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working with old untested code feels a lot playing this game of jenga (in the scary waiting to move something that'll take down the whole system way) ...so i'm having a lot of fun today #halp . cily

Just switched from algorithms to physics 💪😜 I am still doing a live stream, link is in bio! I will announce the winner of the tapdo giveaway tomorrow 😊❤️

I was getting ready to wash some fruit for the kids (spring break at home means never ending appetites! 😂) and went to take off my @everlyrings when I realized I hadn't shared details about their sale!! 😍 Until Thursday, you can get up to 3 stackable bands for free with your purchase 🙌 Read below for details 💎💎💎💎💎 💎💎💎💎💎- $99 each + get 1 free band when you spend $150+
- 2 free bands when you spend $250+
- 3 free bands when you spend $350+ -and as always, get free shipping 🎁
Sale ends Thursday at midnight!
Bands are available in up to sizes 2-12! Each style varies. If you are on the border of sizes, they recommend sizing up with the stackable bands

http://liketk.it/2qQTq @liketoknow.it #liketkit

13 students❗️Up from 3... that's growth‼️
The hardest thing about teaching this course is in helping the students understand how and in what ways all the technologies, algorithms, applications, and roles are related to each other 🌐
In this sense, teaching big data and data science in one course is like teaching a person math from scratch 🔤1️⃣2️⃣3️⃣
If you're thinking you'd like to be here but you could not make is - worry not - the next session in coming up July 23 to 27 in Kuala Lumpur, 🇲🇾 *link in bio*
📈For data science, analytics and big data tips, head to data-mania.com/blog
🐥Twitter: @bigdatagal
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🔗LinkedIn: Lillian Pierson

How does 〰Big Data〰 works? 💻 Big Data works on the principle that the more you know about anything 🤔 or any situation, the more reliably you can gain new insights and make predictions 📈about what will happen in the future📝 #bigdata #bigdatavictoria #apachespark

One big happy AT&T family! Sunyogita Singh - Manager Leadership Development Program Global Business Provisioning & Assurance got to meet with Divya - Sr. Associate, Client Network Delivery and Priyanka - Staff Associate, Work Center Tech Support as part of an initiative to promote a collaboration zone between different departments - We are bridging gaps and breaking down barriers. #Workfam #WomenInSTEM #LifeAtATT

O-fish-ally done with my research! 🐠🐟 jk catch me in the lab and field all summer. #biobabes #womeninstem

Today's class on the strength of materials went eggcelently 😝 #engineering #stem #womeninstem #learning #strength


this is an extremely boring video of what I did for one hour today. multiply it by 9 and you've got what I did for the whole day. but I'm compelled by curiosity and driven to understand and find answers. so despite how bored I sometimes get in here, I just keep coming back for more! #addictedtoknowledge #STEM #womeninSTEM #science #phdlife #lablife

#diversity for day 28 of #wearestemsquad
I wanted to talk about access today - but this image from @pocketprincessposts came across my desk. It just reminded me of the diversity of types of women I know in STEM fields.
We range from the makeup loving fashionistas to roller derby skaters. From theatre kids to sports women. We study everything from the nanotechnology and microscopy to medicine and psychology and everything in between.
The diversity of women I've worked with and looked up to shows how powerful we can be in the #STEM space.

Power to all the #stemgirls around the world. We can do anything!

#womeninstem #womeninscience #nerdygirl #geekgirl #geekchic #nerdgirl #girlpower @thestemsquad

"In my lifetime, there has never been a significant fear that tens of thousands of people would have to leave higher education." - Dr. John Eiler

Help preserve the thriving, scientific economy of America. Support March for Science Los Angeles today. (www.marchforsciencela.com/donate)

Felt pretty bad ass today for completing IM30. I can see those oblique lines, yaaaa. Still have some body fat to shed but it's going down! I'm currently at the airport and I was searching for healthy options for dinner and 1. Everything is extremely overpriced and 2. Anything healthy is overly extremely over priced. I bought a superfood quinoa salad for 15$ and it wasn't even that great. I still chomped it down to avoid getting a burger and fries (I did treat myself tho, I got a Boston Kreme donut, ironically on my way to Boston 😂) here's to hoping I can sleep on the plane. I'm usually a non plane sleeper, but I'm so exhausted that I might just fall asleep on this red eye; please let me sleep! I have a busy two days ahead! Have a good night and I'll see ya when I land on the other coast IG!

Thanks for the 12 years of crime solving that came with many tears and laughs. I have never been touched by a show more than this one. The strong female scientist characters, especially Brennan, inspired me to pursue my dreams in science and did so for many other young women now in STEM. Thank you. #bones #thankyou #447 #kingofthelab #stem #womeninstem

Kind of crappy pic but was taken quickly before rushing off to class. This look was inspired by @atleeeey 's video on a one eyeshadow look. I used a brown golden lip color by urban decay. #urbandecay #atleeeey #venus2pallet #limecrime #anastasiabeverlyhills #tartecosmetics #girlswithpiercings #septumpiercing #womeninstem #milanicosmetics #spring #sunny #katvondbeauty #colourpop

Late night watching chopped, deciding to start learning python, chatting with my sis & deciding to change my name from immabear_to jamjamdev 😁 I used immaBear for lots of my gaming stuff but i want to use different usernames/gamer tags, so I changed this to match my twitter. 🙂

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