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At the British Independent Film Awards.
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#BritishIndependentFilmAwards #BIFA #LondonFilmAwards #IndependentFilm #TheDeathOfStalin #BIFA2017 @bifa_film @balmain #Balmain

9 different faces ❤
Which one is your fav?🍪
Photo via @spicedogsss

Olivia Wilde looking stunning 👌

Ummm 2018 called, ARE YOU READY?! I know I am. ☎️💕☎️💕#HustleSeason

How many Amen can this post get?
Happy Mon-Slay tribe!

Mondays are tough only for those people, who don’t know how to spend them cheerfully. Get up and have fun today and treat yourself to a Vanilla Coke. #lularoe #prettywoman #mondaymotivation #mood @lularoe @that_lularoe_life @snaptherapy


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Our Red Coral Necklace is the go to piece for this time of the year. A best seller - it completes your look for that very special holiday event. A timeless piece - red coral promotes wisdom and happiness. It also attracts success and wealth. With a statement design like this - make it your intention....what is your intention?

::Awards:: Extremely Excited to present this award from the Tenacious Tribe community to @candicenicolepr for her 10 years of dedicated service to supporting Millennial entrepreneurs as their publicist .
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🙌🏼🙌🏼 get excited for your 2018 - it can be anything you want it to be 💜💜

Have you got a lot of old lives saved up on your iPhone / laptop or desktop ! This is the perfect time of year to reveiw them all and see what is still relevant and which ones you would be better off deleting and making new ones of
Have an amazing day everyone #momsinbusiness #mompreneur #womeninbiz #womeninbusiness #ladyboss #business #biz #womanowned #mindset #vjsocialmedia #intuitivesocialmediamanagress #reuse #reshare #create #makingsomethingnew #businessowner #entrepreneur #worksmarternotharder #ceo #ceomom #womenentrepreneurs #empowerment #soulprenuer

I've been listening to more David Bowie recently and he's been teaching me a lot. #starman ✨ (📷: @rubbedthelamp)

Living my best life right now💙Looking forward to better things💙

And Christmas is especially the time for getting glamorous! What outfits have you got lined up for the holidays? 👗👠💎 #shinebrightlikeadiamond #letsgoglam #iman

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So excited for our Fire & Ice Bonenkai this Friday! Have fun snapping photos with Fire & Ice props at our photo booth! You can still get tickets at fewjapan.com. #fewbonenkai2017

@hotelresidenceroppongi #fewjapan#bonenkai #fire&;ice #tokyo #japan#holidays #womensempowerment#FemaleEntrepreneurs #womeninbusiness #empoweringwomen #womeninbiz
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#ladyboss #beyourownboss

Croissants and cappuccinos are a must when planning the coolest brand launch party for early 2018. We have the best clients ever. 💖🥐☕️

"Not causing harm requires staying awake. Part of being awake is slowing down enough to notice what we say and do. The more we witness our emotional chain reactions and understand how they work, the easier it is to refrain. It becomes a way of life to stay awake, slow down, and notice." - Pena Chodron. Let's make it a habit to stay awake! Beinh mindful of our conversation and actions will determine our level of success! Live well Innovators. Give life, Live life, Love life! #weinnovateher #buildherup #femaleentrepreneur #networking #letsconnect #colab #strongertogether #supportingeachother #womeninbiz #influencer #powerfulwomen #staywoke #awake #chainreaction #speak #listen #givelife #livelife #lovelife

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📷 @eyes_of_a_nomad 🙏🏽🌋 .
Please donate to help those affected by the volcano.
Link in bio @eyes_of_a_nomad💥
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• Avila By Native Trails •
Manufacturer: @nativetrails
Collection: Avila
Model: CPS245P
Finish: Polished Copper
List Price: $915.00
Photo Credit: Native Trails
Elegant in its Design and Sublime in its execution. Like a favorite gallery sculpture, Avila captivates. It’s ample rectangular shape and semi-circular slopes bowl generously display its hammered copper texture.

TESTMONIES WHAT I LIVE BY ... have you signed up for our WEBINAR?

