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When you’ve basically been good..Santa cones through! 🎁🎄#earlygift #christmas #thursday #huskerbmw #womenwhowork

Well this is exciting, Instagram are now rolling out the ability to follow hashtags to all users! Just type in your favourite hashtags and you will be given the option to follow. Posts containing that hashtag will then show up in your feed. Let us know what you think?

Women don't ask for what they want.
I'm not being cheeky. We own 40% of businesses but get only 2.3% of the growth capital - WTF?
So I'm teaching a free LIVE ONLINE course in January.
**HOW TO ASK FOR IT** You'll learn 3 ways to get more of what you want And I’ll share my painfully awkward stories of how I finally figured out how to raise the millions I needed to scale my idea.
January 9th 7:30-8:30pm
January 17th 11:30-12:30pm
Sign Up here // www.nikoeverett.com/new-events/
or DM me and I'll add you to the list + send you the zoom link.

Chicago, we love you but the only thing we like this cold is our @lacroixwater ❄️😏 Stop on in today to take care of those hands this winter and have a @lacroixwater on us! Have you made your appointment? 💚 #linkinbio

Fear for the future of #Merica ...I was asked to speak to students and faculty from Miami-area high schools about careers in the maritime industry! I still feel like a kid myself but, alas, #classof2003 #yikes @celebritycruises #LeaderSHIP Forum #beveryafraid #womenwhowork #ilovemyjob (thanks @adoralyn 😘)

I put in some quality time to refresh the woodwork throughout this unique Midcity home this week.
PS Does anyone see a ghost in the doors at the end of the hallway in the second photo? That is not my reflection 💀

#door #doors #doorrefinishing #woodrefinishing #refinish #refinished #refinishing #restoration #preservation #varnish #wood #woodwork #millwork #woodgrain #nola #girlboss #neworleans #womenwhowork #architecture #interiordesign #followyournola #thisoldhouse #historic #showmeyournola #nolalove #igersneworleans #interiors #midcity

GOOD MORNING💕 DOUBLE TAP If you're excited for Christmas🌲
We just wrapped up our last event with some holiday spirit, good friends and some amazing sponsors & vendors in Vancouver!
We can't wait to share some exciting new projects we've been planning however you'll just have to wait until next year😉
COMMENT BLOW & let us know what you're up these holidays🌟

the one thing that’s always appreciated on a wednesday. (that is, aside from the weekly @peptothetalk.) 💫🥂 _

That’s all that matters!🌸🌿


I'm for the women ready to trust the little voice inside themselves. You know you have a strong intuition but maybe you don't know how to access it regularly, find the confidence to action on your guidance, or don't have the practical tools to 'tune in' consistently and confidentially.

I'm not here to prove you have this voice but to help you quiet the noise. Not here to tell you what that voice is but I can teach you how to reconnect. Not here to tell you how to be but to help you remember who you are.

You already know and are actively seeking to reconnect with yourself and trust the voice within that knows your answers.

I know I can help with this. Between the tools I teach and my natural gifts, women feel what it feels like to be reconnected with themselves - their creativity and intuition - who they really are at their core.

It's such a blessing to be able to do this work. More please! More and more women are ready for this work and the feedback I get from my soul mate clients is they like learning from me because I've come into it from a very grounded place and they feel free to be 100% themselves the entire journey. I am an engineer by degree, highly logical and practical, and this is my calling - I embody what it looks like to live an open hearted, soul lead life, unapologetically me.

If you're ready to get started, grounding is the first step and I put together a guide on simple, practical ways to feel Grounded. Link in bio. 💜✌🏻👊🏻

#intuition #faithoverfear #innerguidance #innercompass

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#artistlife #musiclover

The biggest challenge to your presence in a virtual environment is: the audience can’t see you and you can’t see the audience. The best way to overcome that challenge, and to up your virtual presence, is to BE ALL IN! “BE ALL IN” means being fully focused, energized, and present in the moment.
✨ Tap the link in my bio @brandyoubusinesslab to like and follow Brand You Business Lab on Facebook. ✨ How can you be ALL IN? Share your answer in the comments! ✨
📷 | @arumdigital

Who you are deep down is what you will attract!💫✨ .
Keep in mind that who you surround yourself with affects more than you think!✨ .
If you are smart and picky with who you spend energy on, it is important to be a quality person that others want around too!✨

Yee-haw! Head cold comin’ in hot. 😴 Wishing I was back in this nice big, dreamy hotel bath! For now, throat coat tea and piles of blankets will have to do. #lesigh

You've got parties to attend. We've got outfit ideas. Visit MingWangKnits.com for all holiday worthy styles.

Throwback thursday or whateva 🤷🏽‍♀️

2017 我们的圣诞🎄合影
@skcentralpark Our Official 2017 Christmas Portrait 😂,thanks for influencing me to become a better and excellent person through the years 🙏
#2017chrismasportrait #womenwhowork

Second guessing yourself is a really inefficient use of your time. #justdoit .

I'm finally sitting down in front of the camera today after way too long spent in self-doubt and procrastination. .

But I spent way too long finding my voice to spend any more time hiding it! .

Team 2018 get your voice on camera! 😉

Grab a map like @mss.li has here to make a great holiday gift! Link in bio ✨🌎🎁

Disponible!! 🌴👙
Wp: 3186560560

Lately, I have been obsessed with all things polka dot and teal, but this desk is right up my alley. Love the various gold tones and feminine style. There is nothing better than working surrounded by the things you love. Have a wonderful rest of your Thursday!

