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I'm pretty sure my family thinks I have something to do with every construction site in Toronto

Studying for my algorithms exam today with @sarahjdesrochers 🌸💖

Volunteering at the Cowtown Marathon early this morning ✨ ⛑ I'm a big morning person, so a 5 am wake up call is not a big deal for me... but the cold got me like 😣 It's difficult to find the time to volunteer in med school, but this is the stuff that keeps your mind right. It reminds you why you decided to become a doctor in the first place by putting you in front of real patients and allowing you to use the skills you learn. It gives you a spark of motivation that is easy to lose in the midst of all the books, lectures, and exams. For this reason, my med school actually requires us to volunteer in a medical capacity. It's so worth it! Congratulations to everyone who ran this morning ❤ Who's run a marathon before? Or half? I used to run all the time, but I've never gotten close to 13 miles, much less 26. It's on my bucket list though!

Breaking and fixing things as I add new features to this side project and learn about react native quirks along the way. And proud to be wearing one of Marimekko's Tasaraita-print (meaning “equal stripe” in Finnish) shirts while I do it, a symbolic message of equality. Marimekko launched a partnership with women’s rights organization Equality Now which protect and promote the human rights of women and girls globally. Through Feb 28, Marimekko will donate $10 from each Tasaraita-print garment sold to Equality Now. This shirt has gained more meaning to me with the recent passing of my younger sister Cat. Cat was a lover of stripes (you would not believe how many striped shirts are in that girls closet) and advocate for women's rights so I feel that much more 💯 wearing this shirt, knowing it represents 2 of my sister's passions, cily. If you are as inspired as I am go grab one before Feb 28th! 👫❤=.

You wouldn't know it from this picture but I woke up on #thewrongsideofthebed today, for sure. No doubt, so many stressors atm don't help - but hey, our gorgeous new home is almost ready for move-in and I am making some #coding related art for the office that will also be for sale in the near future. If you are in #tech30 and struggling - I feel you. Keep going. It will SO be worth it!!

The struggle is real.
After a week of breakthroughs and the grind my body was telling me to slow down this weekend. It's ok to let yourself rest, its healthy.
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Fridays.. finishing some things before I'm going out for drinks with friends this evening. Need to do a lot for the revision so I guess I'll be working this weekend as well. But as long as I balance working with meeting friends, I don't mind:) Currently searching for a way to estimate the model with fewer parameters, but haven't found anything I like yet. Hopefully I'll figure out what to do this weekend. Happy Friday everyone! •

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‪Thanks to @TechShopSTL for a fun day of learning and innovation with our MakerSpace Club and SNHS. #myRK #WomeninSTEM #WeCanDoItAll

Saturday nights are for watching the office (for the nine billionth time) and digging in to my HoloLens demo for next week. It's always crazy testing these things and seeing the code come to life in 3D space. It's kind of like being a wizard...but with a compile-length delay between casting the spell and seeing the effect. 💫🤓 HoloLens apps are coded in C# and built using Unity 3D and Visual Studio. The HoloLens is fully untethered, so deploying to the device is done over a wifi connection.


The cast of #HiddenFigures look amazing at the 2017 #Oscars! Who's watching!? #oscars2017 #tarjiphenson #octaviaspencer #janellemonae

We are happy to welcome Michaela to our pride at the Iota chapter! Welcome to the sisterhood!
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Every year Schneider Electric invites students from around the world to participate in their global student competition, ‘Go Green in the City’. 🍃 .
So how does it work?
Students submit ideas on green solutions in urban environments (original idea or solve business case challenges). There are three competition rounds…
1. SEMI-FINAL: 40 semi-finalist teams are selected from worldwide submissions and get an opportunity to work with a Schneider employee mentor
2. FINAL: 12 finalist teams are selected and invited to travel to Paris for finals
3. WINNER: Wins a trip to two of the Schneider Electric locations around the world and a job offer with the company. 👍🏻
Rule: Teams to have at least one female member in each and participants can be from any accredited school in the world. 🌲
Competition Deadline: May 12th ⏰
To Enter or get more information visit the below link. Website: http://www.gogreeninthecity.com 🍀
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Imagine if everyone put as much energy into positivity and happiness rather than negativity and pessimism. #weekendvibes

