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A brilliant and inspiring evening by the National Women's History Museum. So happy to be a part of this! #nwhm #washingtondc #laurabush #womenmakinghistory

Thanks for the invite @brianna.brown__ and @richiekeen Such an incredible event and great to see you both! #nwhm2016 #helpusbuildit #womenmakinghistory

Spent the afternoon with Oheneyere Gifty Anti on The Stand Point to discuss issues on women empowerment #npployalladies #girlpower #womensupportingwomen #womenmakinghistory #thestandpoint

Supporting our girl @traceeellisross #womenmakinghistory #luncheon #emmynominated @neneleakes and I are so proud of you👍🏽👏🏽❤️ @glamourmag @womenhistory #nwhm

Admiration for these ladies at our @womenshistory #womenmakinghistory event- Honorees @rachelzoe & @traceellisross and my pal @MeloraHardin

Queen @ednagazell ! You're getting ready to take over! She uses her inner beauty and sense of fashion to flood timelines. #WomenMakingHistory #Queen #GirlBoss

Me and my girl @garcelle had the best chats and laughs today #womenmakinghistory

We're proud to celebrate AT&T Latinas because they are a vital part of our workforce, customer base and the communities we serve! #WomenLeaders #WomenMakingHistory #Diversity #Inclusion

In case you needed some motivation guys. #motivation #womeninpower #womenmakinghistory


Hey miss bold eyes 👀

Glad I was able to attend Dolly Madison's Wednesday Night Squeeze at the NYHS yesterday! The newly opened Center for Women's History is a MUST SEE!!! #nyhs #newyorkhistoricalsociety #womenmakinghistory #womeninpolitics #herstory #jobprep???

#wcw Miriam Makeba was a South African singer, actor, and civil rights activist. She is known for popularizing several anti-apartheid songs including "Meadowlands" by Strike Vilakezi and "Ndodemnyama we Verwoerd" (Watch out, Verwoerd) by Vuyisile Mini. Her 1967 song “Pata Pata” made her the first black female artist to have a top-ten worldwide hit. Makeba’s appearance in the 1959 anti-apartheid film Come Back, Africa, led her to travel around the world, including through the United States. Her involvement in the film brought her negative attention from the South African government, which received criticism after the film was released. In 1960 she moved to New York City where she recorded her first solo album. She quickly rose to fame in the US, performing for President John F. Kennedy at Madison Square Garden. While living in the States, Makeba's mother passed away, and upon trying to return to South Africa for the funeral, she found that her South African passport had been cancelled. In 1963 she testified about apartheid to the United Nations, causing South Africa to revoke her citizenship. After being exiled from her home country, Makeba became more outspoken in her criticisms of apartheid and the white minority government. Makeba became increasingly involved with the Black Power Movement and activist work while in the US, where she met Stokely Carmichael. In 1968 Makeba and Carmichael married, sparking controversy in the US and ultimately leading to the cancellation of her record deal and tours. Makeba and Carmichael moved to Guinea, where she continued to perform, mostly in African countries. The dismantling of apartheid in 1990 brought Makeba back to South Africa, and in 1999 she was named a United Nations goodwill ambassador and continued to campaign for humanitarian causes. Her music is still widely listened to today. ✊🏾❤️

We are so proud of TNH members Kristina and Cristen for their nomination at the LA Business Journal Women's summit and awards! Their work creating @thegoodbodyproject_ is truly inspirational.

I think #redlipstick compliments my madam look.

It would take me all day to tag all the women I know who are making history. Are you one of them? #wellbehavedwomen #womenmakinghistory #warrencountywomen #sayidowithsarah2017

What an amazing story: an all-girl team from Afghanistan is competing in the US Robotics Competition! #womenmakinghistory

Florence Onyebuchi “Buchi” Emecheta was born in 1944, a time when there was a gender bias towards women.
While she stayed at home, her younger brother was allowed to go to school. Buchi’s dream of becoming a writer came alive through an older aunt who told her stories during dinner.
Opportunity came, when a year after her father died, she received a full scholarship to attend the Methodist Girls School.
Buchi got engaged to her husband, Sylvester Onwordi when she was 11 years old and got married to him at 16years. In 1960, the couple relocated to London and the marriage had five children within six years.
Through some of her books, Buchi revealed that her marriage was a violent one as her husband was abusive.
In fact, her first book, “The Bride Price” was burnt by her husband and she had to write another one in 1976.
Buchi left her husband at the age of 22. While working to care for her 5 children, she earned a BSc degree in Sociology at the University of London.
Her writing explored topics such as child marriage, single motherhood, and women abuse.
In 1982, she lectured at Yale University, and the University of London, as well as holding a fellowship at the University of London in 1986.
Some of her books include, The Joys of Motherhood (1979), Second-Class Citizen (1974), The Bride Price (1976) and The Slave Girl (1977)
She published over 20 books, including children’s fiction. She also wrote numerous plays for the BBC and several articles published in journals all over the world.
In September 2004, she appeared in the historic “A Great Day in London” photograph taken at the British Library, featuring 50 Black and Asian writers who have made major contributions to contemporary British literature.
In 2005, she was made an Order of the British Empire. Buchi wrote about feminist struggle, but didn’t describe herself as one.
Her work has inspired and paved way for many Nigerian women writers and author
#WCW #Queen #BBC #writer #novelist #WomenMakingHistory #RoleModel #Feminist #feminism #powerfulWomen #feminisim #womenempowerment #kingsandqueens #komaclubng #blackpride #nigerianpride #africanpride #nigerianculture #ethnicity #culturerich #blackandproud #b

Thursday 7-27-17 T 6 pm
Tarrytown, NY
Women will be the tipping point of companies in the next 3 decades!
Over the next decade, women will control two thirds of consumer wealth in the United States and be the beneficiaries of the largest transference of wealth in our country’s history.
#financialfreedom #EmpoweredWomen #EmpowerWomen #femaleinvestmentadvisors #win #womenmakinghistory #Nobosswhatalife #itsamovement #significance #leaderswhodevelopleaders #HALC #AALC

@glamourmag 2018 #college #womenoftheyear competition!
The #glamour #scholarship application is now available
New rules, new deadline, more young college women are eligible and the scholarship opportunity is still awesome.
See Details ~ Deadline: October 1, 2017 https://www.glamourcwoty.com/ #womenempowerment #womeninaction #collegefemales #tuitionmoney #nostudentloans #womenmakinghistory #womenmakingadifference

Caption this 😊

That's how I went from rubbing things like "caramel foundation" years ago, to this. #blackmakeup #melaninskin #blackskinmakeup

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