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Well hi there @danmaniel and @lovealwayspriscilla 👋🏼👋🏼

Уплыть на островке.
Уплыть бы на островке куда-нибудь далеко, да земля не пускает.
Полнолунье на болотистом озере.
Работа сделана во время фототура «Магия Ленинградской области». Север Ленинградской области.
To sail on an island.
To sail away on the island somewhere far away, but the earth does not allow.
Full moon on a marshy lake.
The work was done during the photo tour "The Magic of the Leningrad Region".
North of the Leningrad Region.
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"Embracing Peace" by Seward Johnson

This sculpture depicts one of the most famous and iconic moments in the history of the United States, reflecting the joy of the American people upon learning World War II had ended.
It is inspired by "V-J Day" by photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt, who has captured the spontaneous celebration of a U.S. Navy Sailor, grabbing and kissing a woman in a white dress in New York City's Times Square in August 1945.

As I shared this shot in just a few minutes, some users on here have given me a perspective to think deeper about. Some perceive this moment as Sexual Harassment, which could be true if you look deeper into the original photo. A blogger from Feministing.com argues that this moment is far from a loving couple; they were perfect strangers. Apparently George (the Sailor) was drunk, and that Greta (the lady) had no idea of his presence, until she was in his arms with lips on hers.
What do you think?

I have preferred capturing this sculpture's photo in long exposure since there was an influx of tourists having their photos endlessly taken with it.
I’d like to note that Sexual Harassment is a serious offense and should be weighed in on more! / #discoveraround


Whatcha after

Color day 🍁🍃🍂

Manhattan, New York

So excited to come to New York!! This is a great shot I got last time I did a meet up in NYC it was fun!

So I am doing it again but in Central Park! Come and join me to take some photos the 23 of October 4 pm at the 2 Columbus Circle let me know if you will come in my bio :-) Can't wait to meet you all!

Take the journey to enjoy the view 🌴🌴 #traveladdict #travelblogger

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