Listen I need three!
As an entrepreneur, you definitely have to GET OUT of your feelings...
Ain't nobody got time for you and those feelings hunny....
I see so many of you stressing about what this one is doing, what that one is doing, how you are better than them...
Get your ish together and recognize that it's VERY SIMPLE....
Stay in your lane, differentiate the facts and get yo schmonney...
Love this mug.. Argggghhh
We need to rally @myleik to get us international folks to be able to buy off her site!

Taking a minute to relax and look around. We need to realize that we are too quick to reply to that email, to answer that question, to react to that comment. Breath, slow down and question yourself if it’s worth it. #foodforthought #foodforthesoul #pwgbasel #womeninbiz #womenempowerment #streetphotography #photooftheday #urbanphotography #business

Good Morning Fam. Hello to the Beautiful Moms and Moms-to-be in the house. 😘
Our Follower needs locations of where Baby food can be gotten in Portharcourt. Enfamil and breast storage bags.
Please share your recommendations. She would be reading your comments👇👇 .
Thanks 💥
#portharcourtinpictures #portharcourtcity #pitakwa #portharcourtsabithetin

▪️Making shapes ▪️ via the inimitable @margaret__zhang#shanghai #travel #pink #interiordesign #kanandkhan

Follow this interesting story #TwoSidesofTheCoin on @battle4humanity you can set notifications for that page to get updates.

@Regranned from @battle4humanity - Isse: You won't believe what Charles did to me a while ago. He pulled my hand and I tripped on my way at the hostel gate entrance. Thank God I wasn't injured.

Lara: What Effrontery!
Isse: Running for SUG Presidency is no joke. You get exposed to all kinds of trash and intimidation.

#TwoSidesoftheCoin #Women #WomenEmpowerment #WomeninBusiness #WomeninBiz #GirlPower #BlackGirlsRock #President #Leadership #Leader #Education #Girl - #regrann

My latest #TogTuesday post is now up on the blog featuring the lovely @jaspoolephoto 🎉 Jas is a portrait and family documentary photographer based in Farnham, Surrey. 🌳 She’s a proud Hufflepuff and her work is vibrant and full of emotion. 💥 Click the link in my bio to find out who she admires in the photography industry and her favourite quote to live by ✨ Photo: Jas Poole 📸

I have always admired and loved the feminine shape of the Qipao. I own three pieces myself and wear them depending on occasion. In my recent visit to the Jiangning Imperial Silk Museum in Nanjing, I learnt how Qipao evolved from the dynastic Qing period to its current form. More interestingly, the evolution of the Qipao reflects and marks the liberation of women from feudal to Republican China.
After the Revolution of 1911, influenced by democratic ideology, the traditional QiPao garment became simpler and more natural. Sleeves became narrower and fabrics were plainer with less decorative lace. Waistlines were created in the dress silhouettes, showing off the curves of Chinese women. The once traditional, “old fashioned” shapeless Qipao was given a new lease of life, evolving into a dress style representing modernity in Republican China. In 1929, the Republic of China appointed the Qipao as one of 2 National dress wear. ***********************************
#designingwomen #momsinfashion #momsatwork #mothersenvogue #womeninbiz #qipao #womenpower #mothersenvogue

School is closed. We are OPEN. Need care for the children during this break? We have you and your precious angels covered! Click on link in our bio to register them.

Why are you ABSOLUTELY BLOODY AMAZING at what you do?
Write down a minimum of 20 reasons why you are a SUPERSTAR at what you do.
If you want to gain mastery over your mindset you have to start reconditioning and reprogramming your mindset.
This is the EXACT journalling mindset exercise that I DO every damn week (if not every day!) to keep my mindset in PEAK condition. My coach taught it me earlier this year and it's one of the BEST tools I have now to keep my Mindset focused.

