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👁🐍👁IMAGE BY @chaosofthemuse 🌹🌹🌹
🔥CALLING YOUR NAME BY SOPHIE BASHFORD❣️ The Goddess has always been calling your name.
Her calling of your name is a sacred whisper through all eternity, leading you through webs and tapestries of all-dimensions, discovering you in this present moment.
Her voice reverberates through your physical and discarnate senses all at once, so you feel Her as real-life experience, and yet are simultaneously led into union with your immortal Self, your transcendent & intuitive awareness.
She has had a great influence on your life, even when you did not know it. She is influencing your life right now. She has led you to many people who were perfectly placed to trigger you into remembering your deep Self. She has led you to many events and occurrences that you like to call 'failures' or 'mistakes', or 'negative', or simply 'challenging'. These have always been your most potent learning and awakening grounds: they are the territories in which you confront long-held pain and suffering within your body, and are asked to look at it, feel it, become intimate with it - so it can be released and changed at source. Often, you draw in relationships that are charged with this old pain, in order for healing to take place. All of the people who have been given the role of bringing up this pain within you, and reflecting it back to you, are great sources of growth for you.
The Goddess holds keys that are vital for your growth in this lifetime. These keys show up in the most likely, and unlikely, places. Some of them show up in the replication of old painful templates - for many of you this is within relationships that mirror your fear of not being honoured and revered as the Goddess. It is mirrored through people who are very attracted to your Light, and Depth, and Power, and Sexual Wisdom - but who do not know what to do with it.
You may feel a urge to 'change' these people, or to help them evolve through your own possession of many sacred keys. These people may appear to let you down, disappoint, abandon or hurt you. These feelings are indeed, very real. 👇👇👇♏️♏️♏️

Yesℹ..... #mamaafrica Some Of Our Great Queens Of Africa 👑🌍🙌
● Know Thy Culture/Heritage/Roots/BlackHistory
● Queen nefertari.... Goddess of Kemet, Land of the blacks 1292-1225 B.C
● Queen Makeda.... Queen Of Sheba.... The Symbol Of Beauty...
● Empress Zawditu... Queen Of Ethiopia 1916-1930
● Empress Menen.....Queen Of Ethiopia, