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Well it's been so much fun to get loads of filming experience and get stuck in making content for the @anturusteam platforms, but when we get back I'm so excited to be starting a new job at THE BBC (!!!) as a Junior Researcher at the Natural History Unit!! All of the practice over the last few weeks will come in incredibly helpful as I'll be assisting on shoots, helping to find new stories and researching content for Natural World, a production that's been running for more than 30 years. I'm so grateful to have been given this opportunity and I can't wait to learn from the best of the best!

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Had a cheeky theatre date with my favourite, @a.b.collo tonight. ❤️ Supporting the incredibly talented @jennmonk13 & @ldallinger and their hilarious, engaging and moving performance of To Lonely, With Love.


Lady Bird – Greta Gerwig I will happily go to a movie with anyone whose around, and often prefer going by myself. But I had a feeling Lady Bird wasn’t supposed to be seen alone, or with just anyone. It was meant to be watched with a dear friend.
#ladybird was everything I hoped it would be (usually my expectations are low. You live and you learn after getting burnt by too many great trailers, but flop films). I was excited that it was by a woman (starting this project has truly hit home the significance of this – I knew it, but now I realllly KNOW it). It was, however, the Story, not the artistic surrounds, that got me.
A coming of age that felt and looked and sounded more like my own…Bad hair and outfits, which are SO good at the time. That unfathomable, beyond words, Love but dislike, disrespect, between mothers and daughters. The hard and fast falling and failings of first relationships. Surviving school and its social bullshit. Knowing you have outgrown your small small world of home and experience, but having no clue what the bigger picture actually entails.
But it is the two laughter-snacking-conversation scenes that sandwich the end of the first part, and the beginning of the last part of Lady Bird, between Lady Bird (“Christine”) + (Julianne) “Julie”, that I am holding closest. Tiny, in medias res, fragments, full of crumbs, and half sentences swallowed by giggles. You can’t easily show the nature of those friendships or moments, they are a feeling. Nothing can truly explain that bond. I don’t know what mine are made of. I just know they are one of the very best things and those scenes made me so happy.
Friendship, for me, is quality not quantity. I have a very small but very very close group of friends – most of them don’t know each other, we tend to move across timezones on a regular basis (internet, the best thing about you is keeping me close to them – not connecting me with strangers). True female friendship is a glorious thing. I am so grateful to have a heart full of these women, and a corresponding pocket in my mind that I can dip into filled with laughter, snacks and the most enriching and ridiculous half sentences.

This is Meredith. Our wild-gentle-genius- intuitive D.P.
She is an artist on every part of her being and has a beautiful Instagram page @meredithadelaide
Here she is shooting for our film on Long Beach Island NJ.
#womeninfilm #filmmakerfriday #femalegaze

Dans Le Four starring @karen_labbe_ and @amonte76 is screening this evening at @bourgienights in the 7-9 pm block downtown! We are thrilled to be a selection of this all-female film festival. Written & Directed by @kristirayofsunshine, Shot & Edited by @erika.arlee. Come check out his French period piece set in the 1950s and support #womeninfilm. .
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Thank you Sikka Art Fair 2018 & Locomotion Cinema for giving me a platform to share my work with the people of Dubai! Respect✌🏼

I will never know I have the strength and courage until the day you first believed in me. thank you is such an understatement for sharing this life-changing opportunity with me ❤️ #lysb #OAFF #womenforwomen #mentor #womeninspiringwomen #womeninfilm

@heatheroscanlon killing it! She’s got 5 films at @gardenstatefilmfestival (including “As It Seems”) and still has time to moderate interviews on the #redcarpet? She’s obviously Wonder Woman. #killingit #interview #actress #filmfestival #gsff #openingnight #yellow #sunshine #amazingwomen #womeninfilm #talent #inawe

There will be times when you must set aside your own visions to help others create theirs ❤️ Have a Production Day Everyone 🙌🎬🎥
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Amazing shoot 🎥❤️ @headkandyhair

A behind the scenes shot from yesterday’s shoot 🎥 🎧🎤

Only 30 tickets left for our screening of @ladybirdmovie this Thursday 7:30pm at @vue #Hull! Come and watch the best (?) film of the year with us ❤️🎬 Tickets via hullboxoffice.com

@LOU_WANDER_FILMS doing her Serious Pull Focus Face 🤔

Behind the scenes at Head Kandy 🎥❤️

We’ve had a busy week editing and can’t wait to show you two of the videos which have been submitted 🤗 this week we have 2 shoots and a lot of editing to do.. we love keeping busy so email today to find out how we can help your business with a promotional film

Head Kandy (part 1)... this award winning hair salon specialises in hair extensions... check out the full video on our Facebook page (link in description)

💪🏼 a still from our promo video with martial arts instructor @mattrichardsonpt 🎥

As I wake this morning I give thanx for all the lessons and blessings thus far on my journey through the love within me along with
I am embarking on a new journey one that I have been asking for since college. Speak what u seek and remain meek & u will be rewarded cuz trust Jah nuh sleep🙏🏽

Creative Director @sas__films
📸 @dane_visuals
🎨 @raedar876

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The promo video we created for @mattrichardsonpt 🎥❤️

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