If you want other people to pay you for what you do, what your PASSION is, then you first have to convince yourself that you deserve to be PAID IN FULL. If you can't convince yourself, you've got no chance at convincing anyone else hunny!
You need to be absolutely 100% convinced that the money you are asking for is YOURS ALREADY! You have to believe in yourself 100%. You have to do the work if you want the results.
Listing 20 reasons why you are an absolute bloody superstar will become easier and easier the more you do it. I quickly progressed from 20 reasons why I'm a superstar at mindset and happiness coaching to 50 reasons.
I can't begin to tell you how much this exact exercise helped me bust through mindset blocks I had that I didn't even know was there.
Did I find it easy at first? NO WAY! I struggled to come up with 10 reasons but I pushed through and got to 20, and grew it each time I did the exercise.

Write it down! Get a journal and Write down your reality as you want it to be! You ARE an absolutely bloody amazing superstar at what you do! Start believing it!

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I met Mary and Tex at @life_instyle earlier this year and they were basically bombs of hilarity, sparkle and fun. They made my day and I was so happy when they wanted to get Things by Bean cards into their shop Mary and Tex Curious Emporium [@maryandtex]. It's in Orange, NSW and it's brimming, I say, brimming with treasures! #thingsbybean

Video credit goes to @emmadorothybrows 😍 showing her JULIET ring off 💎💍💎💍

GRACIOUS. . . There’s a lot of #goals a girl needs to get.
What are your big ones for the new year?
If you’re into astrology, all reports are pointing to lucky Jupiter sending good vibes to Neptune... which means that 2018 will be A LOT more fun than the last 2 years✨⚡️
In my latest blog post, I’m sharing 3 things that worked wonders for my goal-getting in 2017 🙌🏼
Link in bio 🥂

WARNING: very long caption ahead
My mentor and older sister @dina.omar decided to start our own startup @phoenixihscs 3 years ago, it was as a risk, an adventure and complete and a pure work of lunacy...we received initial support mixed with tons of criticism from close people she was accused of recklessness and I was accused of poor judgment...Along the way we have suffered from loss, deadweight and frustration and all came in the form of people; BUT we held on to the only constants in our lives which is each other; we built a strong base with stronger people who are now corner stones of our firm...on behalf of her, I give my thanks to each and everyone the negative and the positive
As for myself I give her @dina.omar my lifelong gratitude because she is the best boss, sister and mentor anyone can set their eyes on
#phoenixihscs #dinaomar #boss #sister #mentor #business #consultants #egypt #startup #motivation #gratitude #womeninbiz #IfYouNeverWorkedWithHerYouNeverWorkedAtAll

Isse: You won't believe what Charles did to me a while ago. He pulled my hand and I tripped on my way at the hostel gate entrance. Thank God I wasn't injured.

Lara: What Effrontery!
Isse: Running for SUG Presidency is no joke. You get exposed to all kinds of trash and intimidation.

#TwoSidesoftheCoin #Women #WomenEmpowerment #WomeninBusiness #WomeninBiz #GirlPower #BlackGirlsRock #President #Leadership #Leader #Education #Girl #regrann

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This is so true we all need a little support. join Boss Girls UK group on facebook to help support and promote each other ☃️ 🔝 link in bio
credit @moo__and__boo .
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It’s so cold here! -5C!! ☃️ One of my dogs enjoyed a play in the snow but my Frenchie wasn’t keen!
If you’re wrapped up cosy & staying in & fancy a laugh, check out my podcast. Fumbling my way around it but having loads of fun discovering! Link in bio ⬆️ stay warm!!

#NoCaptionNeeded #FACTS #WontHeDoIt Good Morning IG! Blessed and highly favored... Amen! ☺️🙌 #MorningMotivation #MorningInspiration

FINAL SET IN STOCK. Size 41/42 FLAT💫💫💫💫DM for info/enquiries

Oooooo what am I working on today?! Eeekk! Love working with vibrant colours and gold and watercolour... in fact it’s all lush!! Vicki x

Hola! Today is #DVR_Selfy day for #DVR_Xmas Photo Challenge. I took this when I went for my little (big) photo walk in Kew Garden. Let's talk branding - do you think I need more photos of me with my camera gear? I've been hearing some people say "yes", otherwise how would they know you're a photographer? Others say "no", it's a bit show offy. and samey. What do you think?

