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Punning w/ @john_nonny 😂

Who would you do this with?

"But: I would, too, like to remember the next day, and our talk in the water in the stream, you have had a long night of worry, you tell me—while I feel only joy and sun and slept well.

Your nervousness. You have closed, a cautious flower to the cool night. And my joy turns to sadness as sunshine makes way for rolling fog. Seeing my sadness, you tell a generously sweet, funny story. I ask: 'Did you just tell me that story to cheer me up?' It is rare for a beautiful girl to care about the heart she stabs, even as she pierces it.

Our planned dinner date is late, and short, and we do not return to the tent, or laugh, or kiss or touch, much. I say you are not responsible for my sadness, I’m a big boy, and I will give you space. 'But space can be in love, not just without it.' But you do not hear my words. They are just words. You say, 'I can’t let you in.' I would like to remember the final good-bye: 'Do what you want,' you tell me, in that voice hearts use when they have closed." ~ @waylonlewis, #thingsiwouldliketodowithyou 📕 All books signed this month: elephantjournal.com/books 📕 or click link in bio 👆⠀⠀
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I Love You
I tried to say I love you
You didn't read between the lines
I gave you lots of signals
Hoping you would catch the signs
I meant it for real this time
I'm so in love with you
It just happened really quick
But you need to know it's true
I felt it first on Wednesday night
I had been thinking it all day
You we're laying in my arms
I didn't know what I should say
I used your dress to tie your hands
And hold them above your head
I was showing you my passion
While dominating you in bed
Later when we were spooning
I couldn't help but ravage you
It was the third time in that night
Was my message getting through
Don't mistake this love for lust
You stole my heart so fast
Just keep my insides burning
And this love of ours will last

What happened in your dreams last night?
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"You can bake, with cinnamon and brown sugar or molasses or maple syrup, and I will help break up the pecans. But I will eat most of what I break so you kick me out but I do not leave, I interfere with your apron.

I would like to touch your mouth, and then listen to it.

It is full, and pink, or is it red? Or is it slightly purple, or orange?

I cannot tell—your make up is subtle. Your eyebrows are not—they are dark and fine, yet bold.

Words, words: these are merely pretty words. Your eyebrows are garish, yet musical. How is that?

Your hair is long, and wild, and messy (I like it that way). You are good at this, and that, and this, and that: you are your own muse." ~ @waylonlewis, #thingsiwouldliketodowithyou 📕 All books signed this month: elephantjournal.com/books 📕 or click link in bio 👆⠀⠀
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Annie Hall (1977)
Director - Woody Allen .
The other day I was thinking about the person who would've invented the word love. What all would he be feeling to come up with the word love? I'm always thinking about stuff. So what should be the definition of love? It's ambiguous. Everyone has their own set of definition for love. For someone love is hope for the other love is synonym for hate. Well for me it's just a feeling that makes me want to write about it all day. Love inspires me to write everyday. The love of people reading my words that's my way of coping with my internalized hate.

💥Monday Punday 💥
Bringing out the big PUNS today for my next freelance Punsultant job! On the clock for the Peacock, and immersing myself in all things PunnE! 😆👍🏽


this makes sense

This is to you

My green eyed
Sweater sharing
Dearest of dear love
You have made love indescribable
And I thank you
Because if I translate to people how your constant love made me glow
It wouldn't have been our love
Something so special
Something nobody else will never know
You made us feel like a forever
In just a couple years
I will always be in love with you
You will always be my best friend
When we never even speak

I'll tell people I can't evoke on my emotions When it comes to us
I can talk about love
But not when it's indescribable
I'm so sorry we loved each other
But I'm not sorry for the way we loved
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I began as a blank slate
Maybe my mind's more powerful than I thought.
Maybe I hold the key to something bigger for me.
But what that something is, that's for me to figure out.
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