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**New blog post!** A very honest written piece on the hardest days of residency. (Link in Bio)•
I've been less engaged on social media for the past few weeks as my work + self-care has taken major precedence. But this post is important to share with you, as so many of you have already/currently/will soon experience some very difficult days of medical training. We need more openness, not for complaining, but for the sole purpose of expression. This blog post is long but meaningful. I hope it helps someone feel less alone in the feelings that come with this work. It certainly helped me just to write it. •
A sincere thank-you to each of you who read, respond, and engage in anything I put out here. I feel your encouragement every day to maintain the integrity of honest expression of working in medicine and living well. Please continue to help me grow and question my decisions moving forward. Love you all ❤️•
#residency #stronger #challenged

Just finished in the OR with an abdominal myomectomy and heading home. 🙌🏻
Uterine fibroids can cause bleeding, pain, and infertility. Hoping that this patient will have an improvement in her symptoms and an easy path to pregnancy now that her fibroid is gone. #womeninmedicine #womeninsurgery #ilooklikeasurgeon

😍Latergram Love😍 Celebrating @doctordeena & @drkian's special baby girl this past weekend. I bought my sweet niece her first anatomy & physiology book. Her dad said he wanted to start off with Netter but I figured baby steps would be better 😉I can't wait to be an aunt 😍😍😍💓💓💓🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
📷: The always fabulous, VIP @andre.blair

I'm having the best time in the NICU this month! If you've been watching my stories you know I've been liking it enough to think it may be something I'm going to consider long-term... which is a huge but pleasant surprise to me! The physiology of neonates is just so fascinating and the procedures and deliveries are so great. Seeing tiny humans be born never gets old! It's especially fun to be there for healthy deliveries but also great to know you can help the ones that are struggling. Three more nights (my favorite time in the hospital) of fun and learning and babies! 👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻#nicubabe
Disclaimer that the code being called on this phone wasn't real 😂 we ran up to labor and delivery the other night to find a very pregnant person who delivered a healthy baby much later that night!
(Also for those that have asked I'm wearing an old #lululemon forme jacket! And yes... my shoes are from crocs but SOOOOO comfy)

Father-daughter dream team at your service for any ear, nose, or throat needs! 😂👯👂🏼👃🏼🏥👩🏻‍⚕️ #otorhinolaryngology #otolaryngology #ENT #womeninmedicine #prouddaughter

Me too Natalie 💕

The trick is to enjoy your life. Don’t waste away your days, waiting for better ones ahead. ⁃Marjorie Pay Hinckley ✔️🌿 🌸🌼🌺

Hey there short white coat 👋🏻 I'm really excited to get to wear you for the next year. Tomorrow is my very first day of Clinicals! I'm so thrilled to (finally) be starting this chapter, especially because my first rotation is my elective in dermatology! I've got everything all set out and ready for tomorrow, but I would absolutely love to hear any tips you guys have for surviving rotations!


The "it's only Tuesday" feeling 😾 #Caffeinated #MostMondayestTuesdayEver 😳 #Day2of4 #AfterWorkHours #WorkOutTime

I want you to call me dr. instead of mrs. 👌🏻 #dga #medstudent #medical #medschool #womeninmedicine

Hailing from #Jamaica, Dr. Yvette Fay Francis-McBarnette, a medical pioneer in treating children with sickle cell disease knew her purpose in life. Her interest and area of expertise was researching ways to identify those with sickle cell early on, and providing therapeutic solutions to induce an improved quality of life for those who suffered from the disease. Dr. Francis-McBarnette led an extraordinary life that tells such an amazing story of hope and encouragement. "Breaking The Sickle: A Snippet of the Life of Dr. Yvette Fay Francis-McBarnette" by @melaninorigins is available for pre-order in our marketplace at www.littleproudkid.com
Raise your hand if you're interested in this title. 🖐🏾
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As my resident and I were passing a patient's room during our inpatient rounds today, another provide came out of the room and instantly approached me asking for a urinal!!! I've frequently been mistaken for a nurse at the VA during residency. I guess being a petite person in scrubs can be confusing!?!?! Can't help but laugh at this 😅😂🤣Have you ever been mistaken for a different medical profession? Women in scrubs can be so much more including PA, NP, therapists, lab technicians, medical student...#happytuesday #physician #dermatologist #womeninmedicine #clinic #scrubs #oncall

High tides 💛 Good Vibes
I'm most at home by the Ocean 🐬

I find it really hard to get enough sleep while studying. So when I only have 5 minutes in the morning to look presentable, this is what I usually grab.