Diana x
#igerslondon #londonblogger #featuremeofh #matleavelife #networkingevent #TangledInFilm #womenwhowork #londonpop #best_exif #londyn #mommyandmefashion #london_only #jj_its_kids #toplondonphoto #makeportrait #bloggermom #MummyBlogger #MOM_HUB #featuremepf #womeninbiz #profile_vision #selfienation #transfer_visions #toglife #ig17_218

You know what they say... location, location, location! It may not have necessarily been in the context of Instagram, but hey, take what you can get!
Anyway, you may have heard about this little thing called geotagging... or at least we hope you did, because guys? With the click of one little button you could be increasing your reach by a whole LOTTA people. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
What is it? It’s as simple as adding a location to your post, which you can either do before publishing or retrospectively. When you do this, you are allowing your content to be accessed by people searching that location - in other words - A GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY FOR NEW EYEBALLS!
Even better? It’s not just exclusive to posts, you can use it on stories too! This will give your content the opportunity to be featured on a location’s Instagram story, hell yeah!
Do you guys use geotagging in your posts?

Do you struggle to think positively? I know I do sometimes. And lots of other people do because they don't believe it's possible to achieve their goals for one reason or another - they don't think they're good enough or they don't deserve it.
So they get stuck in a negative place of not being able to believe. They think because of their situation, they can never be happy. So they stop and don't take action.
But what would happen if you changed your mindset? What would happen if you cut out the negativity and thought positively? Because I TOTALLY believe in you 🙌🏼💕 ( 📸 @thesmalltownbossbabe)

Design and Technical Packs
Accurate and detailed design and technical packs are the key to a seamless project. We can assist in drawing and design and ensure all materials are supplier ready.
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✨BREAKTHROUGHS✨ Isn't it funny how life has a way of showing us the exact things we need to see at the exact time we need to see them 🤔✨ I had an appointment this afternoon and while I was in the waiting room I opened a magazine and read this, which couldn't be more relevant to my life right now 🤩 I finished teaching for the year yesterday and just wanted to let you all know that I'm probably going to be a little bit quiet on Social Media over the next week 😟 WHY?! 👉 I wrapped up my workshops early so that I could focus purely on putting together all of the necessary content and systems for my upcoming ✨MEMBERSHIP✨ launch! 🎉 So I have literally spent since 5am this morning in a whole other world of digital marketing! 🤓 ...and my brain currently looks a lil sumtin like this: KSHABSIDNDJSLSKDHNELEXKCNCKDJDJENDMCKCOJDWNJDID 😂🤣😂 After a 4 hour session with Jess from @envymediamanagement who is helping me set it all up, I turned to her and said.. "Can't I just do Social Media posts instead?" 🤦‍♀️🤣 .....but apparently this is the next step in the game! 💪📲🤳💃🕺 So what’s the membership all about? Well basically I’m taking my Social Media tips and transforming them into the most kick ass Social Media community you’ve ever seen with weekly lessons and LIVE training with meeeeeee! 🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️ That’s about all I can share with you for now tho... 🙊 Sooooo if YOU want to be the first to experience my membership FOR FREE 😵😵😵 sign up to my newsletter via the link in my bio and as soon as it's ready, you'll be notified! 💃📨🕺

Cheeky Chardy catch-up with @creatingencores creating encores for 2018! ❤️ this local mineral water, very cool. 😎 💧 #supportlocal @calmandstormywater

MISS IT, MISS OUT 💫💫💫💫Trust me when I say this is a ‘MUST-HAVE’. FREE EXPRESS DELIVERY👌👌 DM for info/enquiries

Nevertheless, she persisted 💪👑 #thefutureisfemale #girlpower

When I was a kid I used to think when the sky was red like this that it was Santa flying over to check up on us kids so funny the things we used to believe, precious imaginations!

What things did you believe in as a child? #childhoodmemoriesrelived #preciousmoments

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