Let’s talk about the deep family roots at Rancho Filoso — Lisa Soury is a third generation female farmer and fifth generation Ventura County farmer. Her great-great grandfather came to this farm in the 1880s and began farming lima beans. He then moved to walnuts and on to citrus. He ended up handing the farm down to his children, which was then passed down to Lisa’s grandmother after that. She ran the farm for 70 years before handing it down to her daughter (Lisa’s mother) and then on to Lisa. They have been growing citrus until recently, when a disease began hurting their crops. This gave them the opportunity to look for new ways to diversify, and led them to coffee. Coffee is usually grown in the tropics, but Rancho Filoso is giving it a try in the California coastal climate to see how it goes. So far, so good as the coffee plants are now four years old. Lisa says they are expecting their first crop next year!

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For those that have not yet met Jackie Vazquez, she’s an inspiring one! With no background in farming, she caught on quickly and worked her way up in the ranks to become one of the only female farm directors in the Monterey County region. Jackie oversees all operations of Andrew & Williamson Fresh Produce (including Sierra and Sundance Berry Farms). She works on projects such as implementing new innovative technology in the fields to boost strawberry production 🍓

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You know what day it is...Women in Ag Wednesday, and today we are featuring Allison Harmon. She runs the Purple Pastures Lavender Farm on her family’s ranch near Salinas, CA. This is such a unique spot — during lavender season, you’ll find a sea of purple with a fresh aroma at the farm. They harvest lavender twice a year by hand, and then let it dry out before turning it into products that you find at the stores. Lavender has been used for centuries to help alleviate anxiety, stress, and depression, but there are also so many other ways to use it! What do you use lavender for? Tell us in the comments below // #WomenInAgWednesday #womeninag #womeninagriculture #girlpower #empoweringwomen #femalefarmer #farmer #farmersofinstagram #meetafarmer #californiafarming #CAfarming #familyfarmers #localfarms #farming #agriculture #aglife #westerngrowers #lavender #lavenderfarm #purplepastureslavenderfarm

Catherine Fanucchi is a third-generation farmer. Her grandfather came from Italy and started farming in Kern County in 1915. From there, the farming tradition spread through her father and down to her, in what became known as Tri-Fanucchi Farms. After going away to school, she ended up working as an attorney for eight years before coming back to the farm and continuing to grow the company. She claims it’s where her passion lies — in the fields that represent her family’s lifetime of work. She takes pride in knowing that everything grown on her farm is a way to connect her family to another. She has also been a WG board member for over 10 years! // #WomenInAgWednesday #womeninag #womeninagriculture #girlpower #empoweringwomen #femalefarmer #farmer #farmersofinstagram #meetafarmer #californiafarming #CAfarming #familyfarmers #localfarms #farming #agriculture #aglife #westerngrowers

👩🏽‍🌾Welcoming @nicolewallinga as the third #womeninagwednesday feature on my page👩🏽‍🌾 •
Nicole and I have been following each other over the last few years and I've noticed how much pride she takes in her animals. She's definitely someone to look up to. Check out her story below ⬇️:
"I grew up with my grandpa's small Jersey dairy right across the road. I was almost always across the road, but then we started raising our own cattle for beef! 🐂 My family and I currently have a small herd of registered and non-registered Hereford cattle, where I manage the animals. I also am the assistant herd manager at a local dairy where I do a little bit of everything. While not working, I am studying to finish my Associates degree in Agricultural Operations this coming spring. Or you can find me working with kids from my 4-H group where I help teach them about dairy and beef!"

You can find Nicole on
IG: @nicolewallinga or @wallinga.herefords ☀️
Snapchat: nwallinga7

Nicole is also very handy with giving name ideas for cattle. So if you're ever stuck on what to name a calf, she'll be able to help ya out 😅.

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☀️Meet @kay_gelhar ☀️ •
We welcome Kayla as my second #womeninagwednesday feature. You may recognize her from my snap stories. Here's a bit about her background! •
"I grew up in a small town in Northeast Wisconsin. I got involved in agriculture when I was in high school when I started milking cows for a local dairy. I always knew that I loved animals, but I didn't realize how much until I started working with them every day.
Often times I would go into work early just to spend some time with my favorite cows! While I didn't grow up on a dairy farm like a lot of people in this industry, the barn is still where I feel most at home. Farming is something that was passed down through the generations in my family but skipped a generation or two until it got to me! I spent about 4 years milking cows through the last half of my high school career and into college. I attended Fox Valley Technical College in Appleton, which is in Northeast Wisconsin. I graduated with an Associates degree in their Agribusiness program. The classes were small and I got to know all of my teachers well.
Once I graduated in May of 2017 I started working as a calf manager at Second Look Holsteins, which is owned by the same couple that owns Broken Bow Dairy in Nebraska where Jenna works!
Jenna and I first met at the Dairy Girl Network Networking Event at World Dairy Expo in Madison last year (2016). I then had the opportunity to visit her in Nebraska this last June. It was inspiring to see how much pride she takes in her job and how much she loves her calves!

I feel like being in the dairy industry has given me confidence that I never had before. I have met so many strong and empowering women while in this industry, and it's great that we can all lift each other up and learn from each other. Without agriculture, I would definitely not be the same person that I am today. I know that no matter where I go in life, my love for the dairy industry will always be a huge part
of who I am." - @kay_gelhar 🖤

& yes, she's rocking a #crazycalflady t-shirt!

#farmher #farmlife #dairyfarm #dairytruth #farmlove #farm365 #dairy #dairygood #cow #crazycalflady

Meet @melissagaul. ☝🏼She is from the state that ranks highest in pork production in the US. Any guesses as to where she's from?!

How is she involved in agriculture? Here's a little background on her. "Agriculture has been a huge part of my life from the very beginning. Growing up on a 600 acre dairy farm with 200 head of Holsteins along side my two older brothers, and my parents. I loved being outside working with the animals. My parents always insisted that I should become a vet.
When I got in high school I was involved with FFA all four years. It made me feel at home so it made me want to become more involved in agriculture overall.
In 2014 I became the Dubuque County Dairy Princess, where I became a huge dairy agvocate for today's youth. Then that's when I met Jenna! I then realized how wonderful being apart of the dairy industry really is. Currently I am attending the University of Wisconsin Platteville to further my education is Animal Science. After graduation I hope to have a job at a veterinary clinic and have a farm of my own some day.
Thanks Jenna for the shirt, and being such a fantastic role model!"

I've been lucky enough to have met @melissagaul 2 years ago at #WorldDairyExpo, and was able to catch up with her and @cdolphin14 at Expo this year! All thanks to social media for bringing us together.•

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Good morning☀️ Happy hump day. Be sure to tune in every Wednesday because I will doing a #womeninagwednesday feature of the ladies that purchased a Crazy Calf Lady shirt. Since you guys supported me so much, I want to do a little something for you! @melissagaul is our first feature and I will share a little about her background later this morning🖤

*If you're interested in being featured, DM me a unique picture wearing my Crazy Calf Lady t-shirt and a short bio about how you're involved in agriculture.*

Thank you!

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See what's new #ontheblog about my friend @dottiecook for my new spotlight series called #womeninagwednesday #storyteller

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