ride the highs and lows🌿and when you need to reset, go out and find it in nature; this world is filled with too many beautiful things to sit around and mope #croatiaroadtrip #slavsquat

Ma chi me l'ha fatto fare...!!! mi hanno scambiato x un Bancomat 😵😰 #shopping #CumparEcumpariell #wonderlove 😍 #malecap #instalike #likeforlike #picoftheday #instaphotography #loveislove #chistsopazz

[ 🇫🇷 ↬ Avez-vous trouvez cette personne qui vous rend si différentes ? ]
~ [ 🇬🇧 ↬ Did you find this person who makes you so different? ? ]

ꕥ Nous nous sommes rencontrés il y a peu de temps, bientôt deux ans déjà. Notre complicité se forme de plus en plus et ça grâce au voyage. Lors de nos séjours il a eut des péripéties et on les a surmonté ensemble. C’est pas toujours évident de partir à l’inconnu mais c’est ça que l’on aime et on est pas prêt de s’arrêter ! 😍 ꕥ
━ ━ ━
━ ━ ━
ꕥ We met a short time ago, almost two years ago. Our complicity is formed more and more thanks to the trip. During our stays he had adventures and we surmounted them together. It is not always easy to go to the unknown but that's what we love and we are not ready to stop! 😍 ꕥ

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Be the BEST YOU that YOU can be!!!💫 Embrace who YOU are and understand that trying to be someone else isn’t necessary. YOU are beautiful, let YOUR light shine on everyone you come in contact with today and every day. Love YOURSELF so you can love others❤️#spreadlove #bethelight #wonderlove #happymonday #zumba #beYOU #zfc2018 📷: @scottchitoff ⚡️


London park 🦆🦆

the tallest building in the world Burj Khalifa.

A blade? So stab me with it. A fine man once said, “Kill me, you will only kill a man.” His legacy is still remembered today and probably will be forever. I paraphrased, isn’t life just a huge paraphrase in any case? The universe has a twisted sense of humour. So I laugh in a twisted fashion. If life was interpreted verbatim, nobody would survive, nobody would want to – There would be no purpose. Seasons change, people don’t. He walks tall but he offers his hand to all, he wants to be dwarfed by those he gives his hand to. Today, the night is longer than usual, the stars lived for a minute, the world suffered while he didn’t sleep. So a word is uttered, he prefers them spoken, words that are uttered cause resent. He prefers his conversations to be as direct as the tip of a dagger.
As the moon makes it's final stand, only darkness lies in it's path. A hope of a new day is yet to come, and all it can do is hope...
All it can do is pray. Another sleepless night amongst many, a jewel amongst stones. A diamond in the rough. Though man is slowly waking from it's slumber, the moon's about to begin it's journey, over the hill.
And it weeps a fair good night, as in the end, it dies from the light. His brother betrays him, and stabs him in the dark. Little does he know, that darkness will fall once again. Over the hill, the young prince waits...Omarzauad.

Home sweet home.!

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