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Hard work and dedication drives @lucyvives in many aspects of her life. It’s led her to a successful modeling career and it’s the reason behind her passion for advocating for women’s empowerment. Click the link in our bio to watch her full story. Join us in supporting a nonprofit organization close to her heart, @hopelatinas, which empowers Latinas to become political leaders. All donations made on www.todayimbrave.com through Tuesday, 7/4 will go towards HOPE. Click WATCH MORE to hear her full story.

✊🏾❤️✊🏽Together we are Powerful - Together we march for Equality💙✊🏿💜 #ThisIsWhatDemocracyLooksLike
Original 📸 by @womensmarch.

''A Healer does not Heal you. A Healer is someone who holds the space for you while you relearn how to Heal yourself. '' ✨💫✨So excited to announce that my dreams have manifested and with the support of some Magikal people around me I held the first 1:1 Goddess Session at The Goddess Space today. Bookings are open now ~ So join me as I support you in a journey back to your heart space, as you rediscover how to Unleash your Magik within and Unlock your dreams. For further information please DM me or see Link in Bio ✨💫👸🏻💫✨

Catching up with my ladies in the chat 😍 I swear there's nothing better than reading these girls messages and the empowerment they all have for one another! & the crazy part is to know they all met through herbalife because they are on the same mission to get healthy. 💪🏻👑 I love my queens! #GoodMorning #WomensEmpowerment You can also be apart of it! But first, ya girls gotta eat and get them #gains 😏

Hi beauties! Chief innovator Chick here! I just wanna let you know that at Slick Chicks our goal is to encourage and empower women everywhere to overcome the challenges that we face every day. We are here to give the adaptive underwear industry a facelift and prove that every woman is a Slick Chick! 👸🏻👸🏼👸🏽👸🏿
That’s right ladies, our undies are for YOU! So go browse the site, get to know us (link in bio) and become part of the Slick Chicks family! ❤️❤️️❤️️
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For many years I was mute. Too afraid to say what I thought, how I felt.

Every challenge I faced, every struggle, every relationship breakdown I bottled up.

I shut down.

I couldn’t verbalise or articulate the torrent of emotions inside.
Like every time I opened my mouth to speak, an invisible hand clenched around my throat and no words would come out.

I was the quiet one. And always shamed for being so.

Every judgement, every criticism, every time I was told “you’re TOO quiet” made me increasingly self-conscious, had me withdrawing furthermore.

I didn’t speak up when I was emotionally battered.

I didn’t report physical abuse, instead playing it down, justifying it.

I didn’t say no to sexual encounters that left me feeling dirty and ashamed, despite the warning signs inside.

I didn’t share my views or opinions for fear of upsetting others, afraid that I wouldn’t be liked.

And the times that I DID speak my truth, I was chastised, shot down, a sponge for another person’s vitriol.

The truth is, your voice matters.

Your thoughts, beliefs, opinions, values matter.

Your FEELINGS matter.

YOU matter.

When you silence your voice, you right those who wrong you.

You give them permission to disrespect you, to mistreat you.

You allow them to inflict their wounds onto you.

And in doing so you disrespect yourself.

This so easily transitions into business.

Not sharing what’s in your heart, the message that’s sizzling in your soul.

Too afraid to be judged, criticised, attacked.

The wounded part of you desperately wanting to be loved and liked.

Yet silencing your voice, your truth means…

NOT changing lives.
NOT impacting others.
NOT helping those who need you.
NOT serving at the level you were born to serve.
NOT standing up for injustice.
NOT doing what you came here to do.
NOT being who you came here to BE.

WHICH MEANS…. You’re making the world wrong because you’re not making the world right (in the words of my then 4yo daughter). And that is NOT why you're here!! No more silence.
No more shame.
No more hiding who you really are.

Time to uncage your voice and create RIPPLES in the world.

Working in our natural dye workshop is physically demanding. We definitely spend a whole lot of time gushing over beautiful wonder colours but getting to that point takes a lot of women power! Filling & emptying buckets, rinsing fabric, creating dyes and collecting food waste (although my wonderful husband does that bit!) we think it's worth the effort. 💪
Here is Step 2: Mordanting (after Step 1: Scouring) we've been making a limited run of our soft shawls, all in different colour ways. Let us know if you want to reserve one 😊🌿
#handmade #womenpower #naturaldye #naturalcolor #botanicaldye #jobcreation #sustainablefashion #sustainability #slowfashion #startup #womeninbusiness #textiles #handdyed

