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💔😢 when will be peace on earth? when will be kindness the feeling that takes control instead of hatred? when will be love a primary purpose on this planet? why do people kill?destroy the beauty of life?it is so heartbreaking to see so much pain...#quotes #quotestoliveby #quotess #quotesgram #wordsofwisdom #wordsofencouragement #wordsofinstagram #written #spokenword #spokenwordpoetry #pic #photo #relatableposts #lovequotes #sadquotes #happy #God #broken #faith #believe #believeinyourself #soulmate #kind #help #youcandoit #photograph #photography #trust #anxietyquotes #staystrong

I was just praying and thanking the Lord for never leaving nor letting me down....then I see this post! God always confirms HIS WORD!!! It NEVER comes back VOID!!! 🙏🏾❤️ #thankyoulord #neverfail #allseasons #stillgod #covered #grace #mercy #blessed #faithful #everpresent #wordstoliveby #wordsofencouragement #wordsofwisdom #mylife #regrann @krjnyc

FOCUS on what matters. FOCUS on connection.
FOCUS on income generating activities.
Don’t let the “shiny objects” distract you and shift you off course.
Don’t let ANYONE distract you from your mission, your purpose, or what you believe to be true & possible.
There will be fear mongers. IGNORE THEM and focus on what matters 💕
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God designed each of us with an intricate purpose that ties in beautifully with His plan for the universe. We are all like tiny puzzle pieces with different edges and curves that compliment one another. We need different pieces to make up the entire puzzle, and no two pieces are the same. If God “cut” out your piece in a special shape, don’t try to make it fit somewhere else! Find your place and fill it!
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God is always ready and willing to bring peace to any situation in your life, all you have to do is ask and believe!
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A word of encouragement goes a long way in times of failure!⠀
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It’s becoming more difficult everyday trying to stay positive and hopeful for my friend Zack as he fights this beast of a cancer. These last three weeks he has been in the hospital overcome with debilitating abdominal pain that is either being caused by his cancer or his pancreatitis. Pain medications haven’t been working, so they have given him a nerve block. Apparently this was suppose to do the trick, but it seems that the pain is creeping back. Zack hasn’t been able to eat, sleep or keep food down....so it’s really been a rough go for him. So NOW more than ever he needs to know he’s not alone and we are ALL here for him! Please check out his GoFundMe Page, read his story and send him some words of encouragement! Any small donation and comment would be SO amazing and greatly appreciated. Help me spread the word about Zack and Colon Cancer by sharing his GoFundMe link in my bio. Thank you everyone from the bottom of my heart. #helphimfight #wordsofencouragement #gofundme #fundraiser #donate #showsupport #coloncancer #coloncancerawareness #colon #cancersucks #fuckcancer #sendpositivevibes

Ecclesiastes is a book of wisdom and poetry. Words have power to unlock and that holds especially true when taken from the Good Word or scripture. To me, this means that whatever hardships that you may be going through now have been experienced or felt before. Raw human nature has remained the same. And the same God has brought humanity out of those hardships that you may be going through now. So take heart, have faith, and keep pushing. Better days are near. You’re not alone. Your life is meant to be purposeful and abundant. #Seek and #pray ✝️ #wordsofencouragement #ecclesiastes #poetry #richwords #treasure

Our energy is like a currency. Everything you react to, you are giving away your earnings. Hard earned peace. Given away to absolutely nothing. You get no return. You are left with nothing in the end when we react. Take a few moments. Gather your thoughts and respond. Make smart investments. You will become rich. Rich of happiness💫

I remember this day.
I remember this day where I had the utmost confidence in myself and in Jesus. I felt I could conquer the world - that I could take on anything life threw at me because I knew God was on my side. I believed in myself and believed that God could conquer all for me. Two weeks later I would be starting my dream of becoming a dietitian and I was ready.
But what I wasn’t ready for was what is happening to me now.
And that’s the feeling of unbelief.
Unbelief in my capabilities. Unbelief in my timeframe. Unbelief in trusting that God is going to get me through this. Unbelief that working my job 25-30 hours a week on top of full-time college will be worth it one day. Unbelief that one day I’m not going to be stuck in this pit hole I’m in.
We’ve all been there. We’ve all been in those situations that hurt our faith. We’ve all had our moments of unbelief and have fallen into the hole of self-destruction and self-pity. Sister, you are not alone through this struggle. Believing is not being positive all the time and lying to everyone about how you feel, but it’s about being real with yourself and God. It’s knowing that your situation is NOT okay, you ARE suffering, but God WILL bring you through it. It doesn’t matter if it’s tomorrow or two years from now, God Will lead you out of the storm. Unbelief is truly the most dangerous sin, for it could turn anyone’s heart of gold to a heart of stone. Keep fighting this, Sweets. Keep reading your bible, keep praying, keep thanking God through this difficult time, and remember to just be real about what is going on in your life. We can’t always change our situations, but we can always change our attitudes towards it all.
Isaiah 40:31 “but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not go faint.” One day you will soar and not be stuck on the ground like you are now - One day this will all make sense - And that one day will come when we focus on Jesus and not our problems.
Unbelief can conquer us, or we can conquer unbelief.

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