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Feel like I've just finished a chapter of my life.... although now I should probably finish that guide book I promised. #woodentarot #earthboundoracle #seekerslenormand

#spiritguidechallenge Day 24: How do my personal relationships contribute positively to my current development?

The Chariot. Plow on!
@spiralseatarot #woodentarot #thechariot #tarotreadersofinstagram

My cards for today: Ring 💍 and Home 🏡 #seekerslenormand - 2 of Blooms (Cups) and 7 of Bones (Pentacles) #woodentarot - Toxic and Gift from the #earthboundoracle. This day does not seem ideal either, but that's life. Have an amazing day everyone! 💠

Day 13 of #amethystdcc is Deck you can't connect with. There have been several since my Tarot Journey began in October '15, but I decided to stick with decks that I haven't been able to connect to YET. I won't be giving up on these guys - quite the contrary. I bought the Earthbound Oracle and the Seeker's Lenormand (both waiting for me at my parents' house in the US) in an attempt to understand the Wooden Tarot better. I love the majors, but the minors are Pips so I need time with this one.
I wanted to love Prisma Visions (and I do! It's so gorgeous!) but I have a hard time reading it without the guidebook.
I thought the Thoth deck was hideous until I trimmed the borders, so let's see if I can connect better now. It does seem to have an entirely different system so that'll be fun to learn!
#thothtarot #prismavisionstarot #woodentarot

The Earthbound oracle deck is back in stock! Created by A.L. Swartz, this intuitive oracle deck is very easy and fun to use, for beginners to masters alike. $20
#psychicsister #earthboundoracle #earthboundoracledeck #woodentarot


It's time to learn to float.
A New Moon message, inspired by/based on a spread by @bodywitchery (thank you for the inspiration!) What I want to start nourishing- balance, learning how to value myself without doing anything of "value". This card for me is about coming to terms with being sick and finally taking care of myself. Before I was sick and it was a problem and I had to hide it and fight through it and pretend it wasn't a part of me. Now I am sick and that's a component of my being. This is something I haven't fully integrated yet but I can see the edges of it.
What needs to be let go of- doing and going and never stopping and always working. All of the overbearing, societally important, capitalist bullshit badness that the Chariot can represent when it becomes twisted. There has to be a death of the idea of busy-ness as value for me to really thrive.
Where this can lead- towards full exposure, towards a clearer vision of self and value. Towards a less painful view of the future. Learning to be more like a plant and always turn towards the light. .
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windowsil full of decks freshly cleansed by the #newmooninscorpio! left to right: #jonasajaustarot #idiosyncradeck #illuminatedtarot #woodentarot #oracleofoddities

My cards for today: Ring 💍 and Home 🏡 #seekerslenormand - 2 of Blooms (Cups) and 7 of Bones (Pentacles) #woodentarot - Toxic and Gift from the #earthboundoracle. This day does not seem ideal either, but that's life. Have an amazing day everyone! 💠

My cards of the day from the Skull Garden Trio @skulllgarden - Snake 🐍 + Dog 🐶 #seekerslenormand - 2 of Blooms (Cups) + 9 of Plumes (Swords) #woodentarot & Perseverance + Permanence #earthboundoracle - This day does not look so great but at least I have Perseverance and Permanence on my side. Have a good day lovelies! 💞

Day 13 - something I should appreciate more
Echoing the 9 of Swords yesterday, a reminder of all of the work I have already done to create space and healing for myself, to be in a place where balance and fairness do not have to be the guiding principles, where just being will have to be enough. .
#tarotart #taroteverydamnday #tarotreadersofinstagram #woodentarot #tarot #candle #acceptance #grounding

My reading for today with the Skull Garden Trio @skulllgarden - I'm trying Lenormand for the first time because if these awesome decks. I've got: Flowers & Ring - from the Seeker's Lenormand #seekerslenormand - V of Stones and Queen of Stones from the Wooden Tarot #woodentarot and the Luck and Arcana cards from the Earthbound Oracle #earthboundoracle. I would say this is going to be a pretty awesome day. 😀♥️ Have a good one everyone! 😘