When you think of Birth Control, I don't want you to think of a pill. I want you to think of birth control as something that is completely in your hands, that you don't need a prescription for. Think of birth control as knowledge. Your birth control should be your knowledge about your own body and your female cycle.⠀

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, let me clue you in! There is a method of birth control that is completely natural and doesn't require you to put anything into your body (no pills, no IUDs, no shots, no hormones, NOTHING.) It's called the Fertility Awareness Method and it's 99.4% EFFECTIVE when used correctly! ⠀

So how do you use it correctly? You LEARN! You learn the method, and in doing so, you learn about your body, you learn about your cycle, you learn that there is only a small window of time in your cycle that you are capable of getting pregnant, and you learn how to identify when that time is. If your goal is to prevent pregnancy, then you either avoid sex or use a barrier method (condoms) during that time. ⠀

If you've never heard of this before you probably think I'm crazy. But I think that taking birth control pills and essentially putting your body into menopause as early as your teenage years to prevent the possibility of pregnancy is crazy. ⠀

You are capable of learning this. You can understand your own body and take your fertility into your own hands. You got this, and I got you.

Keeping things simple always brings a different way of understanding. #bootstraplegal

Yesterday I made my debut at City Hall. Although another candidate was selected as the representative, I am very proud to have taken this step. While this was my first foray at public office, it would certainly not be my last! I'm very excited about the next step in my journey and look forward to all lies ahead. A huge thanks to all the people who supported my decision to run. The world is my oyster 🙌💃🛫

The body benefits from movement, and the mind benefits from stillness.🌳
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This is 1 of 6 ways to build self-confidence after a breakup. Check out the other 5 ways on my latest post. #Goodmorning #thursdaythoughts

Can you feel the feminine rising within you?
There is no doubt that the Feminine is rising. Women from all over the world are beginning to step into their power and remember the truth of who they are. It's happening on a deep, personal level for each of us.
I am on a mission to help women stand in their power, blossom from the inside out and live in abundance on all levels. #thegoddessjourney #femininerising #womensempowerment #mumpreneur #girlboss #yonipower #holistichealer #mentor #jadeegg #sexpert #veganyogini #reikimaster #hypnotist #empoweryourself #beinyourpower #sexualhealing #tantra #mymission

Simple Savings ✔️ - Nothing wrong with savings! Make sure to check other ways to save simple @simplesavingsforatlmoms

Today was pretty chilly and full of me correcting my typos coz my gloves are too thick but I was too cold to take them off 🤣Thank goodness for tea, coffee and wine though!

Every Day on #periscope ... ✨Laseandia✨

Good Morning!! It's cloudy outside today, so let's make our own sunshine!!

I'm having such a good month with my @savvybusinesschick brand. I haven't reached all my targets but I have discovered new markets I never thought possible, Like building a team of entrepreneurs in Birmingham U.K. 🇬🇧. #gratitudejournal

introducing | a l u l a b l u e | we are falling for you, don't be afraid to break the mold. #myalula #womenshealth #bossbabe #girl #women #womensfashion #womensempowerment #forgetmenot #birthcontrol #birthcontrolpills

Catching up with my ladies in the chat 😍 I swear there's nothing better than reading these girls messages and the empowerment they all have for one another! & the crazy part is to know they all met through herbalife because they are on the same mission to get healthy. 💪🏻👑 I love my queens! #GoodMorning #WomensEmpowerment You can also be apart of it! But first, ya girls gotta eat and get them #gains 😏

This brings me to tears.. this is so powerful! To operate in your calling is the most gratifying feeling.. it's the safest place you can rest in and know he has your next move covered.. Thank you God.

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Self-care is so important to our everyday lives!! Here are 5 tips for self-care:
1) Live Healthy ➖ Eat healthy foods, get enough sleep, exercise regularly, and avoid alcohol. Manage stress and go for regular medical check-ups.
2) Practice good hygiene ➖ Good hygiene is important for social, medical, and psychological reasons in that it not only reduces the risk of illness, but it also improves the way others view you and how you view yourself.
3) See friends to build your sense of belonging ➖ Consider joining a support group to make new friends.
4) Try to do something you enjoy every day ➖ That might mean dancing, watching a favorite TV show, working in the garden, painting or reading.
5) Find ways to relax ➖ Like spending time with God, meditation, yoga, getting a massage, taking a candlelit bath or taking a walk.
💕If you're looking for a way to improve your physical health, click the link in my bio for your free wellness profile!💕
Shianna Smith
Wellness & Empowerment Coach
Contact me at 📲 443-472-6945
📩 DM shianna_smith@yahoo.com
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