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✌️ I'm apart of the problem...my problem is i'm peaceful, and i believe in the people! #wordsineversaid @lupefiasco

And in the end,all I learned is how to be strong on your own.
#WordsINeverSaid #wordable #sunsetpics #Witbank #blackandwhite

"Listenin' to Pac ain't gon make it stop
A rebel in your thoughts ain't gon make it halt
If you don't become an actor, you'll never be a factor" ✊

#HipHop #LupeFiasco #WordsINeverSaid

Son always shine #wordsineversaid


And in the end,all I learned is how to be strong on your own.
#WordsINeverSaid #wordable #sunsetpics #Witbank #blackandwhite

A bit harder but can you caption this? 😎😮! "I worry I won't see your face,
Light up again.
Even the best fall down sometimes,
Even the wrong words seem to rhyme,
Even the stars refuse to shine! ... I've found I'm scared to know I'm always on your mind❤❤ " - Collide by Howie Day

Caption this!!! 😍❤!
We can't run away from time,
But time can definitely run away from us.
Time is a tricky concept,
Sometimes we make the best of it ,
In other instances we let it pass us by.
One thing we need to learn is to live in the moment not focus on the the past or the future too much. If you do, the future will become the present, the present will become the past, and the past will move further down into distant memories. Take a hold of your present time ❤

You are loved ❤❤❤

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