Singing Ice Breaker by Betsy Hanson @betsyhansonmusic Nourish You Retreat to welcome all guests today... an uplifting way to break all barriers 💕🎉🎵🎼 Over the last 20 years, Betsy Hanson has been a Choir Director and Workshop Facilitator and has run music programs for Youth and she is passionate about what she does. Betsy takes great pleasure in creating choir arrangements by taking amazing songs and making them unique by creating a new version with 4 part harmonies and a range of different instruments or A cappella.

This unique retreat combined daily singing sessions with Betsy - fabulous contemporary, world music and indigenous songs with gorgeous harmonies, exploring your voice, what it means to you to express yourself through singing as well as working together as a group to improve your skills and confidence. Whether or not you consider yourself a singer, you will discover a deeply important part of who you are as you immerse yourself in song and bring your music to the surface and out into the world.

Group sessions facilitated by Betsy and Milinda Rodziewicz - sitting together in a circle, will have some thought-provoking discussions and honest, gentle conversations about authenticity, beauty, music, creativity, feeling good and learn a little more about how to ask ourselves better questions in order to move through life's sticky moments! Sharing collective experiences and wisdom, to come away with great new ideas/thoughts/tools that will support guests on their new path and individual journey.


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Our weekend vibes!! There’s something about just even being close to the water that feels so GOOD!!! Beach days are good for the soul. We can’t wait for our whole freaking beach WEEKEND coming up in October!! Yassss!!!✨🎉✨
Anyone doing anything fun this weekend?! I hope so!😘❤️
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@beyondbeingwell and I have an really special weekend for you planned. We have a whole framework for helping you optimise your energy the feminine way.
The tools, practices and approaches that you’ll learn at Energy with Ease will set you up not just for a weekend retreat, but a lifetime.

Because we know you take care of what you honour and revere. We are going to show you just how amazing your body, mind and soul are - and what they need to thrive so you feel motivated by love, not fear, to care for yourself.

But it won’t all be serious ... there’ll be loads of laughter, naps, chocolate, food, wine and play as well! Come learn these gifts in 110 acres of bushland just 55 minutes from Melbourne.
6 spots left on the retreat - go to the link in my profile for all the deets... #yogaretreat #womensretreats #selfcare #melbourneyoga #womenswellness #energywithease #macedonranges #woodend #kyneton


L to R: Michael Paris (PEDC), Dr. Hashmi (PEDC), Chuck Superville (County Judge), Richard Manning (PEDC), Don Wall (SuRRMA Founder), Shay Bills (PEDC), Marion Hammel (PEDC), Paul Allen (Chamber of Commerce), John Mark Francis Mayor of Deport, displaying a Proclamation in Support of the complete widening to four lanes of US 271 and US 82 in Lamar and Red River Counties. The completion of these major four lane highways will transform Paris/Lamar County into a major transportation hub in NE Texas.

Ignite what fuels your passions in this world. That’s what brings you joy and peace with the storms. It’s true, I know I’ve tried, and I do it most of the time. It’s a work in progress for most of us #womensretreats #liveyourbliss #journeyintoselflove #fearlessgoddesstribe #wellnessforwomen

The school holidays are almost done and it's time to give up hope and take action. Who is the most important person in your family? I think we mistakenly sometimes, always put our children's needs before our own, but what are we told during safety demos before flying? It's YOU first, because without you, your family may end up in trouble. So, say no to martyrdom because your family needs you happy and healthy. What do they do without you? We all know it goes totally pear shaped! In truth, looking after your mind and body is making your family's lives and ultimate wellbeing a priority, yes?

We have three spots left for our amazing, restorative, integrated yoga, health and creative writing retreat in two weeks. You can because you are. Yes. You. Are. 🕉🤗🙏💜

I found my love in Portofino... 😍🌟💕 perché nei sogni credo ancor. I took this shot back in 2007, when I fell in love with Italy for the third time, but #Portofino is just as beautiful today as ever! ♥️ Have you ever been? •

For Italy 🇮🇹 Tours: 👉 @annas_tours_of_italy
For Italy 🇮🇹 Weddings & Photo Shoots: 🌟@anna_nersesyan_photography

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Our boys (Theresa and Karen’s) and their pups perfectly embodying play and presence. Yay summer🌞🌲

