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Spent the afternoon with these two lovely ladies @tashareigndotcom @therealjuliaann 😊😊😊 We were able to talk to a bunch of students and enlist them on the fight against Prop60!
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#con2si Sky, un'azienda che macina utili ma licenzia e delocalizza
"Noi non ci arrendiamo"
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My brother Tommy at the #DNC this week fighting for #workersrights and a #livingwage with @ElizabethforMA and @RepJoeKennedy. #GoDems! #GoUSA!!!

Guess what a bunch of CEOs and former LNP Politicians talked about while out yachting? Cutting your penalty rates: http://bit.ly/2hTF36J 🤔⛵️🤔⛵️🤔 #why #penaltyrates #workersrights

Massive, Unapologetic Resistance. Day 97, Feb. 15, 2017.

Andrew F. Puzder withdrew his nomination as Secretary of Labor on Feb. 15, amid growing criticisms of his anti-labor business practices and his personal character.

Puctured here: fast food workers taking part in a nationwide protests against Puzder on Jan. 12. Photo by Mike Blake/Reuters.

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Happy Cinco de Mayo from ODG Law Group! #cincodemayo #workerscomp #workersrights #workerscompensation

Thank you Kelly for putting into words how systemic shaming keeps models silent and the status quo intact. I too have felt compelled to remain quite and compliant because I feared acknowledging unethical pressures would be perceived by the industry as my failure, weakness, entitlement, or lack of the grit and commitment necessary to "make it". Believe me, I wanted to "make it" as much as anyone has wanted it AND I was willing to do whatever it took. But that is not sustainable nor should it be expected. Why is it systemically expected that models damage their mental and physical health to do their job? Why is self respect and self care seen as weakness or whininess? Why is holding adult professionals accountable for basic worker rights violations seen as "bitterness"? #noshame #workersrights Repost from @kelly_mittendorf #DearNYFW - I couldn’t figure out this post for a long time, and a friend finally told me that it was because models who speak up against issues in the industry that did not have “perfect” careers (aka myself) are seen in a “certain” way. Chiefly, that I “didn’t have what it takes” and now choose to throw a tantrum and blame everyone but myself. I think about the women who starved themselves, ate rotten foods to make themselves ill, developed drug and alcohol addictions, having had my own life ROCKED in an effort to desperately chase an unrealistic standard, and am aghast at the accepted concept that they do not have the authority to speak on a topic that they overcame. I am proud to be bitter and will forever believe an inch does not define you. In times of chaos let us make decisions thoughtfully, with positive intent, and realize the supreme importance of diversity and acceptance.
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Happy Labour Day !
Today we celebrate the movement that fought for workers' rights. The 40 hour work week, maternity leave, overtime pay, weekends and many other rights were all achieved through the determination of working people organized through unions

We've come a long way, but the fight for fairness demands we continue the struggle

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Today marks exactly two weeks until #strike4repeal, and we resume our #strikehistory posts with pictures of the London Matchgirls Strike of 1888. More than 1,400 women and teenage girls working at the Bryant and Mary Match Factory staged a strike following the owners' attempt to coerce them to sign a paper in denial of a report by social activist Annie Besant, which exposed the horrid working conditions in the factory including 14-hour work days, poor pay, excessive fines and high death rate resulting from working with white phosphorus (causing "phossy jaw" where the jaw bones would rot away). The strike was a success, generating much publicity and involvement from the London Trades Council as well as the British Parliament, and the workers' demands for fairer pay and improved management and hygiene practices were met. Furthermore, the bad press that the business received helped lead to the eventual cease of toxic white phosphorus in match factories.
Like the 1912 Lawrence Textile "Bread and Roses" Strike which we featured on Day 6, the London Matchgirls Strike consisted of an unlikely group for activism, in this case very young women with extremely limited resources, and their standing up for their rights was a shock to society. If they could do it, so can we.
(Plaque photo via plaquesoflondon.co.uk)
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Free the People Immigration March | Sanctuary for All - Los Angeles 2.18.17
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Today artists, members of the Independent Trade union of workers of the National Opera of Ukraine held the protest near the opera. They demanded to stop violation of the Constitution of Ukraine, the ILO Conventions and to signing the long-term contracts with workers. #tradeunions #tradeunion #union #opera #artistunion #artist #art #protest #Kyiv #Ukraine #workersrights #solidarity #humanrights #протест #профспілка #профсоюз #Україна #опера

Proud to be a part of the #fashionrevolution working towards an ethical fashion industry that supports and cares for its international garment workers. Exciting news on an upcoming project soon to come! ✊🏻💕 @fash_rev #fashrev #ethicalfashion #ethics #sustainability #sustainabledesign #sustainablefashion #ecofriendly #ecofriendlyfashion #feminism #humanrights #workersrights #fashionstyle #workingtogether #irishdesign

It's #WorkingWednesday! Today's feature is a portrait of civil rights leader, Nettie J. Asberry, founder of the Clover Leaf Art Club, one of Washington's first clubs for African American women, as well as the Tacoma Branch of civil right's organization, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). Organizations like the NAACP, continue to play an integral role in the fight for economic justice and an end to racial discrimination in the workplace. We celebrate leaders like Asberry who paved the way for social justice in the Pacific Northwest! [Nettie J. Asberry Photograph Collection, PH0663]
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"To come back to the events that happened at the seminar in Ramjas College, members of the ABVP could have attended the seminar and voiced their concern, even aired their protest against views by particular speakers they had serious objections to. But that is perhaps asking for too much, for it takes a certain capacity to argue and challenge ideas. So the democratic form of protest itself is rid of its argumentative character and reduced to a culture of violence. Violence is not an idea, though it may serve an idea. Nationalism is an idea that does not serve any idea other than itself. Hence it creates, in the first place, a binary between itself and democracy. In times when nationalism has active plans, it creates further binaries that divide cultural and intellectual worlds into antagonistic zones where the sole question is who serves the nation and who doesn’t. The culture of protest proves the passion of arguments, whereas cultural dictatorship is only interested in the passion for violence. When passion thrives without thought and doesn’t allow arguments to prosper, the meaning of passion itself is reduced to a certain animal form.

Nationalism reduced to hunting for enemies who think differently makes nationalism an enemy of thought. The idea of culture is impossible without a certain freedom of ideas challenging each other. If nationalism cannot argue its case without allowing that freedom to exist and thrive, it divests itself from the fundamental meaning of culture. That is why we can no longer speak of any culture of nationalism. Rather we have to speak of the violence of nationalism against the idea of culture itself. Educational institutions are the primary spaces of cultural life. To harm the intellectual liberties of such institutions by the display of hooliganism showcases the fear of arguments by students of hyper-nationalist organisations. It is rather disturbing when you realise that students of a certain political predilection are prepared to do politics without ideas, which translates into a politics against ideas."
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#con2si Sky, un'azienda che macina utili ma licenzia e delocalizza
"Noi non ci arrendiamo"
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Prima tappa romana del tour #Informalinformazione del comitato #con2si per il sostegno ai #referendumlavoro Si parte da Sky dove è in corso una vertenza dura e complessa
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This Friday @dixonplace lounge 7-9pm! Bring an object/ a photo and share its #resistance💪 #story! #showandtell