The most beautiful human being I know, inside and out 💚 my sister 💚 🌵
Shoutout to our Dads beach hat we borrowed for the day 👒

headed down the colorado river 👋🏽 two nights, 12 miles, one canoe and lots of camping gear. And snacks....

THIS SATURDAY, April 21! Details & RSVP through link in bio.
Tennesee: Fort Loudoun State Historic Area hike led by FGH ambassador Tamera / @tenn_pearl
Minnesota Pop-Up: Bde Maka Ska
Fat Girls Hiking's Body Positive group hikes are open to ALL genders, ALL sizes, ALL skill levels. We go at a pace that feels good for everyone. No one is too slow to hike with us! No one is left behind! We love to share our lived experiences with one another on the trail and hope to create a space where ALL feel welcome! We ask that anyone who joins our group events refrain from diet talk, body shaming or weight loss talk. #trailsnotscales
Our hikes are always free, if you like what we’re doing & are able to give financial support to Fat Girls Hiking, consider paying a sliding scale amount to either of these accounts:  Pay Pal-fatgirlshiking@gmail.com or Venmo-@fatgirlshiking.  We thank you in helping us sustain a supportive & empowering outdoor community where ALL are welcome!
Head to Fat Girls Hiking’s resource page, Hiking 101, for information on what to wear/bring, trail etiquette & Leave No Trace principles.

| fill your life with adventures, not things. have stories to tell, not stuff to show |

Happy Belated 24th Birthday to this ginger nugget😘🔥🔥We love you loads co-founder of Arêt, @lolo_bach #climbonchica .
"The face you make after every pitch in Red Rock because all the climbing is sooo good 💥💥💥 📸: @barbbiceps"

Feeling pretty lucky to be heading back to the mountains again this weekend for @btbounds @sunshinevillage! Being reunited with @christinesavage and @walshmt for first time in a few years! Can't wait! #tbt #firmskitrip #aboutlastweekend

A day without the sea is a day wasted! Happy Friday folks! What are you guys up to this weekend? In my absence I never got to mention that I bruised my ribs at soccer a couple of weeks ago (thought I had fractured it cause it was so painful for a bit there!) so I haven’t been able to get into the water lately! Buuuuuut I think this weekend is the perfect weekend for it and to get back into trying to surf again 🙌🏾 On a completely didn’t note, I’d really love some support over on my professional portrait account 👉🏾 @wantanatierney as I am trying to start my business back here in Australia 😘😘 I’ll be hosting a giveaway over there later today 😊

I call myself a Washingtonian, but have never been to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival until now... I reckon better late than never?! If you haven't been, I highly recommend making the trip! 🙌

InglinaM. / No. 25422.
PilatusM. / No. 25439.
// "The Alpan Way" Collection // Summer 2018 //

Made it out on the bike tonight, yes I had a paddy when I couldn’t do what I wanted to (fear got the better of me), but I still went out, did some bits of the ride I had to walk the last time we were here, and finished the evening with a smile #wonderfulwildwomen #mtbgirl #thisgirlcan #sunset #afterworkride

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