Have you joined the manifesting challenge?! It’s a 12 day FREE training about manifesting everything from money to the man of your dreams! Join the fabulous @nessyology today Discussing just that! You can still join! Link in bio! 💓✨🦄🎉🌻💡🥂

How These Female Leaders Practice Resilience Every Day “I think we are in a culture crisis in every field,” Witherspoon stated, “In every industry, women are underrepresented and underpaid in leadership positions. Under 5 percent of CEOs of fortune 500 companies are women." http://crwd.fr/2C49hP2

Come have a drink, grab a bite and spread some holiday cheer by giving your money to women with hustle 🌹 see you there!

“Shellooo!?”...retro is calling. 💗💗💗 #askshellooo

👏 💪🏽👏⠀
📸 : Barnard Center for Research on Women

Limits only exist in the ,MIND

Work Holiday Party?? No problem. Find a date you’re proud to call your +1 👫👭👬
#letsvyve #single #holidayseason #holidayparty #work #womenwhowork #hustle #hohoho #hobokensantacon #santacon #events #plusone #datenight

Some days it’s the details that matter most. I turned in a report today that had the word ‘increate’ in the first paragraph. I actually meant ‘increase’. For those wondering ... increate IS a word ... which is probably why Office didn’t underline it with a squiggly red line. It means ‘not created’ which is exactly what I wished my document was when my customer immediately pointed the error out to me and then promptly rejected the deliverable. 😞 On a more positive note ... the details on my blouse are not increate. That’s probably a double negative but since words are not my forte today, I’m going with it. #waywithwords #allinthedetails #bows🎀 #workwoes #katespadeusa

One of the things I love most about being a brand photographer, is watching my client come alive through my lens. Through guided posing, expert photographic techniques and a passion for empowering my clients, I can transform a simple photoshoot into a brand building strategy that gets results.
If you want to see your brand soar in 2018, contact me for details on how to transform your brand with professional photography. Now booking through the end of January.

CHEERS TO THESE LADIES🥂 📸 Grateful to team #SothebysPhotographs for another terrific year of laughter, debate, hard work, and fun 🥂📸 #photolife #auctionlife #ilovemyjob #whoruntheworld #womenwhowork

Want to start a new career? Enter to win NYICD's $1,000 #scholarship giveaway! Click the #LinkInBio -then send us a message explaining why you'd love a scholarship to NYICD. Only a few weeks left to enter!

Anyone else feel like they have been doing about 3 days worth of stuff packed into one?
Me too! ‘Tis the season!

Remembering to stay grateful is keeping me grounded in my swirling vortex over here.
#gratitude #abundancerevolution

Our relationship with our members means everything to us. 😘 Would you like to hear what they're saying? Check out our blog post.

#ilovemyjob 🇷🇺на работе 🐶

This animatronic Santa was the second worst thing about Seekonk, MA. The first was the snow.

I helped my clients to get into this beautiful dream home of theirs!! today they got their keys, and couldn't be more excited!! I love the Dawson's they are great people. Congrats to you guys! 🎉🎉

I helped my clients to get into this beautiful dream home of theirs!! today they got their keys, and couldn't be more excited!! I love the Dawson's they are great people. Congrats to you guys! 🎉🎉
#bliggerlife #creatives #businessblog #blogging #empire #bossbabe #bossbabes #girlboss #mompreneur #womenwhowork #hardworkpays #businessowner #realtorlife #entrepreneur #luxuryrealestate #utahrealestate #realtormom #adventuresinrealestate #realestatelife #slc #slcutah #follow4follow #utahblogger #mortgagebroker #gsd #realestateinvestor #like4like

Being a social marketer means it's so hard to catch a break. You don't have "clock-out" time and if you get an incoming message at 2 in the morning, you NEED to respond to it. It was a busy November and early December to plan for the holidays and New Year, and now I can officially say I AM ON BREAK! Yes I'll still be available and still complete community management tasks but it's time to relax and enjoy the holiday season. Do you usually take this time to take a break for yourself?⠀

Yes...the trees, body of water, the air we breathe! At times we forget about the little things which are often the BIG things! Each Christmas I think about all my Mom's hardwork of creating such memorable family traditions! These are the "little" things people! What's even better is I carry those "traditions" on to the people I love! These are the "little" but "BIG" things! Enjoy the little things! #BLENDstyles

Ivanka leaving for work this morning. 😍👏🏻
// 🇺🇸 #ivankaforpresident #ivankatrump #maga #usa #beautiful #womenwhowork #teamivanka #military 🇺🇸

What fuels your day?
#jeokane #workflow .
Photo by @itsjamesadams

This week!

FRIDAY DEC 15 | Beat the holiday party hangover with a free pancake breakfast - a collaboration with @playniceandco! 🥞
SUNDAY DEC 17 | Space to just be in a warm circle of sisters at our monthly New Moon Red Tent. PWYC potluck.

MONDAY DEC 18 | Say "Yes, and..." to business roadblocks. Improv for Entrepreneurs $10M/$15NM

Sign up at shecosystem.ca/events

‼️ #SmallBusinessOwners ‼️
Do you want on demand HR Advice at the tip of your fingers?? #SwipeRight to see how @cubelegal can help!
Whether your business has 1 employee or 100+ employees we have fixed Monthly fees that suits all types of businesses. #NoLockInContracts

Driving home for Christmas was dramatically improved when we discovered that there is now a Pizza Express at Oxford Services!! Whoever made that happen should be knighted for services to parents (groan) @pizzaexpress

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