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Check out my video. #Wordsmatter

It's always a good idea to keep His word scattered around. This little sticker on the side of my vanity mirror caught my eye today and my spirit man smiled. You know when you know that He fights for you. That He is FOR you and not against you. When you feel it down to your toes... Yes that😊 #wordsmatter #surroundyourselfwithtruth

Reading is fundamental. Heard these were good books. I haven’t read a hard copy in years. All this technology I said let me go old school. #wordsmatter #stregnthingmyvocab #readinghelpsthebrain #balancethesmomingwithreading

Be kind...to you too. You matter - don't let your head tell you differently. #StartNow #truth #WordsMatter #KindnessIsPowerful #tuesday

Just ordered this awesome shirt! #wordsmatter #words #communication

i am taking the next two days to be silent, to pause in Papa's presence, to honor the last 6 years of what God has done in me and my children and all of YOU who have been pilgrimage with us. we love you!
House of Belonging is still here but we are putting another YES on the table! : ( disclaimer ) House of Belonging will always be signs. words are our signposts guys. #wordsmatter His Words are the way HOME. the way back. His words are what leads us back HOME - Jeremiah 31 :

but there’s more guys!! God is so much bigger. He wants to step into your story too! :

He has been birthing something new inside me since late summer 2016. it has taken over a year, a few failures and unlearning that have driven
me deeper into the posture of keeping my eyes on Jesus and my hand on His heart or His Words :

i am laying HOB down as we know it. it is an intentional choice to be subversive, revolutionary even? to say YES to God opening wide to Him cutting his words in my heart :

our social media will be changing. i am not the same person i was even a year ago :

i lived for years lamenting the cycles that went something like this - i was stuck in the chaos. then began going through the chaos and then my exodus out of the chaos :

i am in a new place that looks a bit like (( SHALOM eating up the chaos + learning to steward my wholeness/wellness )) i can’t keep doing what is no longer in my life guys! i am compelled to share that God RESTORES! :

Thursday night will be the genesis of House of Belonging 2.0

the risk it all, now or never right click and it will just keep rolling from the moment on. i don’t know where we are going. i like to daydream i am on pilgrimage with Abraham, he didn’t know either. He woke up into a God-venture and i think i did too, heck! we all have. the difference is who says YES. i close my eyes and put my hand in the middle of the circle. of the heroes of faith, the MIS-FITS of faith, not knowing where they were going but they believed without understanding and followed :

stay tuned for thursday night…xx :

I know the LORD is always with me. I will not be shaken, for he is right beside me psalm 16.8 📷: @meshali

THIS gives me life, honey! "Today is Ours". ❤️ #Repost @mslynnwhitfield (@get_repost)
"Today is Ours" A fav poem of icons #BeahRichards and #RubyDee #WordsMatter #WorldPoetryDay


I would have been just so very sweet to you. I would look into your eyes and let you know there is no other love like mine, nor yours.
I'd have taken such care of your heart. You would never have had to wonder who my soul belongs to, for you carry it with you every day.
I'd have taken such lovely care of your spirit. I'd uplift you when you needed it, and I would drag to the DEATH anyone willing to hurt you.
For even when you hurt ME,
I think only of protecting you. Protecting your feelings, your freedom, your future.
I would have taken such good care of you.
I'd have held your hand and rubbed your head, and sang you silly sweet songs to make you smile.
I'd have taken care of you.
I'd have made SURE you knew you were special.
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He who trims himself to suit everyone will soon whittle himself away. ~Raymond Hull .

Keep your mind on the prize
Keep the prize right in front of your eyes

Don't let anyone prise
You away

No matter how hard they may try

Believe in you

That's all you need to do

Oh, and work every minute

Cos if you're gonna win it

It ain't gonna be easy

But that knowledge is what frees me

Cos I'm doing it for me

I'm doing it for us

And those that try to stop me
Are just gonna eat my dust.

A snap of one of my bespoke poems 🙂 It's a particularly special one, as it was the first one I wrote and it kickstarted my business. It's called 'And then there were four' and it celebrates the safe arrival of my very dear friend Helen's second baby - a brother for my gorgeous goddaughter and a real cheeky little chap 💕He's three now, still a cheeky chops and utterly adorable.
At Ally Pally Poems, I write bespoke poems based on questionnaires that my lovely customers fill in, although this one was written from what I know! They can be framed with or without space for photos.
Ally Pally Poems also has an ever-expanding range of 'off-the-shelf' poems, which are ready written so available in a flash, and they can even be personalised for free.

People often ask me what was the inspiration behind my business, and while on one level it was the birth of my friend's baby, on another level it was a passion for creating really personal, thoughtful gifts. And, as an aside, I also feel quite strongly about promoting the superpowers of the humble word. We're so often told that words don't really matter - a picture is worth a thousand of them, etc etc - and I'd like to stand up for them and show how awesome they can be! Words matter too, y'know!!! #wordsmatter #beautifulwords #personalisedprints #personalisedgift #personalisedgifts #wordsinart #poetrygifts #onerhymeatatime #thoughtfulgifts #bespokepoem #bespokeverse #bespokepoetry #bespokeprints #bespokeprint #personalisedgift #personalisedpoem #personalisedpoemprint #capturedmoments
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She never hugged him
She never kissed him
She used spent her all nights thinking about him💕
All of the day ,they used to be together 💞
All those moments gave pleasure to her...💓
Yes ! They were lovers❤
Who were deeply in love
But who knew this story would end due to parential pressure💔
Guys !! I have seen most of the parents ending up Due to parential pressure😐😐 but the best ones still are always with you💓💕 definately the thing won't be same as they were... atleast you won't lose your beloved ones💞💞💝

It is my opinion that everyone has the ability to be nice. Every day across our country right down to our cities and towns, it seems that more and more folks make the choice not to exercise that ability. After being told I was not welcome at a specific club until I could "play nice", I replied that I can Always "play nice". Apparently the management is of the opinion that at any moment I'm likely to blurt out something mean. I don't believe I do that. As of this moment, I have not been diagnosed with Tourette syndrome among my mental illnesses. Be that as may, as I realize I am far from perfect, when I feel severely depressed, I try to stay away from others in an attempt to be as nice as I can be to myself and others. In Poppa God's perfect timing, He has FINALLY helped me to truly know in my heart that it Does Not Matter What Others Think of Me. Only Poppa God's Opinion matters. HE KNOWS MY HEART AND MY EVERY THOUGHT BEFORE I EVEN THINK IT. If others don't understand, that's okay. My life of trying to explain my life is Over! I ENJOY this saying ❣❣❣ So I have ordered new aluminum siding to cover my old wood siding outside, as well as making new curtains and paint for all the walls that look just like this!! You will definitely know where to find me!! 😁 💯 💗
#GodLovesYou #GodHasYourBack #OnlyGodsOpinionMatters #Peace #ImNotPerfect #IAmNice #BeNice #WordsCanStillHurt #BeNiceOrLeave #ImOkWithMyCrazy #WordsMatter #MentalHealthMatters #StigmaFree #EraseTheStigma #OkToSay #ImForYou #NoHumanIsPerfect #YouCanAlwaysBeNice

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