Looking out on to the city of Verona, just a 20 minute drive from Italy's biggest wine producing region of #Veneto

The art of oak aging - flavours and aromas that toasted new oak can impart to wine include vanilla and caramel to rich chocolate and spices

Happiest above the clouds ☁️

Shiraz grapes 🍇 in Australia's oldest wine region - The Hunter Valley. The warm climate of the region is unique which produces some Australia's best #shiraz and #semillion

From where I'd rather be...enjoying a #Prosecco while looking out on to the Mediterranean sea

Enjoying a tasting of some of the finest red wines at Chateauneuf-du-pape

Where the magic happens #thecellarroom

This one is for the red wine lovers 👊 perfectly paired oysters with a light and fresh #pinot noir

This Roman inspired entrance at @inglenook takes me back to when I studied in Rome 🇮🇹. Im getting an itch to go back to drink wine and eat gelato every. single. day. What’s your favorite place to visit?

Do you swirl before you sip? It naturally exposes the wine to oxygen, which can slightly soften and alter the taste. I know it can seem obnoxious but dont be intimidated to use all of your senses while tasting wine, it’s all a part of the learning experience whether you’re a novice or an expert!

Wishing a happy, happy Father's Day to all of the fathers, grandfathers, soon-to-be fathers, almost-fathers, and everyone in between. And a special Happy Father's Day to my mother, the HBIC and my sole parent. Momma Mac made sure that we were fed, happy, and spent every minute we could spare in parks growing up. I will never know how she managed it, because we were (are?) a huge pain in the ass, but I will never stop showing my gratitude. Momma Mac doesn't love beer, so we came to @bardwell_winery for some local Ohio wine. On the left is the Strawberry White Merlot, and on the right and in forefront is the Black Currant. Cheers, and Happy Father's day from CGD 🍻🍷

Vittoria Bera e Figli, ‘Arcese Bianco’ wine from Piedmont, Italy. This unique wine has a bright tang with a light effervescence that, in my opinion, had similarities to a light citrus beer. Have you ever had a wine that completely surprised your taste buds?

We may have had a little too much fun during our visit at @gloriaferrerwines in Sonoma. We learned so much about the Ferrer family and their success with building their sparkling wine/cava empire, @freixenetusa, which then led to their American expansion by building this beautiful winery in Sonoma.

*New Blog Post* There are a few things in life that I certainly know will win over my dad’s heart: ⛳️⚾️🌭 golf, baseball, and a nice grill. In honor of Father’s Day, I felt nothing would be more appropriate than hot dogs and Rosé. Can you guess which celebrities jointly own this @miraval rosé? #wineoftheweek #winewednesday

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Bubbles date at @scopodivino // Sophora Sparkling Rosé from Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. // Made from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Floral aromas. Delicate bubbles. 💕

Come check out our awesome new summer designs with Artist @brianne.ny at her upcoming events!!! For a full listing of upcoming events please visit www.drinkablearts.com and use PROMO CODE PAINT10 to save $10 off!!! #drinkablearts #uncorkyourcreativeside #womenwhodrinkwine #uncorkyourcreativity #sipandpaint #paintandsip #artworld #create #inspire #inspired #fun #artstagram #paintmyworld #momswhopaint #paintingclasses #paintsocial #artistinme #girlsnightout #fun

came home to cat puke on the floor, but at least there’s wine. // alternate caption : coworkers with wine are the best kind of coworkers. 🍷
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