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Smiles For Miles
#Woodscanyon #TheRim #Arizona

Nice little get away!🎣 #woodscanyon #fishing #AZ #trout

A little Christmas tree hunting...and thought I would build myself a stubborn snowman

Just your casual shirtless flexing picture near a cliff, because when you're this narcissistic it has to happen #Payson #woodscanyon #justflexin

I know I don't look like it, but I love fishing. 🎣
#fishing #camping #outdoors #woodscanyon

Enjoyed the beautiful weather and view today at #woodscanyon 🌲@dlake85

I'm pretty sure that whole weekend it was always beer thirty 😂😅 #Camping #woodscanyon


After cleaning up trailer load, upon trailer load of leaves and yard waste all week, it was nice to get out for a quick hike! It’s also this little dudes 4 month birthday, and this was his first official hike. Many more hikes to come little man. #postworkhike #thisweatherisincredible #pupsfirsthike #summitgardening #jacksonlife #baxter #woodscanyon #cachecreek #getoutside

For the last 6 weeks Sapphire has been transitioning into a new home that has three cats. I have been visiting regularly and helping her potential family work through the integration. We started in the crate, then graduated to freedom with a leash and muzzle, then freedom with the muzzle and no leash, then freedom with a leash but no muzzle, and finally complete freedom with one of the three cats began. Everything was going great, there was no reason to believe this wouldn’t work out; she had been hissed at and warned with no reaction on her part but then I got a call. Sapphire had put one of the families outdoor cats in her mouth, while she didn’t cause any damage and there was no physical consequence... that was the deal breaker moment. Of course I was bummed and they were heartbroken, you have no idea how proud I am of them for sticking to their boundary and being honest with me quickly. I picked up Sapphire that day and there were tears and we were all very sad. I profusely thanked them for taking care of her all this time and for giving her more people to become comfortable with. They were an integral part of her rehabilitation. Sapphire is back with me and is available for adoption through Sunshine Dog Rescue. Sapphire is best suited for a home with adults and no cats. Shoot me a message for more details or visit my website for more info. www.k9-lifestyle.com #babyblues #adopt #foster #rehabilitate #dogpsychology #dogbehavior #woodscanyon #transformationtuesday #ezydog

I had the fortunate opportunity to spend a weekend in the high country with just me and the kids. I couldn’t find one of them and looked over to see him off on his own just enjoying the moment. Priceless. We had so many adventures fishing 🎣 playing lakeside geocaching and squirrel hunting. I loved it. #familyadventures #l1vetow1n #rim #woodscanyon

Sometimes you give up fishing in the big pond and just go for the bucket of fish! #easy #cheating

Sunset was amazing! #azliving #sunset #woodscanyon

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