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Finally, I did it!! I’ve started my Women’s Circle!! It was amazing group of women that sit in circle and shared from the heart!! Feeling the blessings!
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candid of a candid did can¿ ☘️🌿🌱🍃

It’s so funny how over time, my “specialty” has chosen me. Of course I wanted to work with women, I’ve always worked with women my whole life. But that didn’t seem specific enough so I envisioned myself specializing in helping engaged couples prepare for a great marriage (a lot of TLC as gone into wedding Pinterest boards which I’m all for but...the marriage folks). That’s not who chose me though...I have very few engaged couples coming in. I see almost all women. Women who want it all. Who have the struggles that come with wanting it all, like guilt, anxiety, perfectionism, insecurity. Women who are building or own their businesses. Women who are in transition and are finding their balance in motherhood or marriage, after losing someone, or making a big move. Who knew that my specialty could just be “women” and I myself am a better woman for it. #itsallhuman #thewelllivedwoman #bechooselovefeelbetter —————————————————————
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And down her path of doing what she loved, an explosion of success appeared. Yet, through her gains she was also presented with a loss called normalcy & she ALMOST QUIT. Through her dedication towards her success she had yet to realize the world around her that posed negative opinions....& she ALMOST QUIT. But in that moment, a voice whispered in her ear and reminded her of her purpose!

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Ps- Mini rant: To all the fake ego fuelled spiritual people & follow/unfollowers-(I have 20+ everyday)- It’s a crapola way to run a business. I’m spiritual by nature...Have been for 16+ years, working on myself quietly...And post spiritual posts sometimes. The amount of “Spiritual narcissists” who follow/unfollow, Leave spam comments & Are here to boost their ego is very humorous- You are not practicing what you preach which makes you 100% NOT AUTHENTIC. Please go get your ego fed elsewhere- It ain’t going to happen here! 😂😎✌️✨

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Yesterday I had a great time talking about AI and Blockchain to the ladies. It was such a great session @circlesforwomeninbusiness . Thank you so much @patokelo for organizing such a superb event. My heart is full. @reneengamau Thank you for being the best moderator. You engaged us pretty well. My heart is full. We engaged and shared a lot and I am blessed to have been part of Candid conversation 7. @joycembaya You are appreciated 😍. #techwomen #botlab #geeks #blackgirlexcellence #womensupportwomen #buildingotherwomen #supportingagoodcause

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“A type of game in which the participants cooperate in the creation of a living fantasy.” Sex-wise, this could be fun. But psychologically, games ain’t fun. It’s time we be real with ourselves and each another - no more masks - no more illusion.

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