A project on the table in my creating. It’s funny, everyone tells me I should be posting on social media about everything to promote myself and my business. The thing is... I do post, I’m real and I post when it feels accurate to do so, not to just get posts up so I can be noticed.I’m here to guide others in healing and to find balance. So I post what’s real, when it moves me to do so... what I’ve learned is that just because everyone else is, doesn’t mean you have too. Balance for everyone is different. I am me and I have a full time very balanced life. It took many years to create that. So many years either one are or another was way off kilter. Why? Because I was doing to much and attempting to what everybody else was doing. But I’m me, so I learned to honor my way to be the best way for me. social have many projects on the table. All amazing. The creating of them requires focus. It also requires not being “on”. 24/7. Living a balanced life teaches us to honor who we are as individuals so we can honor others for who they are.
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translates as, The Wolf Way in Italian-Latin.

I am of Italian-European heritage and grew up with a potent and mystical affinity to Italian Wolf Goddesses, Feronia-queen of the wilderness, fertility, Lucina-goddess of wild things, protector of childbirth, protector of the vulnerable-animals or humans and a guide through life's cycles & transitions. I have also felt a deep soul connection to La Loba, the story from Northern Mexico as shared by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, about a wolf woman-bone collector, who helps resurrect the wild spirit of life from the depths of the underworld.

At the heart and soul of my offerings as a death doula, full spectrum doula, trauma yoga therapist, teacher trainer, ceremonialist, shamanic practitioner, mentor and womb healer is the spirit of the wolf and these wolf goddesses: the energy of midwifing inclusive spaces of ritual, connection to community-pack, rebirth, soul reclamation, life liberation and returning to our wild instincts and deep knowing.

I have dreamed of wolves since I was a little girl and their presence in these dreams and in person have guided, inspired and protected me through the many deaths, rebirths and transitions in my life. (including the cancer journey). Wolves represent community, instinct, appetite for freedom, intuition, innovation, rituals, expression, intimacy, teachers, lunar connections-everything that my works holds as foundations for restoration and liberated living and dying.. May you come home to your untamed, wise, dark, light, messy transparency and remember the wolf wisdom within you that howls to remind you that you are wild, worthy, whole and free.

Gorgeous photo capture by my incomparable witchy sister, @brutalbeauties www.bebrutallybeautiful.ca

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It took me a very long time to feel comfortable with not only taking “self portraits”, but actually posting them. What I felt as discomfort and saw as narcissism has pleasantly shifted to celebration and a softening into the self.

This face.
This body.
This hair.
These scars.
It’s so easy to scold ourselves, to shame ourselves for simply just existing in this flesh suit we were born into.

Imagine the whole world was taught to cherish themselves?
Imagine instead of having to learn to “love our flaws”, we never had to feel flawed to begin with?

Imagine we met one another with our Soul first, instead of placing so much value on this warped standard of outer beauty?

For the sake of our children, and our children’s children, the world needs and deserves more people who feel at home in their own skin, and more people who choose to love themselves inwardly and outwardly.

If you’re reading this, I would love to ask you to take one minute to share below one thing you love about your outer self, and one thing you love about your inner self that you’d like to be seen and celebrated in.

I’ll start:
• I love my curls. They make me feel playful and wild. Even though I straightened them and tamed them nearly every day for over a decade, they didn’t give up on me (and came back with a vengeance)!
• I love my ability to be open and connect deeply with people of any age, background, and gender. I’ve met some incredible souls on my path and am grateful that I find ease and flow in communicating.

Okay, your turn! ✨
If this feels easy enough, maybe try for a little depth.
If this feels challenging for you, I invite you to sit with the discomfort, and sit with yourself in breath. Then, when you’re ready, give it a try. Type the first things that come to mind!

You are all uniquely beautiful, you are worthy of celebration, and you deserve to feel that truth deep in your bones.
xx Jenn River


When you come retreat with @tamsincasey and I, it’s pretty serious business.... well, It’s serious in that we have a whole framework for helping you optimise your energy the feminine way.
The tools, practices and approaches that you’ll learn at Energy with Ease will set you up not just for a weekend retreat, but a lifetime.

