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I feel that as women to embrace fully the power of the feminine, we need to connect deeply to the Earth, to feel its sacred vibration in our body, in our womb. This is what gives us this vastness, this receptivity, this ability to hold everything.
And I feel that this process takes time. This is a process actually that moves through your body, through your being and transforms it. You can clearly feel this in some women, and they are rare. There is a feeling of serene power that emanates from them, a warmth from their womb.
Today during a cacao ceremony I was transported back to the Peruvian Amazon land and its sacred aliveness. This was the first time that I could feel how alive everything in nature is, how everything breathes and moves in perfect sync with everything else.
I know that some day I will be back for sure to continue this work, there is a deep call in my soul for this.
In the meantime I feel really supported by the sacred land of Koh Phangan here. Living in the jungle, I feel deeply held by the trees, by the Earth. And I find the divine music of nature so healing and nurturing to my soul.
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What is this radical self-love about? Might sound a little bit narcissistic or extreme. What kind of link is there between the Feminine Awakening and self love, especially radical?
I feel that if we want to connect with the power of the feminine, the very first step is to love ourselves. There is such an ingrained belief in our brains that we are not good enough. The whole society structures keep reminding us that we are not good enough, that we should improve or change something, put this make up on your face, loose this hip curves, stop being so hysterical, and so on.
Really love this very inspiring quote by Tami Lynn Kent from the book Wild Feminine:
"The experiences that lead us as women to psychically and spiritually disconnect from the roots of our bodies (and the full capacity of our creative range) vary, but one fundamental issue maintains this separation: the spirit naturally moves away from places that are dishonoured. The female body is still often a source of shame rather than a place of celebrated, sacred space. As women, we belong in a sacred space. Our female bodies are sacred, we carry the future for our daughters and sons, and we have the potential to change the limiting patterns from the generations that went before us."
So change the world, by honouring and loving your body and your being, one day at a time. Art @florencehblt
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Isn't this creation absolutely beautiful?
Today was the launch of our weekly Shakti Circles. The theme was about the womb energetics, the womb as a place to plant seeds for our projects to grow.
Really loved this exercise of ci-creation, where we all went to look for some elements in nature to create this womb, ovaries and yoni.

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Take a nap in the nest, like two years ago. Foto by "Dinosaur mama" 謝謝這些日子常伴我左右的力量及週遭的人,祝福我們都好。 詳見:http://xurongyo.blogspot.com #WombPower #回巢 #CircleofLife

👊🏽🙌🏽👏🏾A big shout out to our very own Marcia Lopez and her triathlon partner in crime, Liz! They are doing the Long Beach Triathlon right now!
Amazing things happen when we come together, support and uplift one another! The possibilities are endless ✨✨

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When your at the chalice and rain and thunder suddenly emerge from a blue sky, you wonder how much power you actually hold in you ⚡️ 📸brilliancy by sister extraordinaire @tanyamarkul

Women. Just WOMEN.
I have always been in awe of what women can do and continue to do (!) to enable us to live. They bring us here.
We were brought to Earth - all of us - through the vessel of Woman.
It's something that has never failed to blow my mind, and being 1 of 18 grandchildren I was always marvelling at whichever one of my aunties was pregnant when I was growing up.
We've hit the next generation now and my sister-cousin is going to be bringing her second child into the world soon. I'm hit with that same sense of awe & wonder. What her body is going through, how her organs have moved around - kidneys pushed back, lungs and stomach pushed up, to make space for this growing life in her body.
Is that not insanely magical?! Women are the gateway to the universe - creating a bunch of cells is one thing but there's also a spirit, a personality, a little conscious being in there too - who created that? And how did it get in there? Whatever your beliefs are, surely that blows your mind too? In my eyes it's full proof that magic exists.
My mind was buzzing with all this last night and I feel like it's my unborn niece / nephew's energy getting us ready for his / her arrival. I cannot wait 🌙☄🙈💫🤗✨
Keeping you in my prayers and focused meditations @shezology @judamonk and sending love in abundance to you and bump 💚💛💜 .
And to all the incredible mamas that I know, you have no idea how much you inspire me / us! @loveforthemama @setyourselfgreen @bystellablu @vanessamajoribanks @plantbased_k @ilovemywomb @t_princesax .
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"Voice of the Womb - the Queen

