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✔️ #indiancove #wonderlandofrocks #joshuatree slide to see a fool's progress

On the creep #willowhole #wonderlandofrocks 💛💚

Take a picture with a Joshua Tree in Joshua Tree ✔️😜 #tostetime #wonderlandofrocks #JoshuaTree #NationalPark #Patagonia

Snowy Joshua Tree Wonderland! #joshuatree #snow #wonderlandofrocks

When my climbing partner suggested this route I thought he was crazy. But by day three in #joshuatree we were more than ready to crush it!
Figures on a Landscape (5.10b R) - maybe my all-time favorite route. Demanding and rewarding.
This delicate traverse was just the right amount of terrifying #wonderlandofrocks #joshuatreenationalpark #climbing

|| Photo from @wildsouthland || The hike into Wonderland Wash begins on Wall Street Mill Trail. The turnoff for the Wall Street Mill trailheads is located on Park Boulevard 12 miles west of the intersection with Pinto Basin Road (and 1.6 miles north of the intersection with Keys View Road). From the well-marked turnoff, drive north for 1.5 miles to the large parking area for the Wonderland of Rocks. || Image selected by @ericmuhr ||


Starting the crux day of a solo adventure, crossing Joshua Tree's Wonderland of Rocks.

The beating dished out from that massive pile of rock still measures as one of the most sever I’d ever received outside of Alaska (Denali can dish out punishment on a level all it’s own). Since then, I had been back to Joshua Tree a half dozen times and even back to the Wonderland of Rocks. But always staying out in the perimeter, never venturing back into its inner sanctum. Like any worthy opponent, the thought of a rematch always lingered. Things lined up this spring and I made a plan to cross the Wonderland.
Full story at hagelife.com

"Before me was the heart of the Wonderland, granite great wall of boulders and spires. I made my bivouac on the last patch of flat ground before attaching these craggy ramparts."
Solo mission across Joshua Tree's famed Wonderland of Rocks. Link to full story in profile.

"This looks like a fine place for a snooze." And he was indeed just snoozing. @beezmin is renowned for being quite the sleep contortionist. #wonderlandofrocks #joshuatreenationalpark #snoozing

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