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ACLU waging all-out war to prevent women from seeing ultrasound of their baby before an abortion. Read at LifeNews.com. #protectlife #womendeservebetter

Women and children suffer the most in tough times. This government can pretend everything is great, but we know the quality of life is not great for most Ghanaians. I humbly ask that we put Ghana first and give my very hardworking and selfless husband, @nakufoaddo a chance on December 7.
#Caring #Compassionate #LiveWire

Trigger Warning:
Part 2:
As we made the devastating decision together to transport to the hospital for another repeats cesarean, I made the call to the closest hospital for transport. I gave a brief report to a sweet charge nurse on the other end of the phone line. Before I could hang up, she stated she would be transferring my call to the OB in house. His voice met mine on the other end of the line, telling him my clients history, and stated that we would be coming in for a repeat cesarean, before I could even finish the word cesarean, his words stopped me cold in my tracks. “Unbelievable, this is unbelievable” His tone totally changed. I continued talking and stated that my client wanted to come in first for an epidural so she was comfortable to discuss her options for her surgical birth, his laughter grew louder over my voice. My heart sank into my stomach, my hands clammy, my voice might have cracked as his words struck my soul. “what you are doing is against the law, how dare you.” I assure you doctor it’s not, I am practicing well within my scope of practice, you are the closest hospital to my clients house, all she wants is to be treated with respect and have her options discussed. “well that will not happen here, there will be no choices, give me your name, I want to spelling, I am reporting you to the medical board.” Knowing that I was doing nothing wrong, I found my voice again, Well if that is how you are going to treat my client, I will let her know how you feel, and also let her know that there are options of another hospital to go to. I’m guessing that she will choose to drive further to have the choices she will make about her body and her baby heard. The phone disconnected and I quickly saved my clients the drama and stated that the on call doctor stated she had no options, they immediately opted for the farther drive. Calling ahead to my normal transport hospital on the way in, the loving receiving voice took report and stated they would see us soon. No condescending tone, no dictation of care. Just love and respect. #womendeservebetter #reformmaternitycare #demandchoices #lifeofamidwife

I am so tired of reading "she could be someone's mother/sister/daughter/wife" as a reason to respect a woman and not rape/abuse her. I'm so sick of reading "as a father to daughters" from male actors denouncing Harvey Weinstein. We are human beings and humans should respect each other. You don't need a reason to not rape or abuse someone. #writing #quote #nikitagill #themoondragon

We, as women, deserve to feel comfortable and pain-free during our most important, regular check-up. It should be a time we can look forward to, not one we potentially put off due to anxiety.
Our health is more important than that.
What would you like to see changed at your pelvic exam?
#womendeservebetter #pelvicexam #womenshealth #innovation

blessed for one of the most amazing experiences ive ever had w some great people standing up for the gift of life in the big city❤️🇺🇸 #womendeservebetter #savethebabies

A selfie cause I am beautiful... I deserve a beautiful life... I am practicing feeling beautiful #womendeservebetter #iambeautiful #metoo #whoruntheworldgirls

#tbt to this beauty ! I love it when you beautiful women are on a transitioning phase . Not only are you transitioning your hair but your also transitioning your life ! Heading to the next phase of an incredible you ! Keep being amazing ladies the future girls of this world deserve a great example !!! @bouncecurl ____________________________________
Transición de pelo no solo incluye el pelo , también incluye transición de vida . Es el momento en que maduramos a otro nivel de ser increíble . Sigan siendo hermosas , nuestras futuras niñas merecen el ejemplo ! ____________________________________
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An open message of hope to all women, “ No matter how you feel right now, if it is injustice, you shall get tired. There shall be a day, you will learned to walk away with thanks because the Universe demands IT. IT is JUSTICE, and all women are WonderWoman when the day the Universe demands you to recognised this” 💘CC

#wonderwoman #justice #loveyourselffirst #womendeserverespect #womendeservebetter #gratitude

I put on a short skirt and a white sleeveless top
Society called me a character less girl
With no dignity to offer to God.

She put on a pink salwar Kameez with a white dupatta
Society called her a girl with immense values
With a body as pure as God.

