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You just have to know how good you are and how great God is! You weren't created to be anything less than amazing! 9 times out of 10, the biggest obstacle preventing you from stepping into your greatness is yourself. Get out of your own way, renew your mind, heal your heart, and start creating the life that you deserve! 💗 #WomenByChoice

It's ok to do for others but please don't neglect yourself in the process! Self-care is not selfish! It's time you start taking care of and pleasing yourself.

If you are ready to make self-care and securing the bag a priority in your life, join the Self Care is not Selfish Challenge! Self Care is not Self is a 21 Day Challenge designed to guide and provide you with the tools and resources needed to evolve personally, professionally, and financially without neglecting your most powerful asset…YOU!

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LOOK!!! Somebody come look at THIS!! *Kevin Hart voice* 😭😍 This says it all. This is why we exist! This is SO beautiful! Swipe left for a story about how strangers became sisters. If you’re a positive, supportive, and success-minded woman, why haven’t you joined us?The link is in our bio. Keep glowing and growing together sisters @thee_lion_queen @so_aware! “When Women Support Women, We ALL Win!” #sisterhood #womensupportingwomen #womenbychoice #maryland #sisters #womensupportwomen

#swipeleft Where will you be June 2nd? Hopefully with me in New York! I’ll be showing you how to live your BEST life despite your current or past struggle. There is a beauty in starting over and that beauty is doing it YOUR WAY! You were born to slay sis! Head to the @womenbychoice website for more info and tickets! See you in Juuuuuuuuune!.
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Coming into the New Year, I coordinated a giveaway opportunity to win a 1 Year Subscription of Essence Magazine. Today I’m taking time to spotlight one of 3 Giveaway winners, Briyanna Thanks for you all of your support Queen! 👑💜

Stay tuned for upcoming giveaway opportunities! 🤗

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Sales begins and ends with your buyer. If you meet their needs then they will make the purchase.
But most people struggle with
❓who their buyer really is
❓what does the buyer struggle with
❓the why behind the why that makes the buyer buy
❓the real issues the buyer has that stops them from buying

When you don’t know these things, you’re just post and not really selling anything,
Do you have these questions? DM me you need a breakthrough.

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|✨Perhaps the Anxiety you feel about that goal, that dream, that situation, that business, that job, that person, that (whatever you’re afraid of currently) is because you won’t LET GO OF FEAR. Break UP with Fear! God is doing a NEW thing! #trust HIM ✨|
📌I know my posts lately have been about letting go, trusting, releasing, stopping and praying! 💡The message has been consistent because of the things that I truly believe God wants to do in your life in THIS season. 💡
📌For those who have released, obeyed, learned, passed those tests, have been developed with a discerning spirit for what’s not of God, you now have more understanding of which doors are not for you, and you are perfectly aware of WHO You are AND WHOSE You are. #identity #purpose #calling☀️
🔑YOU’VE fought hard to go through the process of unbecoming in order to BECOME.🔑
✨It’s your season for something NEW✨
📌God is answering your prayers and you’re scared, afraid and rejecting it bc you’re afraid it will be like the old. ✨
📌Sis, God is doing a NEW thing. ✨
🚨He can’t do it if you’re so busy trying to protect yourself from failing, so busy trying to make things look the way you thought they would, so busy trying to fight that battle at work on your own, so busy trying to reject those new ladies who are trying to be your friend, so busy turning away from that church family that you prayed for your entire life, so busy running from the very thing you asked Him to send you. ✨
📌Why are you so busy fighting the NEW when you prayed for Him to deliver you from the OLD?✨
💡Let Go of FEAR SIS.. this time is DIFFERENT!💡
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