I am the ripe fruit, the midday sun warming your skin, the rythmic sea waves inviting you in. I open you into deep pool of sensuality and pleasure.
I initiate you into womanhood, motherhood, and awaken your primal erotic creature, who fearlessly loves and protects her brood.
I am the juicy, vital place in you that remains open and welcoming.
I bathe everything in bliss, joy and ecstasy.
My wild, devotional sexuality is my deep gratitude to creature for the gift of life"

I was blessed to be asked to birth this Dakini illustration for the groundbreaking and amazing new book; Womb Awakening - Initiatory Wisdom from Creatrix of all Life by Seren and Azra Bertrand. Check it out if you haven't, you are in for a treat! 😃❤️

I had a dream - darkness was coming after us. No place to run, no place to hide. It would find you.
When everything seemed to be lost and there was no longer a place to go.. we had to face it and see it for what it was.
And then, when we were ready to embrace it and die with it...
Light emerged. Right from the epicenter of the darkest darkness, bright strikes of white light blinded everyone's eyes. It was like a peaceful yet fierce sunrise after a dark, stormy night.
Hope and joy arose within every soul that was there to witness it.
That's how creation works. Womb is a dark place, full of unknown potentials. You have to die in order to be re-born again. You have to face your fears and shadows instead of pretending they're not there. And once you stand on the very edge of this black hole and decide to give in and let go of everything... you come out on the other side of pure life and creation where everything is transformed.

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obsessed with obsidian


for the one who honours Mother Earth

Black Obsidian is ideal for personal growth. Its grounding power acts as a protective shield and supports your spiritual growth. A stone that knows of no boundaries and has always been used by shamans and nature healers for the connection to other planes.
Useful for trauma release as it's said said that it clears psychic smog and dissolves negative feelings.
It has always been known to support wound healing, the energetic gates and the supporting various forms of detoxification. It removes blockages on all levels, including those that you have built yourself.

Promoting your connection with the root chakra, Muladhara, it's used by those who honour Mother Earth, the Mother of all Mothers. and sometimes ... if you ask a question, you will hear the a whispered answer.
MY ADVISE: Due to its intensity, the obsidian is more suitable for experienced Yoni Egg Friends. to soothe its effect, you could combine it with the light energy Rose Quartz or Clear Crystal.

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Sorrow prepares you for joy. It violently sweeps everything out of your house, so that new joy can find space to enter. It shakes the yellow leaves from the bough of your heart, so that fresh, green leaves can grow in their place. It pulls up the rotten roots, so that new roots hidden beneath have room to grow. Whatever sorrow shakes from your heart, far better things will take their place ~ Rumi
#rumiquotes #sorrow #joy #autumn #yellow #lettinggo #violetalabella #femininewisdom #wombpower #yoniblessings #gesundleben #healthyliving #weiblicheessenz #herbsthoch #lebensfreude

A dried herb blend for a little self care of mayan abdominal massage and vaginal steaming. 😍🥀⚘🌼🌻

Women's circle // Mondhütte
“When women come together the world heals a little more“. 🔻 Come join me in a women's circle. Together we explore our moon cycle and talk about our womb and it's magical powers. September 20th at 19h30, lindengasse 15.
“Wenn Frauen zusammenkommen heilt die Welt ein Stückchen mehr“. ✨ Ich lade dich, liebe Schwester, zur kommenden Mondhütte ein. Ich öffne den Raum für altes weibliches Wissen und gemeinsam sprechen wir über den weiblichen Zyklus und unsere Gebärmutter und ihre Stärken.
Anmeldungen bitte an Teja.kaur@gmx.at. 20.09. ab 19h30 in der #lindengasse15 1070 Wien. 💫
#mondhütte #redtent #frauenkreis #womenscircle #Periode #periodpositive #menstruation #bloodywomen #womb #Gebärmutter #zyklus #moontime #Weiblichkeit #sacredfemininity #newmoon #neumond
#roteszelt #womban #wombpower

"I think parents don’t get enough credit. When I was 11 years old, my mom took me to a tennis academy. One of the directors there told my mom that I'd be lucky if I was a Division II player and I got a scholarship.
"I think any parent that ever supports their child -- you could be me one day. So parents, never give up on your kids. If they want to do something, always encourage them." MAY WE NEVER STOP DREAMING..!
#BlackGirlMagic #BlackGirlsRising #Wombman #WombPower #SloaneStephens #Champ

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