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Son always shine #wordsineversaid

Now we can say it ain't our fault, if we've never heard it but if we know better then we probably deserve it... Jihad is not holy war, where's that in the worship? Murdering is not Islam and you are not observant... And you are not a Muslim, Israel wont take my side cause look how far you've pushed them... Walk with me into the ghetto that's where all the kush went, complain about the liquor store but what you drinking liquor for? Complain about the gloom but, won't you pick a broom up... Just listening to Pac, ain't gon make it stop... A rebel in ya thoughts, ain't gon make it hault if you don't become a actor you'll never be a factor... Pills with million side effects, take em when the pains felt wash em down with diet soda killing off ya brain cells crooked banks around the world will gladly give a loan today so if you ever miss a payment they can take ya home away... #wordsineversaid

Willie Nelson #wordsineversaid

The Matrix #wordsineversaid


The only thing you can do for yourself in life
Is be the best you , you can ever be ❤. "Learn from yesterday
Live for today
And hope for tomorrow" ❤- first half by me 😀-
Qotd- how is your day?

Beauty lies in the smallest of things ❤ huns, look in the mirror and know that what you see is someone who deserves your love ❤- by me 😀❤

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