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Vi gleder oss til å debutere i hopp kl1 i helga, håper på nogen Lunde fokus og energi, 😍
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дамы( ну и некоторые джентельмены ), сегодня вечером из микроавтобуса пежо маршрут москва-санкт-петербург, я напоминаю вам: хайлайтер в нужном месте/количестве и очки спасут вас и ваше лицо от любого вида отекания и посттусовочных следов) 🥂✨ а на случай, если вы окажетесь не в состоянии нагрузить все это себе на голову самостоятельно, можно написать мне, я спасу: либо приеду и сделаю это за вас своими руками и кистями, либо просто вместе выпьем и снимем утреннее дрожание ваших тонких нетрезвых пальцев, такое я тоже могу 👌🏻 _____________________________________________________________________ макияж: @evilmakeup / модель: @tata_oiseau #визажист
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10 months ago I thought I was happy. I thought I had the answers to getting healthy. I thought I knew how much to eat to lose weight. I thought I was at an okay weight for my height. I've lost weight before and gained it all back plus some. .
Then I thought, what if I'm missing something, what if I've got this all wrong? To tell you the truth, I was missing everything and telling myself lies! Telling myself "I'm fine, I'm supposed to be a big girl" "oh I guess I just have to wear my husband's clothes now because nothing else fits, that's ok." NO!! It wasn't ok, it still isn't ok. My way of thinking was not ok! I told myself time and time again that I need to do the work I need to lose weight. The truth was, I just wasn't ready. I wasn't ready for the commitment, the dedication, the reality of my situation. I flat out was NOT READY! .
Looking at these pictures with only 10 months in between them has my jaw on the floor. Yes I only started my journey 3 months ago but what a freaking journey it's been this far! And do you know why? Because I changed my mindset. I changed the way I thought of things. I may not have been ready to change but I changed. I changed my mindset, I changed my Outlook on my life, I changed the people I surround myself with. I CHANGED! 10 months ago I was a different person then I am now. Hell 3 months ago I was a completely different person. I didn't start some crazy new fad diet, I didn't start taking a weightloss pill, I didn't start depriving myself of food, I didn't start working myself to the bone with workouts. I created balance for myself. I started following a nutrition plan and workout programs to work my entire body. I started focusing on my health and my families health. I started putting in the work every single day, even when I didn't want to. The point is, I STARTED! .
Many people are often afraid or skeptic of what it is that I do. They see the hard work it takes to be healthy and they run for the hills. Let me tell you, this is no walk in the park. The workouts are hard, the nutrition is hard. But being unhappy is hard, being overweight is hard, being unhealthy is hard. We get to choose our hard. 👇🏼finished in comments👇

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Historic field trip!

Love my new home gym & the fact my workouts are only steps away! Saturday morning was back at it w #cardiokickboxing then #weights then #cardio again! #homegym #homegymlife #noexcuses #morningmotivation #feelsgoodtosweat #weighttraining #weightlifting #privategym #workeveryday #workhardplayhard

Hard work pays off guys....you all need to put in some work every single day #hardworkpaysoff #workeveryday #soccerlife #worktilyoucantgetitwrong

I’m really trying to get back into a daily work routine. Sometimes it’s so difficult. Hopefully now that the kids are on their routine, I can create one for myself. #motivationalmonday #workeveryday #wfhm #mompreneur #womeninbusiness #dailyroutine #getitdone #lularoelaurenmustoe

They say, that only if you hate to meet other people you’ll be able to work entirely from home.


I like people, but I hate annoying things like losing time in the rush-hour twice a day, banalities of office life and also the Cold [yeap, it’s true that it’s really cold in Russia the biggest part of the year]. I’ve been working from home for 4 years already and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. However, I’m not gonna argue, that there are no downsides - this is not how reality works.

If you work from home, you already know what I mean. You can get used to this feeling of loneliness but you also can not - all depends on how good you cope. So, here are some pieces of advice:

1️⃣ Find an online community to share. They're not real people of flesh and blood, but communication isn't about touching people whatsoever [this, by the way, can be considered as harassment], it's about talking to them. And it works even if those people are hiding behind the screens of their computers.

2️⃣ Profit from Skype, FaceTime or some other video technologies, so you can actually see other people. It's an imitation of real-life interaction, but it works.

3️⃣ Take breaks during the working day. If you work from home, you can always find a possibility to go out for a little while to run some errands in the offline world, where real people are. This can be a great substitute for communication to help you make it till the evening when your family gets home. .
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I'm the person I want to be 💪🐢 -
Tanti mi criticavano. Nessuno capiva cosa significava per me raggiungere questo risultato e si auto-attribuivano il diritto di dire cosa dovevo fare, non curandosi di ciò che pensavo veramente, di cui avevo bisogno. Bhe, ecco il vero me...Se vuoi, puoi. ~Sto facendo il contrario di quel che mi dicevan: "non sei prettamente portato"~ cit.

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