This song hits me hard,Makes me think about the time where everything was okay
And life was easy to go through but it's all back to the start now I lost someone I cared allot about for a stupid reason and I'll probably never have a chance to be with them again,but things in life come and go
and relationships fall apart slowly people spread rumors and the arguments that happen afterwards destroy all the time you spent with someone.You can have the biggest heart in the world and it only takes one person to crush it. But I'm not blaming nobody I respect there choice and I do not have any negative thoughts to say about them. I am mature and I learn that this is life and nothing lasts forever. Love is fragile take care of it and be gentle with it.

If you cant be you. if you cant let your wall down.... what are we doing. school was out a long time ago. time to grow up or step off you cant do both. its not gona work

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You live and u learn
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Be you a new studio, seasoned firm, freelancer, or in-house designer, knowing your value is the true key to success, mental sanity, project outcomes, and positive client relationships.
We write client proposals daily, from big to small to everything in-between. We always tell our clients that there is room to work the numbers, but keeping in mind the value that we bring through our design expertise, experience, process, project/production knowledge, etc. helps us know where to draw the line. It is so easy to say yes to small budgets, fast turn-arounds, and limiting constraints—and we certainly do—but reminding ourselves of our worth helps us to consciously choose when to give and when to ever so politely say 'No'. Not to mention, we’ve seen over and over again that clients who come in understanding our worth are ALWAYS the best ones.
Know when to say yes and when to say no. In the end it makes for the best clients and you as the best designer.
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I had the opportunity a few years ago to see Gandhi's grandson speak. One thing that stuck out to me the most was a story he told about when he was a little boy. He was writing and the pencil became very small and he wanted a new one, but his grandfather would not give him one, so he threw the pencil away. He then went to his grandfather and told him he lost the pencil and needed a new one. Gandhi asked his grandson if the pencil still had lead, he nodded. So they went to go find the pencil. After digging through the trash for an hour they found it and Gandhi told him that we must always do what we can to make peace. Make peace with people and make peace with the environment by not wasting things. That always stuck with me. So now everytime my led falls out of the mechanical pencil and won't stay in, I find a way to use it anyway.
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Be prepared for social media conflicts with people and communities; it is not a comfortable place to get your ass kicked!

🍃 My baby 🍃
I couldn’t love you more, and yet I know I will everyday.
Easten Rose Byerley came into the world on 10/11/18 at 6 lbs 15 ounces, and 19 inches long. I was 38 weeks and 2 days gestation, so she was ‘full term’ but arrived 11 days before her expected cooking date. After 43 hours of constant labor, I pushed for 2 minutes at 9:08am and was able to reach down and touch her as she made her birthday debut at 9:10am.
I’ve never cried such happy tears. Like ugly face-hyperventilating-hysterical-in-love-type of a crying. Truly so happy.
Thank you to my entire family for such amazing support. She’s the first baby girl for all of us, and she’s going to be so spoiled with 💕
Thank you also to you Blake, for remaining constantly by my side per usual, and getting every moment via 172928272 pictures 😂 asking me to give a thumbs up for the camera 15 seconds after she came out is slap-worthy, but I know how happy and proud you were. You’re more than just my teammate and best friend. You’ll be the best daddy ever to her. She’s so lucky.
Thank you to my coach Renee AKA MIL-extraordinaire, to help remind me to breathe 😂 and for helping me in all of these hours of sleep deprivation since her arrival.
I don’t know how any woman does that marathon without pain relief..but kudos to all of you. Forty three hours is such a long time, and looking back I don’t even know how I did it. But I DO know when I was able to push, pretending you are on a leg press is super helpful 😂 #wordsofadvice
I’ve always read the sappy posts about how in love you are with your child once you see them for the first time and thought, “Well duh.”
But it’s so much more.
My body is falling apart in every way, but I still smile so big when she moves one little bone on her body.
I’ll be back in the gym soon, but I’m still taking it easy and letting my body heal. This has been one incredible journey, and my body has made the craziest, most amazing transition. And it made a human. NUTS.
I love you E 🌹 you truly have my heart, for your whole life.

You can’t make someone stay if they don’t want to stay!
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The hardest part of making changes is, starting. However, those goals won't get reached if you cannot enjoy the journey! Beating yourself up from feeling as if you've lost track of what you're doing, is counterproductive to what you've already achieved. So, don't lose what you've done because of the time it takes, but gather what you've done and reflect on the time you've spent, to keep on going! ❤✨
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Dagens kloge råd 😊 I morges var der igen-igen problemer med Øresundstoget, så jeg stod og ventede og gik mellem de forskellige spor alt efter hvad de sagde over højttaleren. En ældre dame stod på toppen af trappen med sin tunge kuffert og spurgte om jeg ikke ville hjælpe hende og gå ned og checke ud på perronen, for det havde hun glemt. Jeg sagde selvfølgelig ja og da jeg kom op med hendes kort blev hun så glad og gav mig et stort kram. Det satte et smil på mine læber, på hvad der ellers lignede en træls morgen 😊🙏 #wordsofadvice #makepeoplehappy #payitforward #doonegoodthingaday #beselfless #karma #goodkarma #quoteoftheday

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I met my ex when I was 21. I’m 38 now so that means we’ve known each other for 17 years. Besides the people I’m related to by blood that’s the longest I’ve known anyone. Ever. My relationship with him has outlasted every friendship, every mentorship, every relationship except with my family. I try to remember that a long time ago he and I were a team, we were each other’s best friend and that helps when the days are long and the situations hard to deal with.
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The big day tomorrow! Start of a new chapter! Feeling nervous & excited! Got lots to do today and have nothing ready for tomorrow!! Ahhh gonna be a busy day!! Anything people wished they’d known then that they now?? 🤷‍♀️#wls #rnygastricbypasssurgery #bariatricsurgery #wlssurgery #wlscommunity #wlssupport #rny #rnygastricbypass #rnycommunity #rnysurgery #wordsofadvice #whatdoyouknownow

There will always be an abundance of conflicting opinions and ideas about any decision you make in life. Always.
Do your research. Way up your pros and cons. Make your decision for yourself. And trust it.

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