So excited to see all of my girls!!! Wednesday we leave for Indianapolis for our biggest coaching meet up of the year! This week will be filled with lots of trainings, workouts, fun, team meet ups, pictures galore and so much more! I work with these ladies online every single day, so I cannot wait to see them and meet some of them for the first time! I’ll be sharing lots of it on my story, so keep your eyes peeled. Ok, I should probably go pack now.

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A yummy dessert and a farm.
I've visited this place so often it's developed a new sense a familiar.
Emphasis on the family root of the word. 🌱🖤🍴
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Before I got married I knew I wanted to have kids and be a stay at home mom. I also knew that I wanted a career that I could be super successful with. But how could I do both without sacrificing on one end or the other. For 9 years I put my whole heart and soul in to my boys. I put my cosmetology career on the back burner and just did the bare minimum. I wished so bad I could do more, but it just seemed IMPOSSIBLE. I never regretted my decision of staying home with my boys. In fact I think it was exactly what I needed at that time in my life. But after 9 years there was a huge part of me that was lost. While I loved being a mother, I longed for that feeling of having success for myself and having something that was all mine. Then one day I snapped. It caught up with me and I realized that I needed more. I needed to feel purpose for myself. At first I was so ashamed and felt like that made me a bad mom. But then i realized it was the exact opposite. Because I wasn’t doing something for myself I wasn’t being the mom my kids deserved. Then came ZYIA. I had no clue what it would bring. All I knew is that I could do it from home and hoped it would help fill that void. Little did I know that it was going to provide me with everything I always wanted which was to be a stay at home mom, be present in their lives and also have a successful career. In the past year and a half I have not only got to watch my babies grow and never had to miss a single school program or sporting event. But I have also been lucky enough to be one of the top reps in our company! Last month I received my 5th rank advancement bracelet of Executive which I have to say feels AMAZING! Each of these bracelets is a symbol of my hard work and dedication. And now, what started out as needing something for myself to be proud of has now turned in to something that my boys can be proud of too! Now they don’t just see me as their mom. They see me as the woman who can kick butt, take names and STILL be a good mom! I am so grateful for the support that these boys give me and I am so grateful for the blessing that ZYIA has been in our lives. Because of ZYIA we are doing what I once thought was the IMPOSSIBLE!

“The universe rewards calculated risk and passion” .
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Winter days when your not wanting to leave the house or go to work because its freezing and raining WORKING from home and getting paid is amazing!
Helping people get out of there comfort zones, turning negatives into positives and seeing the smiles on peoples face when there dreams come true makes me excited. ☺️
Always wanted to be you own boss, have your own work hours? I know I did and now I have that no one is stopping me from making this happen!!! .
You may be 1 step closer than you think!
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