We did it! 3 years of living apart from my husband to complete my dual masters degrees Master of Physician Assistant and Master of Public Health... There are no words to fully describe the sacrifice, the countless hours of studying, endless exams, lack of sleep, stress of passing exams, the stress of moving every six weeks to another city and state for clinical rotations, the lonely nights, the unfamiliar rooms I've rented, the exhausting long days sometimes up to 17 hour hospital shifts, the missing out of family events, holidays, weddings, birthdays, friends having babies, group vacations, or missing having your own bed, your own privacy, your own kitchen, your own bathroom, your sanity, your feeling of being home safe after a long day and people near you who actually KNOW and LOVE you...... this amazing yet most difficult experience is FINISHED! #WeDidIt #Lei #kIss #thisMAN #DualMasters #PhysicianAssistant #MPH #byeFelicia #WomenInMedicine #mygirls #myMANisbetterthanyours #TUC #foreverthankful #ithankGod #berkeley #zellerbachhall #hardwork #EarnedIt #friendsFOREVER #beenthroughthetrenches #cameoutalive #NeverGoingBack #PaC #masterofphysicianassistant #whitecoat #orthopedics #orthopedicsurgery #surgicalPA #IGotLeid

🤔DYK our 'happy hormone' serotonin plus many other neurotransmitters are produced in the gut from nutrients in our food? Soooo if you aren't getting the proper nutrients... your mood and brain function will suffer! The old saying "eat crap, feel like crap" is spot on! 😝#transformationtuesday

@distrykt_coffee getting me through everyday of uni and study for the past week and into exams! 🙌🏼☕️ #bestcupofjoeintown #caffine #womeninmedicine

Thank you Dr. Liu (@derm.talk ) for kickstarting our "What is the most humbling part of your profession?" series! Want this answered by one of your favorite physicians? Tag them and we'll be in touch with them! (If you're a physician and want to share, DM us with your answer)! #dermatology #whitecoated #humanism #whitecoatedseries

Old habits died hard. After work medical reading session calls for a #starbucks. 😳#willgotogymlater

Me too Natalie 💕

No matter where my medical career takes me, there is no place like the Pacific Northwest. 🌲🦋 5 days until I move to residency on the East Coast. #westcoastgirl

when med school makes you buy a stethoscope and you never use it...🙄 #wastemymoney that is...until today! we practiced our clinical examination skills for 2 hours today 🏥 i still basically have no idea what im doing, but I have a steth so that makes me qualified right? 😉👩🏼‍⚕️ #doesthatmakemequalified #notalitmannthough #toopoor

We are pleased the release date for our next #AWSDayofService on September 9th, 2017! Add this date to your calendars and start planning your event! #service #communityservice #aws #associationofwomensurgeons #surgeon #surgery #surgicalresident #medschool #medstudent #ilooklikeasurgeon #womensurgeons #womeninmedicine #womenempowerment #womenempoweringwomen

"The best part about my job is that I get to learn every day - about my patients, about medicine, and about myself. I get to use that knowledge to make a difference in the lives of my patients." —Lorae Schafer PA-S (@lorae.the.pa) #MedelitaHIPambassador #palove #womeninmedicine

#transformationtuesday .
What seems to be overnight success always has a behind the scene journey. My own fitness journey humbles me and reminds me that success comes with consistency, dedication, sacrifice as well as setbacks.
I would not be where I'm at today (down 55lbs) regarding my health and fitness I didn't start or quit due to every cheat meal and missed workouts. You don't like your HEALTH and FITNESS situation change it.
A month, 6 months, a year from now you can be well on your way or in the same exact place. It's comes down to choice.
For more info about my Virtual fit camp comment below or DM.
I am nobody special, if I can so can you
Your transformation is waiting for you👉👈

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