They ripped my top off and destroyed my skirt
They snatched her dupatta and tore her salwar
The society called us both a slut
And let the monsters escape on the pretext of being a " man"

The fault was mine for wearing short clothes
The fault was here's for leaving the house after 8 in order to buy books
The fault was ours for being the way god created us

The society let the monsters escape
And let them keep feeding on our souls and bodies
As if we are nothing more than satisfaction for your appetite.

#womenarenotobjects #womendeservebetter #indianwomen #respectwomen #womenarenottoys #womenarenottoblame #yourlifeyourchoice #bringjusticetowomen #poems #poetry #amateurpoetry #poemsporn #writings #bleedingwords #poetryisnotdead #poetrycommunity #poetsofinstagram #writersblock #writersnetwork #wordplay #wordsmith #wordsgasm #writingprompts

A Sunday reminder of how far I have to go. I have this path I must walk. If no one else will love me I will love myself. This is the least I can do for my body and my health. I’m a kind person with a huge heart. I care about people and I deserve to be appreciated for the women and human I am. If the world can’t do that then I will do it for myself. It’s amazing what you find out about the people closest to you and how that ripples through your life. Most people teach me how not to be. I want to be the beacon of light that teaches people how to be. I am that person. I like that I am. I try and be the person that I never had growing up and I want to be that for others as well. Cheers to another week, to battling new obstacles and to loving ourselves through the journey. #weightlosstransformation #getfit #healthydiet #healthychoices #weightlossjourney #womenmatter #womenempowerment #womenpower #womendeservebetter #bloodisnotalwaysthickerthanwater #fitness #fitnessmotivation #kindness #kindnessmatters #benetternotbitter #bebetterthantheyexpect

This Christmas give a gift that can be used all year. Give the gift of cloth. www.gofundme.com/SilkySoftees

When it comes to obtaining a new vehicle, there are two major routes a buyer can take. Either you can buy the car—with or without a loan—or you can lease it. While lessees don’t build equity, leasing is a good option for those who want to drive new cars at a lower price...Link to the main website, www.WomenDeserveBetter.com in profile. #womendeservebetter #leaseacar http://www.womendeservebetter.com/how-to-lease-a-car

Hiyah! I’m Morgan. Here’s my Beauty Counter story, in short: I’ve always loved makeup. For someone who can’t paint or draw worth a flip, I love exploring makeup products and getting creative with them. BUT I also have some auto-immune conditions, so my body can’t take a lot of toxicity. And breast cancer 😡 runs in my family. So when I heard about Beauty Counter, I read about the NeverList and started looking at the ingredients in some of my favorite (and not cheap) makeup and skin care products from stores like Sephora. ALL of them had ingredients from the NeverList. 😳😬 So I was inspired to #cleanupmymakeup bag, and gave Beauty Counter a try, little by little. First the lip gloss (because I’m literally licking and ingesting that stuff!), then the eye makeup remover, the liquid eyeliner, lipstick, and the Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer with spf (that sold me). In this photo all I’m wearing on my face is the Dew Skin, the liquid eyeliner, mascara, and a lip gloss from the Perfect Pout Trio Nudes holiday lip gloss set. I love these products and believe that women should have #saferbeauty that doesn’t wreak havoc on their hormones, their fertility, their health. Check out the products in the link on my profile page and reach out if you have any questions. #beautycounter #beautycounterdc #ihatecancer #womendeservebetter

Honored to be a part of this morning's women's breakfast organized by the amazing @lmhq_nyc We had such a terrific conversation about women's health and what we can all do to make it better 🙌🏻Happy to find a home for our new t-shirt Every Mother is a Working Mother #womenshealth #breastpump #nayamoms #motherhood #baby #health #womendeservebetter

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Accusations of sexual assault are all over the news, but what do you do if this happens to you -- or someone you love?

Read "What to Do If You Have Been Sexually Assaulted," by FFL Speaker Joyce McCauley-Benner. A link to our main website, www.WomenDeserveBetter.com is in the Instagram profile at account, NeverUnderestimateWomen.

To book Joyce to deliver her speech, "Victory Over Violence," at your next event, contact info@feministsforlife.org. #womendeservebetter http://www.womendeservebetter.com/what-to-do-if-you-have-been-sexually-assaulted

Accusations of sexual assault are all over the news, but what do you do if this happens to you -- or someone you love?

