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These are my beautiful people love them ✊🏽❤ These are the stories of our lives I want to see more of in the news, on the big screen. Shot-out to Victor Perez & Alicia for sharing the story with us 📣 #SiSePuede "Pulled over to buy churros from wonderful and hard working man, Victor Perez. Prior to the interview Victor opened up to me about the harassment he endures while working. Through perseverance, he became a Permanent U.S Resident. He was finally able to reunite with his wife and daughter after 9 years of separation due to their immigration status. Victor Perez, a caring, honest and hardworking man from Oaxaca, Mexico. What did you come to the U.S for? To work. How many years have you been in the U.S? Nine years. Why did you decide to become a permanent resident? Because, we come here to work and don't take into account the racism we will endure. Because of the racism. How many days a week do you work ? Everyday, 7." Repost @alivmartinez
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I love this💕😍 swipe👉

Dance Workshops TOUR Wrocław👯
Tego dnia nie da się opisać.😍
Zobaczcie sami🔥
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Tell your story to the world, somebody out there needs it.

I'm so excited to be launching my book this upcoming week! I've been working on this project so hard for the last 8 months, and it has finally come together.

Inside my book I talk about how I overcame being diagnosed with interspinous ligament damage. During my injury I was so depressed, and I had no idea about what I wanted to do with my life.

Always work towards your goals, and never give up. You can turn your negative situation into a positive outcome, and change the world. •
PC📸: @jacob.blackstone
Comment below if you are ready for "Rise of The Young"👇🏼

What's that?

Officially at 8 weeks out. It's incredible as I look at my self from two weeks ago, and then the swipe to the left 👈🏻which was the beginning of prep I've only dropped 3 pounds 😳. I have managed to grow half way through my prep while dropping considerable body fat. —
Next phase operation bring the shredz while keeping the muscles full is taking effect soon. #watch#me#work
I won't lie I've had days, multiple at a time where I feel behind, or I'm not working hard enough and this is the point in prep that's hardest. Trusting the process and listening to your body is key 🔑. to be able to have grown into prep is incredibly beneficial and the shreds will come. I'll be working ✌🏽


✈ De nuevo al fuerte
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Itacoatiara Pro 2017 • ARS (Air Roll Spin) - basicamente um rolo aéreo com o 360 antes de aterrissar. É uma manobra totalmente ligada à memória muscular, quanto mais você pratica (e falha) maior o controle. Até que um dia, você dispara um movimento que exige cada fibra muscular do seu corpo em frações de segundo e o que parecia super complicado, se torna simples (só não é fácil, nem um pouco)

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