Because we know you take care of what you honour and revere. We are going to show you just how amazing your body, mind and soul are - and what they need to thrive so you feel motivated by love, not fear, to care for yourself.

But it won’t all be serious ... there’ll be loads of laughter, naps, chocolate, food, wine and play as well! Come learn these gifts in 110 acres of bushland just 55 minutes from Melbourne.
6 spots left on the retreat - go to the Retreat page on my website for all the deets... @beyondbeingwell
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Remember, you don’t need to know ALL the answers all at once! Let there be some mystery in the amazing future your business vision holds. Relax into the journey.
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Your acceptance of what is takes you to a deeper level where your inner state as well as your sense of self no longer depend on the mind’s judgements of ‘good’ or ‘bad’. When you say ‘yes’ to the ‘isness’ of life, when you accept this moment as it is, you can feel a sense of spaciousness within you that is deeply peaceful. Eckhart Tolle

In life, we can have experiences that leave us with this resonating feeling of being "broken", or like there's a piece missing from us. We would like to ask you: what if that piece isn't missing or lost, rather somewhere deep inside of you, waiting to be seen, heard, and loved again? What would that mean for you on your journey?

We have asked ourselves this, and the answer was to create "Homecoming: A Return to Self." When calling in the return of Self, we truly open and create space in our hearts to allow for deep healing and transformation. Just that seemingly simple invitation tells parts of our souls - the ones that we have fallen out of relationship with - that it is safe to come Home.

On August 18th and 19th, let's start the conversation. Join Jade Wolfe @jade_tower and I as we embark on a journey of self-reclamation through the practices of Kundalini Yoga, Sound Healing, Guided Meditation, and Deep Self-Exploration. Let us help you to find those pieces and truly reclaim your Truth, your Fullness, your Power, and your Divinity. We will unite with like-minded Sisters, Self, and Spirit, so that we may Remember that it is not a privilege to create the life we feel called to live, it is our birthright.

Gather with us at this beautiful waterfront home with breathtaking panoramic views of the Indian Arm, nestled between the ocean and mountains just outside the city limits. Let us take care of you and nourish your body, mind and soul. Our personal chef Rachel Klobchar @rachvklobchar is creating an incredible gourmet menu for us, and we're telling you: you won't want to miss this.

With blessings and so much love 🌼
Jenny, Jade, and Rachel

Only 2 spots left!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Perfect for you and a girlfriend to enjoy a great time at a dude ranch in beautiful Montana. 🏞⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
This retreat is what dreams are made of. You’ll ride horses🐎, connect to your intuition✨, get clarity in your life 💡, and meet inspiring women. 👭⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Join me on August 12th - 16th, 2018 at the RETURN TO THE REAL YOU RETREAT where “AHA” meets “Yeehaaw!” No horse experience necessary. Link in bio ✅⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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One half of the *super straight* line doing arms in the air, one half of the *not crooked at all* line (attempting?) legs in the air...we totally nailed the whole synchronized swimming thing at our Utah day retreat!!! 🤦🏻‍♀️💪🤣 Hahahaha we had so much fun goofing off in the @homesteadcrater_midwayut !
Bree ( @balletblast ) and I ( @crystalskittle ) both grew up in Utah and never went before this! Why is it when you live somewhere you never go do the fun things close by?! It was an awesome experience. Has anyone ever been before? What did you think??
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Happy FULL Friday Friends! If you haven’t already guessed it, we looooooooove fridays AND we love ya! So, we want to give you the inside scoop and an opportunity to be one of the first people to sign up for the retreat before we open it up to everyone!
So this is how it’s going down: If you go to our website (link in the bio), there will be a retreat “early early bird” form that you can fill out and you’ll get 2 things: 1. Be one of the first people to find out where the WanderFULL Retreat is taking place AND 2. You get to register with a deposit as early as next Thursday, July 26th and pick your room before everybody else! Doesn’t that sound fabulous? Yea, we think so too. So go on over to the link in our bio and register for that EARLY EARLY BIRD, WORD! 🌻
OH and FYI! This EARLY EARLY BIRD sign up ends on Monday at 12pm so make sure you go to the link in the bio ASAP to sign up for it! Anddddd yes, there will be payment plan options for this WanderFULL Retreat! ☺️
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