🚙 “Ohhhh that looks fun!” Said the schedule-bound control freak, never!
But to the adventurous spirits, the carefree and the seekers, a path like this can be irresistible 💕 Even if it’s not on the agenda.
✅ We all have an “agenda” for our lives, but God sometimes has a better one. It might be scary, rough and with no guarantees, but it’s designed to bless us and draw us closer.
📖 1 Corinthians 2:9 days, “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him.”💕
Keep open. Keep adventuring👍🏼
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Step into the story.
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This is the book that inspired me to make one of this year's goals to cultivate a grace-paced life. There is also a men's version of this book, and Michael and I are reading our copies together. .
Part of what is refreshing about this book is that the author is open and honest about her struggle with depression as a Christian. Christians battle with depression too. Shona Murray explains in her story how at first she thought the depression was solely a spiritual problem but eventually learned that it was "not so much a spiritual problem as a mental and physical problem with spiritual consequences." Can you relate? I sure can! .
I learned about this book through an interview with the authors on a Revive Our Hearts program series at the beginning of this year. It's definitely worth a listen!
(Link to book in profile and swipe left to read the first page of the introduction.)
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It was perfect timing that I started my new weightlifting program this week with @joelfreemanfitness 😂 I am going to need all the added strength I can get carrying my now 30lb toddler around for the next 3 weeks!! I thought he was heavy before, but that extra 5lb cast really takes it to a new level!
Here's to all the strong mamas out there who take time for them!!! I am a better wife and mother because of it!

So incredibly thankful to have connected with such wonderful people at @faithorl I'm blessed beyond measure by the Lord to be surrounded by other women with purpose in the kingdom. From living with my sister @poems_by_jaiy who writes poetry that inspires my faith to meeting a fellow Kingdom driven Blogger @livingrevelations (please follow them both to be blessed with their wonderful writing talent)

Just as each one has received a gift, use it to serve others, as good stewards of the varied grace of God.
1 Peter 4:10 CSB .

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You're going to WIN!!!!

To all of us struggling. Waging a war against secret sin on our life. To all of us who wake up and put spiritual armor on to fight a fight no one else can see. To all of us desperately filling our daily lives with scripture and prayer and truth to combat the lies running in our minds. To us all struggling to make it through one more day battling for purity in our lives I say; stay strong, Jesus is better
He’s better than our addiction. He’s better than alcohol, pornography, money, sex, power, food, fitness, fame, platforms, followers and anything else we struggle with in our humanity. Our sin nature will tell us those things will heal us. That drink, that pound lost, that wink from the married man. But deep down we know Jesus is better because that’s what keeps us going right? He is worth our daily fight
Our war is waged against a powerful competitor but I say again, Jesus is better. He’s already defeated it all with our names etched on the blade of his sword
So dear friend, stay strong, the battle belongs to the Lord. Put on that armor and in his strength slay those dragons. Keep on in the word, keep on in prayer, keep on in fellowship and blare that good Christian music. Jesus is better and this fight is worth it. And know, you are not alone, I am fighting too
Our #weekendchallenge is to keep fighting and to allow someone to fight with us. Keep sin struggle a secret makes it harder to stand strong against it. Find a trusted friend or ministry leader to confide in. Trust someone with your battle do they can fight alongside you. If you are fighting rally with us below by posting ‘I am fighting too’ let’s remind each other that we are not the only ones on the battlefield. Jesus is better.

Align your heart with someone worthy of it.

The act of holding my peace seems so simple I mean all I gotta do is just be, just chill, right?! Oh but let me tell you I struggle. I want to jump in and start giving things a push or tell someone why they just got me or the situation all wrong. ⠀
I want to do something and I want to do it now! Please tell me ya feel me?! The thing is God wants us to be still, to trust and yep you guessed it, to wait on Him. ⠀
Speak these words of truth over yourself when you feel “self” rising up or you feel like throwing in the towel. Just rest assured in these words and the Lord will fight for you.

Fitness is my witness that God’s creation is AMAZING! By taking care of your Spirit, Mind and Body We can stay strong, rejuvenate, and feel good as God intended not only on our 20’s•

My team and I run virtual fitness and nutrition accountability monthly groups, where we workout from home or gym or hotel room, following a professional fitness and nutrition program! • BONUS 👉🏻 you can also do what I do - help your friends and be a boss mama! •
You must invest! •
You must check in a free app •
You must accept my free coaching and accountability • you must want a change so much that you refuse to wait until “ one day ” . •

The program we will start on Monday July 23’rd is only 4xweek and it’s for YOU who wants to get strong for you and your family, fit, loose some weight and gain muscle and struggles with hormonal issues, want to ! • Ladies - we need muscle not a beach body 😃 that’s bonus that frankly it’s not my priority...to be able to hug my kids and actually move it’s more important. •

Put a heart ❤️ in the comments if you are not sure about it and want more info! That gives me permission to PM. See you on the other side!

Here at Joy Tribe we are on a mission to create a community of Joy. A community focused on giving back and living life to the fullest. A community made up of world changers, Light bringers, Brave women, moms, wives, and friends. Strong men, fathers, and husbands. And Of course Beloved Wild ones! We strive to create something for everyone, because we believe everyone should have the opportunity to spread a little joy! .
Photo Fun Fact: That is my wonderful big brother and my beautiful nieces 😍 It takes a Tribe and I am so thankful for mine! .
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When dreams become reality, the heart wants to explode! To want something, to pray for it, long for it, weep for it... and then finally experience it, the heart has all the feels. .

Seeing my daughter and son-in-law finalize the adoption of their sweet Evie yesterday and experiencing the celebration in the courtroom was beyond special. We're all still basking in it. .

I apologize for blowing up my feed with all the adoption shots. Nevermind, I'm really not sorry. There's such a need for people to hope and believe until they see their dream come true. We need reminders that it can happen. The tears, the efforts, the energy is worth it all. .

I'm thinking of you today and encouraging you to keep reaching, keep praying, keep believing. I'm believing and praying for you, too. ❤️ .

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God, as I think of forgiving people in my life, open my eyes to see where I’m being stingy.
I get my feelings all tied in a knot when I don’t hear the exact apology I want to hear and am quick to judge, rather than forgive.
Forgive me, Lord, for that.
Show me more of You that I might move more quickly to forgive others in my life.

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Becoming is my gift to the world!
It's the process through which everyone discovers their co-created master plan. Their purpose and service to the world.
If you're asking the question "What's next?" I have the answer. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Join me on September 23, 2018. In the beautiful backdrop of the Royal Ambassador Event centre, I will talk to you about how to look backward and find your next step. How do I know it will work for you? Because I was right where you are now. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
This process helped me to discover my master plan and begin living the good, purpose-driven life. I will show you how to embrace your future without fear, anxiety or insecurity, and how to walk fully in-step with God's purpose and will for your life.
Tickets are $249/person, but for the next 5 days, I am offering a girlfriend special. Bring a friend and your ticket is $149/person. .
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Be reminded that Satan comes to kill, steal and destroy.” Stay woke and don’t let him steal your joy and keep you from making a difference in someone’s life.
Be bold in reaching out for Jesus, we have soo much work to do. Happy Weekend lovelies! 🌸

Via: @soulscripts
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