We couldn’t have wished for a better debut at the American College of Nurse Midwives exhibition! This is Jessica, our uber-talented midwife medical adviser (@dmamacare) sharing our NuSpec with an eager audience. #ceekchange #womendeservebetter #whatwomenneed #midwife #acnm18 #womenshealth

Be free!! 🌸 One step that is essential in growing from your abusive or unfaithful relationship is sharing your story... now, this comes in many forms. You can write about it, you can tell your therapist, you can tell your friends and family, or whatever it may be! But you DO need to get your story out there. Sharing your story gives you a sense of freedom because you are telling your story on your time and in the way you deem appropriate. You’re ridding your mind and soul of the negativity that consumed it, and you’re now on a road to healing. 💙 So, if you’re ready... share your story today. •

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Abortion advocates now say abortion "is a parenting decision." It is one of the many ways they are trying to get women to be comfortable with abortion. What is your response to this bizarre claim? Thoughtful responses to these bold-faced lies may be quoted in the next great issue of The American Feminist.

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It was girls’ movie night in the conservative Christian organization I was part of and we were watching Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Our movie choices were extremely limited because, of course, there couldn’t be any language or violence or anything remotely sexual beyond a chaste kiss and the blushing announcement that the main female character was pregnant. What wasn’t scrutinized however were the actual relationships in the movie. We watched as the girls in the movie were literally snatched from their homes and taken captive. And, oh hey! A couple of months later they all miraculously fall in love with the men who captured them and decide to get married.
Was this #relationshipgoals?? I wish that Seven Brides for Seven Brothers was the only reference I’d seen to “romance” like this. But it’s all over the old tv shows, movies and books that I consumed growing up. Girl demurely resists the advances of man. Man keeps pursuing relentlessly. Girl realizes she was ridiculously to not appreciate this man before and quickly falls hopelessly in love with man and they live happily ever after. (Whaaaaaaaat?!) As I raise a son and a daughter I’m thinking carefully about what media they’re exposed to. But unlike the conservative institutions of my past I’m not so concerned with swearing and sex. I’m looking at the relationships. Is my son learning that the person he’s attracted to will fall for him if he just keep pursing long enough? Is my daughter learning that stalking and pushing boundaries constitute love?
Last week yet another school shooter was revealed to have a history of violence against women. He was angry that a classmate didn’t appreciate his repeated advances. He shot and killed her and nine others.
If you believe the headlines you’ll think that behind every violent man is a woman who spurned his advances. As if the woman saying “yes” would have prevented any of this from happening.
Violence against women is serious and real and it comes it comes in many forms. And as we take action against it in real life we can also call out the fictionalized depictions of “romance” that set our children up for dangerous relationships.

If you're not working to change it; consider yourself complicit.

Scream: for our sisters, friends, daughters, granddaughters. Your yes will give women in Ireland back their basic human rights. Your no will make you a part of a history which - if the 8th Amendment doesn’t change - our children, and their children, will look back at in absolute horror.
Release the chains of Ireland’s past - shaming, suppressing, punishing, controlling women - and vote for a compassionate future
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Happily ever after isn’t so easy for some women... sometimes, to find your happily ever after, you have to face some villainous trials. And some of those trials come in the aftermath... I truly believe the time after an abusive or unfaithful relationship can be the hardest, especially for a Christian. My goal for this ministry is to help women through this rough time. I am currently finishing up chapter two of my book, which will be going through the steps that women tend to go through while healing from an abusive or unfaithful relationship, specifically with marriage being involved. In the mean time, prayers for God’s words to find me and come to you all through the words in this book. It’s through His disciples that His word and love is spread. 💜 •

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Considerate, kind, loving and plays no games, opens doors for you and not try to go through first, pulls the chairs out for me and ming , holds the umbrella over my head and doesn't care to get wet, while opening car door.... ILOVEYOU savage ass GENTLEMAN #love #gentlemanstyle #realman #realshit #womendeservebetter #focus

This cartoon made me chuckle. The idea that a baby “oppresses” it’s mother is so archaic. It boggles my mind that people still think abortion is somehow empowering to women. Abortion tells women that they can’t have a child and still be independent. It says that they have to choose between their baby and a career, or their education. Not only is this misogynistic, but it’s just incorrect! This viewpoint demeans all of the work that women all around the world do to be both mothers, and working, independent, kick-ass women! Abortion is NOT progressive, it’s actually a giant step back for women! 🇮🇪🎉💚👶🏻

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Over the years, Feminists for Life of America has taken on the most outrageous claims by abortion advocates with many iterations of "Pro-Woman Answers to Pro-Choice Questions™." After directly answering them with our often-repeated slogan, "Women Deserve Better® than Abortion" and the development of neonatal technology that clearly shows that "it" is a human being, abortion providers have changed tactics. You read some of what FFL President Serrin Foster first revealed in "MANIPULATION," an analysis of the internal training of abortion workers at Planned Parenthood.

In the coming weeks, you can help us answer a new generation of bold-faced lies by abortion providers as they try to "normalize" abortion.

Your response may be quoted in an upcoming issue of The American Feminist. Please be sure your support is current:

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And keep returning to this page every day for your daily pro-life feminist fix, and join us as we unmask their new bold-faced lies with pro-woman answers. #Feminism #feminist #feminists #prolife #WomenDeserveBetter #FeministsForLife

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