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We're excited that people are showing up this week to let their members of Congress know that we're watching, and we WILL hold them accountable. #WomensMarch organizers in South Carolina gathered so many people at the #CongressionalTownHall that Senators @marksanford and @senatortimscott had to stand outside to address the scores of constituents who couldn't get inside (Photo: @seanrayford, @nytimes) KEEP SHOWING UP. Visit the link in our bio to learn more about the third action in our 100 days campaign. #HearOurVoice

Just in case you missed this gem circulating on the interwebs. ❤👊
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This weekend has been all about family for us, finally daddy has cut down on his busy working schedule and I won't lie, having him around is the best thing ever.
We have't been out in such a long time and that felt almost like an eternity. It finally feels like spring out there and being outside felt like a breath of fresh air for the whole family.
We took our new @mutsyworld stroller for a stroll down the kings road and the farmers market, this pram is definitely a must for all the city moms, absolutely in love with its great design and comfort for my babies!
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My new iPhone 📱 case. Will walk around with my sisters close to my heart on one of my prized possessions. 😂 #womensmarch #sisters #organizing #technology

Any quilters in the house?? We have all the 😻😻😻 for this!
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Made a mini quilt this weekend
📸 @b_whalen7

The power of the people is stronger than the people in power.
#NoMuslimBan #NoWallNoBan #RefugeesWelcome #WomensMarch #EqualityNow

Pretty pathetic that both men (Bernie & Donald) she was up against cheated big time and ultimately used Russia because they couldn't go up against a qualified WOMAN on their own, but also pretty amazing on HER part that she still won by THREE MILLION VOTES.

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The story behind the earlier photo 💜

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So here's the BEAUTIFUL faces behind the shoot. I've asked @kubared to write a short piece on the shoot and body image.
As a black woman who's pretty much been fat all my life, my lifelong journey with body positivity has been coloured by society’s general aversion to fat people, as well as black women.

There’s an expectation for fat women to be apologetic about their so-called ‘condition’, to wallow in the discomfort that others feel when they look at us. And when we deviate from that, or indeed celebrate the way that we look, it horrifies people to their core – as evidenced by some of the comments under that stunning photo of our backs in all their brown, back fat-laden wonder.
To be a black woman in part, is to be both side-lined and hyper-sexualised, but add fat to that equation, and things become a bit complicated. Like most black women, you are still expected to both conceal and perform your sexuality, but there is an added expectation to repress any public displays of pride that you have in the body that you live with every day, (mostly for the purpose of shielding people from having to acknowledge that you, a person who was supposed to have crumbled under the weight of societal pressures, have a level of self-confidence that many are still working towards).
But while taking part in this photoshoot was one of the most liberating experiences I’ve had, it was also a huge challenge for me. Both because I’m so used to being expected to shy away from publically flaunting the aspects of myself that I’ve grown to appreciate, and because being truly body positive is an on-going practise. Learning to love yourself BECAUSE of the way you look, rather than in spite of it, doesn’t happen in a day, and I still have to battle with my own insecurities to remember that.
I can’t thank Rukiya enough for bringing all of the models (yeah, I said models) together in the way that she did, and while getting your kit off in the name of body positivity may not work for everyone, I can assure you that making moves to appreciate all that you are whenever you can, works wonders. #blackgirlmagic #womensmarch


Ugh first day back at school

General strike ! Would you do it ?! #adaywithoutawoman #generalstrike #womensmarch #march8th #gangirlsparis

The poppies 🌺Следующая коллекция на сарже, и шёлк ... и необыкновенная структура материала🙌🏻 Платки размером 90/90 carré. Очень актуально - ещё зима, а что как не шёлк может согреть, одновременно сохраняя красоту☝🏻 Тем более такой плотный шёлк. Но не забываем и о весне и о лете. Весной он будет прекрасно дополнять Ваш образ с кожанкой или тёплым пиджаком или пальто. А летом может стать шикарной шалью, вместо обычных кофточек, и в сумку всегда вместится☝🏻😉 Я летом без такого шарфика из дома не выхожу! По модным тенденциям - это, конечно весна-лето 2017👌🏻 #piletskayafoulards #foulards #silk #silkscarf #presents #womens #womensday #womensmarch #luxury #flowers #art #fashion #pavot #poppies

Beauty Of Violence