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A brief clip about the importance of community when building a company from last night's #startupGrind event. #Repost @talk2jake ・・・
Lesson: You need a community to build your dream. #community
#Talk2Jake #CamKashani

Yup! πŸ’‹

Bila nanti saatnya tlah tiba, ku ingin kau menjadi istriku😘
In Frame : @luluns2

Dear Lady Boss another woman's success is not threat to you so don't make her your target we live in an abundant world where there is plenty for all of us if we hustle. If your plan is to compete, outdo, put someone else down then your seed won't give fruit. Work with one another, support each other, collaborate together and remember your competition is the women you see in the mirror. Tag 3 Lady Bosses and let them know you support them and you celebrate their success πŸ‘‘πŸ‘β€β€β€πŸ‘„πŸ’„πŸ‘ 

Don't get trapped by the bullshit.. Escape it

Say πŸ‘‹πŸΌ to the brand new AF collection. A range of bangles to perfect fit your life while being "work appropriate" πŸ™ŒπŸΌ Code: YES20 for 20% off today ONLY πŸ”₯

What did you learn today? I learnt trolls just dont give up! I ve gained 500 "troll" followers in one night 😭😭😭.... Thank you @wardrobemerchant for the insta-nuggets.


Share stories to make improvements πŸ‘©πŸΌβ€πŸ’» #TechnologyWeek #LeaningIntoSTEM

There is nothing wrong with doing things on your own but understand it's going to take a few tries before you get it just right and those tries are going to cost you money! Invest in some of lessons upfront in efforts to work smarter and not harder! Click the link in my bio to see some new areas that I have been focusing on teaching online business owners to expand their reach, boost sales, improve their marketing efforts, and to create residual income! Go ahead, just click the link! 😘😘

This week, our #SimplyBeBOSS is @lewishowes. .
Lewis Howes’s story could look a lot like anyone’s. He was never the fastest, the strongest, the coolest, the most athletic, the smartest or the most talented.
And the most beautiful part about this story? His β€œgreatness” was not granted to him. It was worked for and it was earned. .
There are many ways in which he emulates his greatness- from his podcast with inspiring and influential thought leaders, to his books (The Mask of Masculinity coming out next month!), to his live events, he’s got a LOT to offer his audience. .
Check out the highlights of this stellar personal brand up on the blog (link in our bio!).
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THIS SATURDAY, I will be speaking at the Women's Mixer: Aspects of A Leading Lady. I'll be discussing the importance and need of PR for businesses. This is a FREE event and it's from 9am to 1pm at SOULS.
The Women's Mixer will address 11 aspects of a leading lady. We have pulled together some phenomenal leading women of the greater Charleston community to identify, explain, and answer any questions you may have!
Some of the subjects that will be discussed:
Politics, Media, Communication, Business, Beauty, fashion, etiquettte, and more. See you all there! ✨

Tag your #WCW bestie & Join us in the fight against PCOS!
In honor of PCOS awareness month " When you shop LadiesBalance.com, you can roundup for charity and join us in our pledge towards supporting women with PCOS!" PLUS 15% your entire order πŸ’₯
Coupon code: PCOS15
Clink Link in Bio to Shop! ☝🏼 #regram #shapemagazine #pcos

Salute to the rise of W.I.B.S (Women In Business Succeeding!) #WeRock

People always asked me when is the best time to re-evaluate my life insurance. The answer is whenever there are changes in your life, for example: you get a new job and/or you get promoted. I can help you explore the options to insure your present and Secure you Future.
Contact me today: Janice@Benefits4U2.com

For years I held myself back stuck in fear *until* I realized what it was costing me. It was costing me LIFE. I repeat - It was costing me MY LIFE. When we allow ourselves to let that fully sink in, it supports us in moving into action and not just any action but BIG-BOLD-F'K-IT-GOING-FOR-IT action.
We never stop being afraid. It's part of the human condition and so we develop a new relationship with fear. We face it, name it, thank it and then lovingly move it from the drivers seat to the back seat. It eventually learns it's place. It quiets down. It stays present but can often be found gazing out the window as you drive.
Fear needs you to take the wheel so it can feel safe.
This allows you to go ALL in. And just when you think you have, you will need to go in even more. This is what makes life a never ending, fascinating, exciting adventure.
Allow fear to challenge and fuel you and I guarantee, you will see *massive* positive changes in your life. It's all up to you.

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For the #savage #bitch in your life. πŸ‘―πŸ’‹πŸ˜±

The Perfect Girl Is Unwed Teen Mother, Domestic Violence Survivor, Activist and Divorcee; Melanie. While raising 4 children, Melanie completed her Bachelors and Masters Degrees and is currently working on her PhD. Tell us who your Perfect Girl is. #theperfectgirlis #theperfectgirlbiz #theperfectgirl #womenempowerment #womeninbiz @lindsmelm ❀️❀️❀️

Quote from our @Adoreum Thought Leadership speaker @debbiewosskow OBE who spoke on the topic of Female Founders - 22nd March 2017

Who says work attire has to be boring? Shop unique, work-flexible styles at Momni today!!

I got all of my liquids and micronutrients in one place. This mama is strong & healthy because of them.
1. Thermos, homemade ginger tea with honey 🍯 & lemon βœ…

2. Kombucha in a glass jar (Gingerade)βœ… 3. USANA Nutrimeal chocolate shake (yum)βœ… 4. Booster C 600 - boosting immune system βœ…

5. Probiotic - supporting gut βœ…

6. HealthPak Optimzers (Grape seed extract, medicinal mushrooms, liver support, fish oil, magnesium, calcium and vitamin d) βœ…

This mama is ready to take on the World 🌎
Are you supporting your gut? Are you supporting your immune defenses?
They are called defenses as they defend your body from viruses, bacteria & other pathogens.
#momslife #healthybody #healthylifestyle
#lovemyboys #greensmoothies #proteinshakes
#justdoit #mindfullness #gratrfulJournaling
#momentrepeneur #homemadecooking

I'm just one day older into #Chapter33 and what I've learned from the love I received during my birthday month is that you must put into the universe only what you want to receive back. I've found that through my efforts of doing this human thing and trying to only give love, positivity, empowerment, and support amongst other things, infused with 100% realness, is that the universe has given this back to me abundantly and I am most appreciative. I shall continue to journey through this life, one moment at a time, and if I do it all in love I know that everything will always be alright. β™₯️

New Moon yesterday got me feeling all the feels! Bowie said it best: 🎢 Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes (Turn and face the strange) Ch-Ch-Changes 🎢

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