with the first mobile tanning salon in Canada!! She now has over 100 locations across Canada!! Amazing!! She also has a brand of natural, organic virgin coconut oil! So for all you ladies and gents globally who love coconut oil, check this one out.... It's super nice, my man keeps using it too!! 🤣
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Tetap produktif kerja dari rumah, tanpa khawatir kebersihan dan kerapihan rumah terabaikan karena pekerja Maidium pilihan kamu selalu siap menjaga kebersihan dan kerapihannya. Bukan cuma siap sedia menjaga kebersihan rumah, tapi juga menghidangkan makanan untuk kamu.

Jadi, sudah cukup pikir-pikirnya. Langsung book pekerja pilihan kamu dan ikuti prosedurnya!

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