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Sehnaz siraa Tu V Lata . Ana Vadda Response aya feeling Top Of the world .
#WomenEmpowerment #colavsmilk

@dorothytoran - what a face! How many people can have very little to no hair and look so damn good. You are stunning inside and out my friend. ♥️#womenempowerment #warriors

Thank you @indiememe for an amazing time in #Austin! Can't wait to be back soon! @i.am.it #Texas

L'amicizia tra queste due grandi donne continua... stasera su #raiuno con la seconda puntata di #dipadreinfiglia !!! Vi aspettiamo. #womenempowerment #women #friendship @stefaniarock

Film Kartini menceritakan bagaimana perjuangan RA Kartini - seorang perempuan Jawa di abad ke18 yg penuh dengan keterbatasan akan kodratnya sebagai perempuan. Namun Dengan penuh kesabaran dan tekad hati yg bulat, sedikit demi sedikit ia bisa merubah belenggu tersebut dan menjadikannya sebagai kesempatan untuk dapat merubah keadaan dan nasib kaum perempuan.
Sungguh sebuah film yg menggugah dan mengingatkan kita betapa besar pengorbanan seorang perempuan untuk keluarga yg dicintainya, jalan terjal dan berliku yg harus perempuan hadapi hanya untuk dapat menggapai cita-citanya (yg kemudian banyak tidak sampai).. Dan menyadarkan kita betapa besar arti support dan dorongan org terdekat dalam kehidupan perempuan. Betapa besar dampak positif yg dapat dirasakan oleh masyarakat apabila ada sentuhan perempuan yg berdaya dan memberdayakan sesama.. Sedih dan terharu, banyak menghela nafas namun menonton film ini membuat saya bersyukur dan mengucap banyak terima kasih kepada org tua saya yg telah berjuang agar saya dapat mengemban ilmu dan mendapatkan pendidikan selama ini.. juga saya bersyukur memiliki suami yg sedari dulu menghargai cita-cita saya dan memberikan kesempatan pada saya utk dapat jadi diri sendiri dan tetap bisa berkarya. Karena bayangkan kalau tanpa support dari keluarga tentu aktualisasi diri seorang perempuan tidak akan mudah terjadi. Maju terus Perempuan Indonesia.. Mari kita abadikan perjuangan RA Kartini dengan terus menjadi pendidik terbaik bagi anak-anak kita dan lingkungan dimanapun kita berada🇮🇩😍❤️
#HariKartini #PIA_DPRRI
#NoWomenLeftBehind 💗💐🌸

Confidence is not "They will like me"
Confidence is "I'll be fine if they don't" ---------------------
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Celebrating this beautiful being, my friend and @spelman_college sister @msshaunrobinson as she continues to make a powerful impact in the lives of young girls. Read more about her, her mega transition from TV to philanthropy and why she is so excited about her foundation S.H.A.U.N.
Shaun, thank you for sharing your story and inspiration with @thetailife's @chi_bombastic. I love you. #Linkinbio


The kindest eyes.
While walking the streets of Cuba, this particular day I thought I wanted to dive in more with the locals. First encounter were 2 youngins playing checkers right outside of a hole in the wall barber shop as this lady sat on her bike and watched the game. The had the sweetest eyes. Soft smile that bursted into a bashful laugh after showing her this photo.
I know life has its curve balls. But there is something sooooo beautiful when we could just keep it simple. In that simplicity, love, great vibes, a flow of energy, connection, and much more get created because of the platform made available. How I wish things could stay that simple. It's my own goal.
#adventuresWithRaul #travel #havana #cuba #womenempowerment #women

This time 2 years ago I was honored beyond words to witness Geneen Roth on stage from the 1st row of the Lincoln Center in NYC during the IIN Conference. I attended & graduated IIN as a Holistic Health Coach 👏🏼❤️ Back to Geneen Roth.... She has been one of the greatest leaders as I developed my own self-love and then giving me the words to lead my clients in their own self-love journey. I didn't even think I could admire her more until hearing her speak live... And then she was on my plane home! 🙏🏻😍 This Sunday she is on @supersoul with Oprah. Set your DVR's now! I'll continue to remind you & I am tagging some of you before this show happens because I love you & am confident in the delivery of this message impacting you. I am so excited. I love this woman! Women... Both of these powerhouses! 💪🏼❤️✨😍 @geneenrothtalks #selflove #love #iloveyou #womenempowerment #womenpower #supersoulsunday #ownnetwork #sunday #soul #holistichealthcoach #iin #lightworker

READ MY LIPS 💪🏼#womenempowerment #readmylips

So it's time about that time! Go check out my grind time tuesday feature blog where I give you all the deets on my 5 step side hustle guide, worksheets and more! TTYL ladies!!! 😉👑🗝️

WOW! What an amazing turnout at tonights #dressforsuccess event! #soproud #ygk #womenhelpingwomen #community #womenempowerment #women

When you're in your own lane you should only be concerned with finding the people who love to see you drive. Those people will always make sure you're never riding on empty. #WhoSaidICant #doyou #driversseat #womenempowerment #afro #poet #speaker #naturalhair #70s#style

Eclectic cuisine around women empowerment conversations #communityengagement #latinastrong #womenempowerment #foodporn #feelinginspired

O silêncio de uma mulher diz muito. É um grito silencioso que conta que em seu coração já não nascem palavras de amor. © Carla Tavares

#mulher #mulheres #empoderamentofeminino #womenempowerment #womanpower #dor #silencio #silent #amote #amor

"No One Is You and That Is Your Power" Loving. Caring. Supporter. Empathetic. Live to Serve Others. Healer. Mommy. Doctor. Author. Speaker. Gang Expert. Parenting Expert. Adjunct Professor. No One Is ME. I AM Dr. Edwards✔️🙋🏾💪🏾

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