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Maya Wood of @littlebig.farm "I started farming because it made tangible a deeply romanticized purpose: cultivate life, so that others may cultivate theirs. It's relentless and the work incessant, but it keeps me focused, keeps me humbled, keeps me gratified and grateful. People gotta eat. People need real food. And somebody's gotta grow it. Why not here? Why not me?"#womenwhofarm #femalefoodheros #rolemodel #womenfarmers #womeninag #farmlife #farm #farmersmarket #iamamodernfarmer #organicfarming #smallfarm #knowyourfarmer #meetyourfarmer #community #foodsecurity #foodjustice #celebratingwomeninagriculture #localfoodforlife #womenfarmers #changeishere

Mama flori kasih tips and tricks buat masak sorgum.. kerja keras wanita2 ini yang harus terus di support πŸ™πŸ½πŸ’•#womenfarmers #womenpower #larantuka #flores

For it is the farmer who feeds the world with her nurturing hands as she cares for the earth with love, dedication and compassion. πŸ“Έ @rwanda_nziza

#Wanawake wakiwezeshwa wanaweza
#Wanawake WA Morogoro hawategemei MADANGA πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
#HAPA KAZI TUU πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

For the past four years my good friend Barb Hall and I have driven all over Iowa taking pictures and interviewing women farmers. We didn't have a plan when we started. Just an honest interest in telling the stories of these 25 AMAZING INSPIRING women. Now thanks to the creative vision of @jolinerivera and Nellie Williams we have a book to publish. We are raising money on Barnraiser to help with the printing costs. Link is in bio. We appreciate any support for our labor of love whether it is a donation on Barnraiser (you get prints & books!) or sharing it with your community. Thank you!
#womenandtheland #womenfarmers

This guy is the equivalent of the Walmart greeter. He waits at the entrance to the garden and smiles at all that enter. He's actually pretty silly once ya get to know him😊
#slocounty #homegrown #womenfarmers #gourds

So how do we plant over 5,000 lettuce seedlings you ask? With an awesome crew, the best volunteers, and yes sometimes, when youre on plant 4,972 it happens laying down #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #womenfarmers #heartbeetorganics

If anyone needs awesome livestock guardian dogs let me know!!! 5 boys available, up to date on shots and deworming. And if you need graphic design help, give @jloycejohnson a holler. She made this poster and is a talented lady.
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Up sketching out the 2018 main garden plans.. Bless our dog. He has been hearing some storm that is not audible to human ears, and he has decided I must be awake with him. So I am multitasking 😌
What is currently the Three Sisters plot is at the top of the page. I am going to begin converting it to a perennial medicinal plot in a couple weeks. My favorite, valerian, will be in there, as well as a few that I haven't worked with before (i.e. Angelica). Do you grow medicinal herbs? What are your favorites?

We may have a bad case of lesbian twin syndrome but we also have some badass cases of fresh veggies! Come get a look at both at tomorrow's farm stand - 1410 E State St from 11-1pm.

I think I have created a couple of monsters! The Bowery Boys at the front door! #costarica #fincagoodlife #lovemylife #lovemyturkeys #farmlife #womenfarmers

I have wanted to repost so many things today (quality post day πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ) but @womenwhofarm has provided my favorite snapshot and caption. Maybe tomorrow I will show you the galette I saw πŸ˜‹ Thank you, @bekkyoneil, for your beautiful insight!
#Repost @womenwhofarm (@get_repost)
bekky O'Neil @bekkyoneil of @cardboardrealityfarm "As a city girl by birth, and a first generation farmer by choice, farming has been an exploration into the inter-connectivity of life. For years I lived in apartments, houseplants clustered by each and every window, never knowing exactly what I was missing, but that something wasn't there. Moving out to the country where I can see the seasons change, or the weather move across the sky has been an immense privilege. It connects me to my ancestors each moment I spend cultivating a plot, and to my community with each successive harvest. As an artist, farming has given me deeper insight and an entirely new palette on which to draw. It is easy to forget and easier still to ignore where our food comes from. We are working to use no-till permaculture techniques to restore fertility, feed the soil and grow. Eating is a creative and political act. Our food should be as beautiful and unique as we are." #womenwhofarm #bees #honey #femalefoodheros #rolemodel #womenfarmers #womeninag #farmlife #farm #farmersmarket #iamamodernfarmer #organicfarming #smallfarm #knowyourfarmer #meetyourfarmer #community #foodsecurity #foodjustice #celebratingwomeninagriculture #localfoodforlife #womenfarmers #changeishere

