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Carb loading before my Fantasy draft. #wonthelpme #stilltasty

When you don't get what you want despite multiple attempts (@nysc customer service won't waive 45 day cx notice despite trying to cancel since end of June, having received missing information the few times I spoke to the GM ) and you're angry they won't help you, and you're wondering who else can help me--the CEO?--and you're frustrated to have to pay yet another month for a service you are not using, and your mind goes off on a tangent about #corporatepolicy and how the system is designed to rob you, that there's no hospitality at the gym, that I should do more to advocate for and galvanize our #collective #purchasingpower, and your heart is racing and you're fuming, you look up at the immense sky and the sun is shining and in one second it takes your breath away, and you're reminded to be grateful for the beauty, to be grateful to be alive as you slowly let slip away the anger and exhale. #canthelpme ? or #wonthelpme ? Then Imma #helpmyself #corporategreed #nocustomerserviceforyou @nysc. I'm not saying to stop going to that gym. I've been a member for over 5 years and loved it. I'm just saying next time you go to sign up, make them follow your own #customerpolicy.

Mood as I buy a 10-piece from McDonalds, knowing very well how insecure and self-depreciating the post-meal feels make me 😑🤘🏽💀 #chickennuggets #bringonthebadthoughts #drownitwithgreentea #wonthelpme

Evidence that I don't know my head from my tail bone. #dontknowwhatimdoing #allthebooksintheworld #wonthelpme #saywhat

New whips for the season. #wonthelpme #calahoomens

Smells awesome but HELL NO! #tempted #revengebody #wonthelpme #ismellcarbsandfat

I love early Christmas presents #p5 #beachcamp #wonthelpme

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