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I am here. Did you know that we imprint our babies even before conception!?! So wild. If you are curious about this subject google from Anna Verwaal 's Ted talk. Bonus it's only 10 mins!
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..There Are Days Like Today Where I Miss This Bump So Much. Though Its A Much More Beautiful World With Jude On The Outside Than In ,I Still Miss It. Inside He Was The Closest He Would Ever Be To Me. In The Safest Of Places. I Will Continue To Love & Protect You As Long As I Shall Live.. #motherhoodthroughinstagram #motherhood #wombtoworld #motherhoodrising #mybabyyoullbe

Shoutout to the woman who birthed me and raised me! Thank you for guiding me to think for myself, listen to my gut, stand up for what's right, and live a life full of laughter. I am one lucky daughter. 💐🔻👸🏻

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From #wombtoworld with the brightest smile of an angel knowing that's he's here more than a conqueror.
All hail! Noble Chidum Iredu born on Gods perfect timing Friday, 9th of June. 11:25pm, 2017. Weight 7.4pounds
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Aaannndddd... This photo project is also complete! 👌🏽// #positivetest #pregnant #baby #wombtoworld

I'm One Week today! #wombtoworld #Jules

We were honored to have Meg Faure in store this morning launching her book Pregnancy Sense, thank you @megfaure.sense #babysense #babyboy #babygirl #kemusthave1 #wombtoworld#pregnancysense

With Baby Sense you can ease your little ones into their new world with love and support #wombtoworld #babysense #momsense


📚 * BOOK REVIEW * 📚 I love this book for so many reasons. I’m certain that if all new parents could absorb the author’s message then there would be so much more peace, for so many, in the postpartum period. We need to stop telling parents how to parent, and instead to educate them about how their babies develop. We need to enable them to listen to their instinct, and to give them the permission they seek to tend to their babies as their heart tells them to. They need courage to ignore the strong current of our society, and find their own way of doing things. This book offers parents this gift. It explains what the Fourth Trimester is, and why it is so important. Dr Karp’s calming methods make complete sense once the new parent understands the world from their baby’s perspective. So many parenting books talk about getting babies to meet our (often very unrealistic) expectations. But this one explains why we need to change our expectations - and not our babies. The book addresses the mystery of colic by enabling parents to understand how over stimulating the big wide world is for a small baby. It’s full of Q &A's and testimonials so that literally every concern any parent could have is addressed. It’s the perfect book for all new parents, however different their experiences. #newbabies #newparents #newfamilies #understandingyourbaby #childdevelopment #fourthtrimester #wombtoworld #parentingbooks #peacefulparenting ❤️

Here it is! Website is official up and running! Www.wombtoworld.ca- check it out 🤰🏽 #doulalife #doula #wombmates #wombtoworld #website

This preciousness happened this morning. #wombtoworld eviction, please. #kinsleymae

Each and every miracle takes time to create... but in the end, it will be perfection in every way. ✨

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Work that waist👏🏽 Belly bump and all!
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Inspired by the amazing @johannaenough ! 😍❤️ Leute schaut euch bitte das Profil von dieser tollen Frau an 😊 Sie hat auch vor kurzem erst ein wunderschönes Baby auf die Welt gebracht 👼🏼💕 #28weekspregnant 🎶: QQ, Salty - Waist Line

Loving the look of concentration here at our Italian baby massage teacher training course. We are working to train osteopathy students how to teach parents baby massage. The two work well together to help babies adjust from the womb to the world #blossomandberrybabymassage #lovecreateslove #babymassage #infantmassage #osteopathy #baby #study #osteopath #teach #massage #birth #wombtoworld

#swaddling - something I absolutely swear by in those first few weeks. This makes up 1 of the 5 S's of settling your baby to sleep. Wrap them up tightly like a little burrito. Babies like to feel boundaries all around them as it takes them back to the feeling of safety of the womb. Remember we are trying to make that adjustment from #wombtoworld as easy as possible.

Strength of a mother👏🏽 #mother #motherhood #mothercare #strength #powerful #inamaygaskin #yoga #familyyoga #doula #wombtoworld ---------
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Wow!!!!!! 🙌🏼💪🏽🙌🏼 #balancedmama #womencandoanything #strongmama #motherhood #motherandchild #nohoodlikemotherhood #womenarestrong #womenareamazing #yogimama #handstandlove #doulawisdom Repost @pranamama.tv
Just a bit of midweek bad-assery for you from @carleebyoga 😱😍🙌 Repost @carleebyoga
Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you can't practice any other virtue consistently.
Maya Angelou


Most Beautiful Girl 2010 Afoma Fiona -iredu welcomes first child.
Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 2010, Afoma Fiona and her husband, Frank Iredu have welcomed their first child, a son named Noble Chidum. Fiona and Frank married traditionally in 2015 and had a white wedding the following year. Fiona wrote on her Instagram page:

Quote "From #wombtoworld with the brightest smile of an angel knowing that's he's here more than a conqueror. All hail! Noble Chidum Iredu born on Gods perfect timing Friday, 9th of June. 11:25pm, 2017. Weight 7.4pounds #GodisGracious #kind #Thankful #Grateful".

(Que The Sappy 1st Birthday Post)
🌿Today marks 1 year we've done life together My Jude.🌿 I'm full of so many emotions & thought I had prepared myself for your first of many birthdays. (wrote this yesterday) I was actually pretty wrong about how prepared I thought I would be. On the day you were born, I knew it was the day that would change my life forever besides finding out that I was carrying you in my womb. Your dad and I had been up all day prior to your earth side arrival anxiously waiting to meet you. I remember wondering every day as your due date drew closer if it was ever going to happen. Wondering what it would be like to hold you & wondering just how Motherhood would truly be. Also,how it was physically possible to still be pregnant! 😂 When the time finally came at 40+6 ,I was more than ready. More than ready to meet you,to love you more than i already did,to hear your cries,to touch your skin, to grow with you & see the life that we had created but most importantly be a mama. 12 hours of labor & a few pushes you were here. The people closest to my heart (& yours) were in that room that day. Still to this day I'm in shock & can't believe that I had a baby. The most perfect,blue eyed ,healthy & sweet little boy. Watching you grow & develop has been the best moments of our adventure through life thus far. They always say that you never really know what love is until you've created & cared for another life of your own. Its true,so true. You have taught me so much about life,love,happiness,patience & growth. No words,paragraphs or novels will EVER be enough to explain my love for you nor my gratitude.  You are SO intelligent,love the outdoors,persistent,loving,EXTREMELY hilarious but most importantly My Boy. You are so loved by so many people Jude.  I could ramble on for hours about how much I love you & Just how cool you are... 5/31/16 my world stopped for a minute & started again all with you in my arms. Motherhood isn't always easy but dang if you aren't more than worth it. I Love You Jude Ryan. Cheers To One Year My Sweet Baby.

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