Summer. Sweet corn on the cob. Nothing better. β €
β €
If you are lucky enough to have a source for organic corn, that is. β €
β €
The most recent profile on Grounded Women is about Potomac Vegetable Farms, started 57 years ago in Virginia by an enthusiastic man with a dream of an agrarian community, Tony Newcomb, and his wife Hiu. Their signature crop was sweet corn, which they grew conventionally. β €
β €
Says Hiu: β€œWe didn't think you could grow corn organically. So we were spraying the corn with DDT. When it was banned, we switched to spraying with Sevin. Tony used less than the recommended amount, but he also sprayed with Atrazine. I remember asking somebody at EPA if we had to worry about fungicides and herbicides,” says Hiu, β€œand they told me No. β€œWell, Tony was going barefoot most of the time and wore no protective clothing. He mixed the stuff in a big sprayer tank, stirring it. Tony never wanted the kids or me to get near that spray tank. He knew something wasn't good; he just didn't know how to do it better.” β €
β €
Tony died from lymphoma in 1984. β€œI think he died from 24 years of exposure to Atrazine. I read in trade journals soon after he died that there was a very strong correlation between his kind of lymphoma and that particular herbicide. And Atrazine is still being recommended and sold.” β €
β €
After Tony’s death, Hiu declared β€œNo more spraying! We were giving up using chemicals on the corn, but it's very hard to grow corn organically; everything wants to eat it. Everything. Birds, raccoons, bugs, worms. It's hard to protect it. So therefore we were basically giving up the corn. We decided that even though that's supposed to be our signature crop, we were going to move on to some other signature crop, which pretty much became tomatoes.” β €
β €
Beautiful, delicious tomatoes, they are!
β €
The farm is still going strong and is a treasure in Northern Virginia. The full stories about the early days of the farm and about daughter Hana, who now runs it, can be found on groundedwomen.com. Click on the link in bio and search under Meet the Farmers. β €
β €
#groundedwomen, #knowyourfarmer, #csa, #eatlocal, #womenfarmers, #farmlifebestlife #thankafarmer β €
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β €
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For it is the farmer who feeds the world with her nurturing hands as she cares for the earth with love, dedication and compassion. πŸ“Έ @rwanda_nziza

This guy is the equivalent of the Walmart greeter. He waits at the entrance to the garden and smiles at all that enter. He's actually pretty silly once ya get to know him😊
#slocounty #homegrown #womenfarmers #gourds

The Homestead farmstand is open today 12-4pm. Tomatoes, beans, peppers, garlic, fresh herbs, spaghetti squash, fresh cut flowers, homemade bread, homemade soaps and salves. Come check us out if you are in the area πŸ˜‰
All our veggies are heirloom non-GMO varieties and are organically grown. Our soaps and salves are handmade with our own herbs and flowers, as well as certified organic essential oils from Mountain Rose Herbs.

Alien flowers. I am loving the colors and textures of these guys #sweetdelilahfarm #floretseeds #celosia

Good morning from the Three Sisters plot 🌞 we got a wammy of a storm last night, but the gardens held up very well. In permaculture, we talk about resilient design - planning ahead for the ability to withstand even the harshest conditions. The best part? It works πŸ˜‰

Shown: heirloom sunflowers, Turk's Turban squash flower, Scarlet Runner bean flowers, bottle gourd vines, and heirloom sorghum.

I'm so excited!! I just spotted 3 baby pomegranates on the tree I planted less than 6 months ago. Question is: Should I nip the fruit off so it can put the energy into the roots and branches or leave it on and see how it goes?
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Enjoying some time out this afternoon. I like to check out the local eateries so I can recommend them to our #airbnbguests 😊 The Choux Box cafe has recently been expanded and renovated. I picked up my new #pamgrout book at #boardwalkbooks, a quaint little book shop in the main street of Kingscliff #beachfarm607 #airbnblife #lovethelifeyoulive #womenfarmers #airbnb #airbnbphoto #airbnbhost #superhost #airbnbguest #kingscliff #cudgen #coffeetime #coffee #relaxing #coffeeandcake #coffeeandcaketime #coffeeandcakes #timeoff #timeout #newbook #newbooks #newbooksmell #chouxbox #chouxboxcafe #kingsclifflife #artandsoulreloaded

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