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Out sister was arrested in connection with the toppling of a Confederate monument outside the Durham County courthouse. Takiyah Thompson was an activist who climbed a ladder and put a noose around the neck of the statue. She was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct by injury to a statue, which is a Class 2 misdemeanor; damage to real property (in this case a statue, which is a fixture), a Class 1 misdemeanor; participation in a riot with property damage in excess of $1,500, a Class H felony; and inciting others to riot where there is property damage in excess of $1,500, which is a Class F felony.
This is what happens with a Black woman when she tries to stand against the racism. Her arrest was racially motivated. She was later released without bond because the community and the social media has stepped for her.
We have to fight for justice together. Only together we can win and end the racism in this country.

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India’s top court has banned a controversial Islamic practice that allows men to divorce their wives instantly by saying the word 'talaq' (divorce) three times. More than 20 Muslim countries, including neighbouring Pakistan and Bangladesh, have banned the 'triple talaq', but the practice has continued in India until now. Today, the court ruled that it was unconstitutional and discriminatory against women.
Photo: Harish Tyagi

"Para kazanın. Kendinize ait ayrı bir oda ve boş zaman yaratın. Ve yazın.
Erkekler ne der diye düşünmeden yazın." #womansworld #womanofpower #womens #womensrights
Virginia Woolf !! #virginiawoolf 🌹 photo by: @cemtalu

WE shall not be triumphed over 👸🏽 @gucci__low__life in our #Cleo Bralette, shot by @ladyist ❤️

These Rebel Girls were spotted at NY NOW!
Come visit the Rebel Girls team at Booth # 5411

Know your rights, know your responsibilities and empower the lives of those you touch.
Today's society is so riddled with exceptions and excuses for acts of wrong, both verbal and physical.
We live in a world where rape, assault, criticism, harassment, belittlement, abuse and judgement run deep in the veins of some of its countries and produce results of as much as 62.5% of females committing suicide as a result of their exposure to these issues.
I stand to support the women who have survived. The fighters and the braves. I stand to strive for a world that I'm not afraid to live in and that the daughters of our generation will thrive in.
Above all else, I stand to my feet to congratulate every women who is fighting her own battle and pass my admiration to the ones who refuse to give up. The inspirations...
Stand up against violence, raise your voice against gender inequality and lift your hands towards building a world in which discrimination is eradicated.


Its not for you.. it comes from rape and torture. Wake up people. #vegan #ditchthediary #plantbaseddiet #womensrights #humanrights #animalrights #compassion #empathy #lifestyle #lifechoices

Goodnight Moon is one of America's most read children's books and classics by Margaret Wise Brown. This meme is a 2017 take on it: #goodnightobama #goodnight #goodnightmoon #womb #science #facts #incometax #stars #air #equality #equalrights #genderequality #womensrights #womensrightsnews #femalista #feminism #feminist @womensrights_news

"Sejamos nós as protagonistas da nossa própria revolução!" ✊
Design: Patrícia Rezende e Valquíria Rabelo

“Breastfeeding for me was synonymous to giving life” – @felogene1, mother, Kenya
Illustration for Girls' Globe by Elina Tuomi @cabtuo
#breastfeeding #breastfeedanywhere

Patricia Nzimande
Wathinta abafazi wathinta imbokodo: You strike a woman you strike a rock.
Woman are capable to accomplish our desired objectives we just need to be brave, fearless and believe in ourselves. Being strong is the spirit enough to stand firmly behind our decisions and take a standpoint for ourselves.
Back in the days we did not have a voice, our existence didn’t matter at all, let alone our presence was never noticed. All blessings due to those women who rehabilitated our freedom to tread daringly, our voice is now recognized.
Today many women match steps with male counterparts. The Woman’s Month makes me feel excited to see what most women have achieved reflecting on what our heroines did for us. Such exhilaration enables me feel empowered, fulfilled and valiant now that I enjoy the freedom to express my views openly.
In life you attract respect for yourself by initiating it on others, be it a man or another woman.
I therefore take charge to enlighten my cronies that every woman respects other women in her life and helps out those in need and only then we will be truly treasured and empowered. I raise my voice against every sense of violence in existence against women. Besides financial predicaments, our societies must understand and take into consideration the need for women as well. I feel it is important to celebrate Women's Day because we need to feel proud and celebrate our success.
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'Danielle, collage and text on coaster' .
The 12th woman in my Nasty Women series is dedicated to my friend Danielle. We met at the Royal Academy of Arts in the Hague in 2006. I became ill, so never finished but Danielle did. At her graduation exhibition she thanked me, saying I am here also because of you. It moved me to tears! I was a bit sad that I wasn't there to graduate with her, but then it hit me: I might not have graduated but I am also here because of her! It would have been fantastic to have a diploma but nevertheless I persisted through my illness, which took a few years, to develop my artistic skills, to find my way. I did it with support from Danielle, from one of the teachers at the Royal Academy who said: "don't worry, find a studio, make your work, you'll get there without us too" and many others. Danielle paints and makes wonderful work, but is also very private so no link. The text is because she did the Academy her way, not giving a damn about about opinions, about attendance, just making her work and learning. That was a strong inspiration!
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The #Arise movement is about #women standing behind women to lead. It’s a transformative initiative that shifts #power to women - because when their leadership in crisis response is recognised and resourced, it paves the way for #genderequality well after the emergency has passed. --
Follow the link in our bio to join Arise today and show your support for women #humanitarians 💪

Taylor gal releasing new album soon is giving me AAAAA vibes

a friend told me today that boys aren't allowed to wear dresses and i just want to say that people can wear whatever they want, it's that simple. let people wear what they want and feel good in it. why is it that a girl can be a tomboy but a guy cannot be feminine, as if being 'girly' is a bad thing and disgraceful -wonder woman
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🌟Swipe for very important words by Uber Driver🌟
Ok but can we acknowledge how much men need us. Like just sit n think about it. Damn.

PC: Sabyasachi Mukherjee

Wishing you a lovely sleep girlies 😴😴😴 #lookafteryourself 📷: @wordfetti

Great one from @jerrysaltz 👻

The grand wizard of disrespecting women?

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