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Look at all that Chocolate 🍫😋& he'll always be my MCM😏 #WonderfulGuy #TrueGentlemanIndeed #BringHomeToMommaType

Là où tu es je pense à toi mon pote ... Tu aurais fêté ton anniversaire aujourd'hui. J'ai toujours pas compris pourquoi c'était tombé sur toi. Y'avait pas un max de cons à rappeler avant ???... In our hearts forever @radioaubert #ChristopheLedoux #RadioMan #WonderfulGuy #FuckingCancer

Happy birthday to big bro @sulleymuntari wish you long life and prosperity enjoy your day big bro 🎁🎉🎂🎊 🙏🏾@sulleymuntari #moreblessings 🙏🏾#greatforever #wonderfulguy

Happy Fourth of July 🇺🇸 💥🇺🇸 from @thereal_josht and me! (He really is a #wonderfulguy, my #cornyaskansas friend who makes us all laugh every day at The Winter Garden!) #rodgersandhammerstein #freetobeyouandme

I was #OffTheGrid yesterday, so day 26 of my #66GratefulDays is #ComingUp now.
I am #grateful for this #WonderfulGuy @kim_andersen_dk being protective and creative and easing my pains, when I became ill yesterday and didn't have my usual painrelievers. It was a hard night :( thank you soooo much for being there for me <3 <3

Today was one for the books!!! 💜💜💜 #wonderfullife #wonderfulguy

He's perfect💙💙 #wonderfulguy #lickylakai


Last Lunch with our Target Boy before his big wedding day...We love this guy!!!!!! #changingtochaffold #Targetbaby #besthusbandtobe #Ladieshestaken
#countdown10days #wonderfulguy

I'm so glad we were able to make things up. You are probably the best boyfriend ever.
#heisthebest #wonderfulguy #gayteens #homopride #gayboyfriends #hesthebest

Okay so I'm bad at taking pictures of the amazing things my friends send to me (#notetoself to upload #Colorado gifts).
This was from the amazing @xavierbdequiros for my birthday ^_^ thank you! *glomp* #birthday #letter #present #presents #DoctorStrsge #Marvel #Loki #ineedatranslator #wonderfulguy #stickers #notebook #friends #Chile #Glasgow #mykitchenisamess xx

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What it means to actually find a soul mate means precisely that... A "soul" mate. This doesn't include you both liking the same food or having the same hobbies but it means that at your core your are similar. When you look for someone who likes the same sport but that's it that relationship won't last. Stating to the universe what you want will not get you what you want. You may want this or that but do you possess those qualities which you desire. Ex you can't want someone who's trustworthy when you are not. You can't want someone to spoil you when you are lazy. And who cares what kind of car someone has if their heart sucks? If you met your #perfectmatch, would they want you? Too many people don't want to be alone and look for outward solutions to justify an internal problem. You need to love yourself first. Develop your own interests, beliefs. You need to work on your own ex jealousy, trust, communicative skills before you want someone lasting in your life or it won't last. If you can't be bothered to work on you, you aren't ready for another person. If you go online dont post in your profile what you "want" in another person because what you want offers nothing, what can you give? Kindness, #joy, #respect. Post what and who you are, and have these meaningful traits be what connects you to another. When together you honour each others pace, express each others hobbies and can enjoy them together or not. let each other grow independent as well as grow together. Explore new things #together to find a common hobby be it dancing, cooking, reading, hiking, bird watching, archery, painting, gaming, festivals, wine tasting, gardening, who cares it's endless. #Encourage each other to have #friendships, and have other friendships together. Uplift each other with #positivity and #love. If need time alone say it and #respecteachother, and be confident that you are #loved. Let your guard down and be yourself, let go. Ex if grew up hard and cold try to begin to find the #silly kid in you again and #laugh and play,it is so healthy. Basically as with all things truly treat others as you wish to be treated. :) #relationshipadvice #myguy #mixedlove

Happy Fourth of July 🇺🇸 💥🇺🇸 from @thereal_josht and me! (He really is a #wonderfulguy, my #cornyaskansas friend who makes us all laugh every day at The Winter Garden!) #rodgersandhammerstein #freetobeyouandme

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