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Working that flat back this morning at 8:30 #pilates #Barre .
. ⭐️ Don’t forget the little muscles to. They need just as much attention as the big ones. .
. ❤️It can be surprising what little movement can cause so much burn🔥
#wbbcstrong #workout #workforit #feeltheburn #core #valleysweatlife #559 #clovis #fresno #pulse #hold #flatback

DAY 55/80 ⚡️kicked off my day with cardio core. Still insanely surprised that this program is honestly making me enjoy cardio. It went by so fast and really started my day in the best way possible. It’s not selfish to take time for yourself every day. In fact it’s NECESSARY so you can be the BEST version of yourself you can. This is MY time, my time to get mentally prepared for the day, to be alone with my thoughts, because after all if you don’t take time for yourself every day then how can you pour from an empty cup and be there for others 🤔. Everyone has a different “busy” - busy with your career, your business, your family/kids, everyone is busy but we can all agree you need to fill your cup before you can fill others. Happy flex Friday my peeps 💪🏼. I’m as beach ready as I’m gonna be at this point, I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished so far on my program and couldn’t be more excited to dip my toes in the sand 👙

Easter weekend is coming up soon!

Get your PEEPS together and run/walk/jog/bike or treadmill your 5K/10K/Half in honor of one of your Peeps who is currently fighting/lost or won this battle.

April is a cancer awareness month, a donation will be made to help combat and fight this terrible disease.

Get your peep run on!

놀러간거 아니고 정말 열심히배웠다. 엉덩이 누가 발로 축구공 차 듯 뽝!! 찬 느낌🍑🍑
근데 지금 내 포즈 따라하는거이??
보충제는 #몬스터마트 @monstermartnet

Not gonna lie. I may still be on the ground huffing and puffing. Getting back at it after being sick and off for 5 days is so so so hard. You’re not as strong, and that gets in your head. You feel like you got set back. But I promise you. After a couple days back, it’ll be just like it was before. You just got get those first few workouts in. I still can’t breathe!! Ahh! Happy Friday!! #workforit #hiitworkout #strongereveryday #keepgoing #fitmoms #fitover40 #addictedtofitness #whateverittakes

We gooien er gewoon weer een plaatje van @basvanbeek1 tegenaan, dat bracht de vorige keer ook geluk🤞 (en zes punten)! Op naar morgen!🔵⚪️🔴 #BFC #calcio #azzurri #willenwinnen #workforit #playasateam #bussum

Lifting partners are great😎 especially when you have these two baddies who tell you you’re going to do something that you’re not use to. Yesterday’s chest and arms day *KILT* me, with a capital T! Forever grateful for an amazing team to help push through😇
#teamprobodysolutions #pbs #teampbs #goldsgym #chestday #bettertogether #arms #workforit

Exercise is a blessing, not a chore. I workout because I am grateful I physically can 🙏

Bulking/cutting???? .
Since my cut ended in summer I haven’t done any specifics with my food and training cos I felt like I needed a break from concentrating on a specific goal (building muscle/loosing fat) - that’s about to change 👉🏼 now summer is calling I’ve got the urge to kick my ass into gear. My plan is to “bulk” whilst home for Easter (bc who tf can cut over Easter, I salute you if you can turn down Easter eggs) to make the most of all the food I’ll be eating and pray it goes to da peach 🍑 then once back at uni I’ll begin cutting down again for summer and pray da peach gains stay 🤞🏼 .
Hope everyone has a good Easter hols whatever you do 🤗

⠀ ⠀#КрикДуши
⠀ ⠀Знаете, что я Вам скажу ребята?!
Никогда, ни при каких обстоятельствах не начинайте учить эстонский язык! Каждый день, огромный кусок моих нервом остается, где-то в аудитории во время занятий!
⠀ ⠀#HELP
⠀ ⠀Cрочно нужен трёх литровый пузырь валерьянки🤯 и я продолжу бой, но уже на следующей недели😁а теперь ВЫХОДНЫЕ🖤

Like Mother, like daughter. Etta asked me to grab my phone and video a face swap w the two of us. 😂 the girl had a plan! No planning this out- just a spontaneous. “discover Arbonne”! #ettagirl #likemotherlikedaughter #momlife #mompreneur #bossbabe #live #healthyliving #workforyourself #workforit #dreamlife #shesthereason #twogirls #mywhy #myheart #fitfam #healthyisthenewhappy #arbonne #arbonnemom #arbonnelifer

🌟K I C K @SS🌟 #insanitymax30 makes me kick my own @ss and push my limits even further, to go one second longer👊🏻And when @shaunt is yelling at you through your #virtualgym at home, F**k you KNOW it’s time to work. You have to schedule your ME time🙋🏻‍♀️I may be crazy to be up at 3:45am⏰ and in my cold garage, but within my 5 minute warm-up, there are #noexcuses🙅🏻‍♀️It may not be for everyone, but it works with my schedule and it’s non-negotiable🤓💪🏻#fitfam#fitlife#fitmom#fridayfight#beachbodycoach#athomeworkouts#workforit#dontgiveup#punchthatnegativemindout

This girl is drillin tacks!! We are dialed in and ready for the Nebraska spring turkey archery opener this weekend! Anyone else have their rigs dialed in for 🦃🦃? #WhitetailFit ▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪
#Bowhunting #GirlsWhoHunt #EastonArchery #HoytBowhunting #Hoyt #CountryGal

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