Day 12 (I think? So far behind!) Acceptance
I can do this- The Star, rise, have hope, keep going after the Tower events of the last year
How- because I have done the 9 of Swords work already, because I have emptied out the wounds and taught myself how to be present with my brokenness
Still needs time- it's not yet time to set out, there isn't anywhere yet to go. Let go of the 3 of Wands need to keep moving forever
Why- because it's time to explore and dive deeper here, time to truly be the Page of Cups.
#taroteverydamnday #tarotreadersofinstagram #tarot #woodentarot #candle #thestar #grounding #learning #tarotdeck

The journals I'm going to use for finding my own interpretations for the decks Fanuna's Tarot #fanunastarot & The Wooden Tarot #woodentarot

I've wanted this deck for so long I actually teared up a little when I opened it.
Welcome home new friend.

Just picked these up today -- The Cathar Tarot and the majors only Wooden Tarot. I love the art! .
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Day 60: 💰Queen of Pentacles💰
You are 🚫blocking🚫this card by:
❌ Being irresponsible with regard to money matters
❌ Turning away those close to you who need your support
❌ Not being nice ❌ Letting your heart hold sway over common sense
This card is one of solid grounding and material security. This queen is all things resourceful and practical, but also giving and kind. The Wild Unknown positions this personality as one concerned with keeping one’s house in order, a mother figure who can become use to matriarchal role in the home. She is also concerned with luxury to a certain extent. The iconography of a lush garden paired with a confident stance—as in The Fountain Tarot—signifies the self-aware positioning this person has in the world. The Queen of Pentacles does not gain this security overnight—it is her patience and persistence that grants her what she desires. 🌱📈🏡

Card Blocking information from Around the Tarot in 78 Days© #thefountaintarot #theaquariantarot #thewoodentarot #thewildunknown #wildunknown #woodentarot #aquariantarot #fountaintarot #tarot #tarotcards #tarothistory #tarotmeanings #tarotcommunity #tarotreadersofinstagram #tarotcardreadersofinstagram #tarotchallenge #78daysoftarot #aroundthetarotin78days
#quartz #tourmaline #blacktourmaline

Kicking off the weekend with Psyche and the Six of Plumes // The Six of Plumes corresponds to the Six of Swords in traditional decks. And it's such a bittersweet card. There's a sense of necessary loss here. It's about leaving behind ideas or beliefs that no longer serve you (or that never served you in the first place). And I think that's always a good thing, but the transition can be painful, and it often leaves an uncomfortably empty space in our lives. // I like this card paired with Psyche, though, because I think Psyche is a good guide here. Psyche is the Greek goddess of the soul. Astrologically, it's concerned with the self and the study of the mind (as best I can tell--astrology is not my strong suit). But I think that, in this context, Psyche is an encouragement to move inward, to free yourself from expectations of yourself and others, and to really listen to your own voice. The leaving behind of the Six of Plumes is easier if you have Psyche’s desire to guide you. // Wooden Tarot by @skulllgarden and Arcana of Astrology by @blackandthemoon

More Octopi!! 🐙 🐙
#woodentarot #connectedandfree #octopus

*Snort* so.. this was a reading for what I can expect this weekend! Ummm.. WTF? If you aren't familiar with #WoodenTarot Blooms are cups and Plumes are Swords... I have to sit with this a while but anyone else have thoughts??? 🤤 #witchesofinstagram #pagansofinstagram #sacredfeminine #tarotreadersofinstagram #crystalhealing

I️ was going to post all my #thenovembertarot catch up posts individually but I️ got lazy so here they all are:
5/ gratitude
what can I️ be grateful for about myself? // the star
what can I️ be grateful for around me? // earth
6/ what could make me feel better now? // Chiron & the 6 of Swords
7/ something I️ should do for myself // sorrow & labor
8/ I️ am my strength: Knight of Swords, Time, & Aquarius /I️ am not my weakness: 5 of Swords, Eros, & Awaken
9/ this is me now, my love: 8 of Pentacles, my life: Aquarius
10/ harmony: how can I️ reach my 10 of Cups? // Sorrow & 8 of Pentacles
#arcanaofastrology #englishmagictarot #oracleofoddities #trionfidellaluna #earthboundoracle #woodentarot
#tarot #tarotcommunity #tarotchallenge

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