Read "What to Do If You Have Been Sexually Assaulted," by FFL Speaker Joyce McCauley-Benner. A link to our main website, www.WomenDeserveBetter.com is in the profile.

To book Joyce to deliver her speech, "Victory Over Violence," at your next event, contact info@feministsforlife.org. #womendeservebetter http://www.womendeservebetter.com/what-to-do-if-you-have-been-sexually-assaulted

Feminists for Life editor Damian Geminder had his home recently dedicated to suffragette Naomi Williams Griffiths who led the effort to secure the vote for women on Long Island in 1914! Naomi’s son Gil remained in her home for decades until his passing. The Geminder family subsequently moved into the home in 1987. We pay tribute to Naomi and all our feminist foremothers who worked at the local, state and national levels to ensure that no one would be denied the right to vote, regardless of sex. #feminism #feminist #feminists #womendeservebetter #feministsforlife #suffrage

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Please share to spread the word about www.WomenDeserveBetter.com - link is in profile on Instagram page, NeverUnderestimateWomen - We believe in you! #womendeservebetter

This Adoption Awareness Month, we want to honor birth mothers, too! Here are your rights if you are a birth mother in the workplace. -link to main website www.WomenDeserveBetter.com - in profile. #womendeservebetter #birthmom #birthmother #adoptionawarenessmonth #adoption http://www.womendeservebetter.com/your-rights-as-a-birthmother-in-the-workplace

Please share to spread the word about www.WomenDeserveBetter.com - link is in profile. We believe in you! #womendeservebetter

Have you ever heard of a semi-open adoption? To learn more go to www.WomenDeserveBetter.com - link to the main webpage is in profile. #womendeservebetter #adoptionawarenessmonth #adoption #semiopenadoption http://www.womendeservebetter.com/what-is-semi-open-adoption

“Abortion is the ultimate in the exploitation of women.”
—Alice Paul, author of the Equal Rights Amendment and suffrage leader

As we approach the 45th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton twin decisions that legalized abortion through all nine months of pregnancy for any reason, we pause again to remember those women and children who have died, and support those who mourn.

Many of us continue to wonder how could this have happened in America, a country that through centuries of expanded rights, from nobles in Europe to the common man, to freeing those who were enslaved, and finally suffrage for women and people of color, including (and lastly) indigenous Americans. How did we get to the point when we would now betray our feminist principles of nonviolence, nondiscrimination, and justice for all, and replace a patriarchy with a matriarchy?

In my speech, “The Feminist Case Against Abortion,” I explain how the two men who founded NARAL sadly convinced the women’s movement to embrace abortion by arguing that it wasn’t the employer or educator’s responsibility to accommodate pregnant women or mothers. But in this issue, I ask Sue Ellen Browder, author of Subverted, to reveal the details of that very moment that split feminists for abortion from feminists for life — and was Alice Paul there?

In this issue, with input from people like you who support our work, we also explore the impact of Roe and Doe on women and men, on those who remember the moment, and on those yet to be born. We count down the most ridiculous questions still asked of pro-life feminists. And we examine “bad medicine” in the abortion business.

You will be inspired by the evolution of one woman who has lived through much of what we talk about. Learn what you can do to help us fulfill the unrealized vision of Susan B. Anthony to address the root causes that drive women to abortion.

Basics like medical coverage, child care, child support, and diapers aren’t sexy, but they are what mothers need, what they want, and what women deserve. So in this next issue of The American Feminist, we will provide a handout, our new Women Deserve Better® brochure, and our ad...continued below

New blog post is up where I share my thoughts on this "as a father of a daughter" slash "he should known better, he has daughters" argument against sexual assault. It shouldn't take having a daughter for a man to realize that assault is HORRIBLE. Also, the idea that men need to listen to abuse accusations just because/only when they have a daughter is lazy. How about we listen to abuse accusations and believe women regardless of how many daughters we have. #feminist #woke #againstsexualabuse #againstsexualassault #metoo #womendeservebetter #intersectionalfeminism #femaleempowerment

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