Excited to say that I signed up for a blog today! I am really looking forward to sharing tips on navigating grad school, book reviews, and ways I am preparing for my future. I will be sure to share the link with you all when I have everything ready to go 🙂 .
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Also available in color!!! Enter code LOYALTY15 at checkout for 15% off entire order😀 www.morethanrubies.store #morethanrubies.store #womenofscience #womeninstem #womeninbusiness #womenintech #fashionaccessories #geek #geekchic #nerdy #scarves #periodictable #smart #couponcommunity #deals #chemistry #physics #biology

Who wants a DNA Necklace? Let's have a quick giveaway! Like this photo, follow us, and tag a friend in the comments to enter. Got a lot of science-loving friends you could tag? Enter as many times as you want, each tag comment one entry. We will randomly select a winner on Tuesday and send them a DNA Necklace. I hope YOU win!

Got some cleaning done and all ready for tomorrow ☺️ going to relax the rest of the night 💕

Tomorrow's episode of what does it take will tackle having a conversation with the person in the mirror. Sometimes you have to step back and remind yourself that self love is paramount. When your energy is not right you will attract the wrong people and things. All business is not good business it's all about positive impact. #ammorgan #entrepreneurs #educators #womeninstem #socialcapital #socialgood

One of the best pieces of advice you can get for learning is never be afraid to ask questions! A person that always asks questions is a person that is always learning and challenging what we think we know to be true; it's how we make new discoveries!
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Hi all! Hope you had a great weekend! We are on Facebook now! Check us out on facebook.com/Modadoro #labcoat #facebook #modadoro #science #university #uni #sciencerulez #womeninstem #style #instastyle #instafashion #uoft

Things are going to get hard, but don't forget about your self care! This #selfcaresunday I'm going to hang out with friends and inhale some yummy Thai food!🍜 I know you all have a GIANT to do list 📝but tell me just ONE thing you'll do for yourself today to keep the positive energy going! 💖 Special shout out and extra love to @saggoddess 💞🤗 hugs! You got this girl! 🙌🏼 We all got this!!! 👏🏼

I broke my don't-buy-any-more-notebooks rule. I mean come on, marble! And the front and back pages also look like marble. So yeah I caved. I'm giving this bullet journal thing a try and so far it's working out okay. I find task management and organization to be difficult even with the wealth of apps out there. Anyone got any bullet journaling tips and/or recommendations for productivity? Other than hiring a personal assistant, I mean. 😋

Excited about our 2nd week of #CanWomenSTEM150 campaign. Be sure to #follow @canwomenstem_150 and check out the blog to learn more about some inspiring Canadian Women in #STEM http://bit.ly/CanWomenSTEM150Week2

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We are VERY PROUD of Rocio Guzman, Yadzia Velazquez, Tsunami Santiago, and Alanis Cubi! We will like to thank engineer Armando Cubi for his excellent work as a leader and mentor year after year since 2010. He has led us to World Championships in Florida, California, Kentucky, and Maryland. Additionally, these four young women will continue to do great things in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields. •

Unfortunately, after a very intense day of competitions for our young women, we did not qualify to the World Robotics Championship in Kentucky today. We were in first place for most of the event, but we had some technical difficulties with a cable breaking off the motor, among other minor mechanical obstacles, which led to some key losses in the final matches. We still have one more chance to qualify to go to Kentucky through the Robot Skills Challenge in March!

For example, TZUNAMI SANTIAGO PAGAN, (furthest to the left in the picture), our 2016 student of the year is currently applying to Mechanical Engineering university programs as a senior from our school. She had the HIGHEST COLLECTIVE COLLEGE BOARD SCORES in Math areas from our school and she was in the top 97-99th percentile compared to all students in Puerto Rico.

We will like to encourage other young women and girls to join the STEM programs we have at Washburn. We want to continue to promote our legacy of having women become leaders in these four areas. We hope to continue to invest in preparing more robotics and STEM programs, including vamping up our robotics classroom!

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