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The Women's Quilt at Belfast. #belfast #womensvoicesmatter #equalityforall

Good morning, Brisbane! You were fabulous and it was so nice of you to match your furniture to my lipstick.
With the wonderful MC Magdalena Roze at Business Chicks. Next stop Melbourne... #businesschicks #thefictionalwoman #womensvoicesmatter

It's been a long day, for my body and my soul, but in Boston and ready to crush it at #INBOUND16 tomorrow. #womensleadership #womensvoicesmatter

**Ladies** This is just one reason why we should vote! "Suffrage leader Lucy Burns (1879-1966) was imprisoned at the Occoquan Workhouse in Virginia, probably in November 1917, after she and others were arrested for picketing the White House in support of a federal amendment granting women the right to vote. In jail, Burns joined Alice Paul and many other women in hunger strikes to demonstrate their commitment to their cause. Being imprisoned did not stop Burns' activism. From within the workhouse she organized protests with other prisoners.
After Burns was released, she was quickly rearrested for continuing protests, picketing, and marching at the White House. Upon her third arrest in 1917, the judge aimed to make an example of Burns, and she was given the maximum sentence. Once again a prisoner at Occoquan Workhouse, Lucy Burns endured what is remembered as the "Night of Terror.” The women were treated brutally and were refused medical attention. To unite the women, Burns tried to call roll and refused to stop despite numerous threats by the guards. When they realized Lucy Burns's spirit was not going to be easily broken, they handcuffed her hands above her head to her cell door and left her that way for the entire night. Burns was so loved and respected by her fellow suffragists that the women in the cell across from her held their hands above their head and stood in the same position for the entire night.
After enduring the torture of the “Night of Terror,” the women refused to eat for three days.
Realizing something urgent needed to be done or he would potentially have dead prisoners on his hands, the warden ordered Burns to be force fed. Historian Eleanor Clift recounts that the force feeding of Lucy Burns required "five people to hold her down, and when she refused to open her mouth, they shoved the feeding tube up her nostril. This treatment was extremely painful and dangerous, causing Burns to have severe nosebleeds. Of the well-known suffragists of the era, Burns spent the most time in jail. "

#WomensVoicesMatter #WomenVote #19thamendment #election2016

It's #FreedomToRead week! Written by women, for women, this book was banned in many high school and public libraries #readbannedbooks #ourbodiesourselves #womensvoicesmatter ✊️

100 years ago this week, (white) women in New York earned the right to vote. Today, we do what they worked so hard to ensure we could, and what so many others are STILL denied the right to do. 🗳
#vote #butactually #yourvoicematters #womensvoicesmatter #womenssuffrage

The day doesn’t begin until I have spotted 5 hummingbirds #newday #startfresh #startslow #naturesclock #jessicajanisjohnson #vinegarandvanilla


I wasn’t being anonymous about reporting the disgusting picture he created. I’m so happy right now! Please keep reporting @nickiminaj for keeping the picture up on her page. Thank you Instagram for keeping the #Indigenous community safe from the harm this is causing. Now guess who I’m coming for next?! :D Thank you to everyone who reported the post!! Sending all my love to you. In peace, friendship, and the promise that I will stand for what is right,
#🙌 #Truth #IndigenousRising #IndigenousRights #Matoaka #FirstNations #MMIW #MMIWG #✊🏼 #SpeakUp #StandUp #Rise #FightForTheRight #FightForWhatIsRight #NativePride #Native #n8tive #NativeRights #Advocate #KeepSpeakingUP #WeAreNotYourCostume #WeAreNotYourMascot #WeAreNotYourSexObject #StopSexualizingIndigenousWomen #StopSexualizingMyCulture #WeWillStandTogether

Interestingly the archaic meaning “is a woman of strength or spirit”.
The modern meaning is “a loud-voiced, ill-tempered, scolding woman; shrew”.
Enough said?
#virago #greatword #learn #expand #strongwoman #brave #wonderwoman #heroic #foodforthought #feminism #womensvoicesmatter

Have you missed me?

I took a few days off, perhaps you noticed.

I'm at the end of my headcold. I feel silly for whining about it, especially when I have friends and family who have very real health issues, and I am complaining about a cold.

In other words, I am very thankful that's all it is, because I know it could be much, much worse. I am happy to report I am on the mend...still coughing, still stuffy, still fatigued, but on the mend. A few more days and I will be 100%. I'll be better about eating my apple a day to keep the doctor away.

In fact, I might be teaching again, so it should be easy to get that apple, right? ;-) What's Really Going On?

You know I haven't been feeling like myself.

I'm not sure I can explain to you how I am feeling. There is a lot going on that I am not able to share with you (see? I do keep confidences!) Let's just say there are little fires and bigger fires within my extended family that need monitoring, and that has taken up my heart and mind recently. #thinkgoodthoughts READ MORE ON THE BLOG! Link in bio #linkinbio🔥 #linkinbio👆 #vinegarandvanilla #fearlesswriting

100 years ago this week, (white) women in New York earned the right to vote. Today, we do what they worked so hard to ensure we could, and what so many others are STILL denied the right to do. 🗳
#vote #butactually #yourvoicematters #womensvoicesmatter #womenssuffrage

I don’t feel like myself.
And I don’t think it’s the cold medicine.
It’s a strange feeling, and I am not sure what to do about it…if anything.
Where I had ambition, I have a certain satisfaction acceptance of things just the way they are, for now.
Where I wanted to be a freelance writer and make my living that way, now I just want to drink coffee on the deck and read. Perhaps write a short poem. Work on my family memoir. READ MORE ON THE BLOG #linkinbio🔥🔥🔥🔥 #linkinbio👉💻 #vinegarandvanilla #simpleliving #simplify

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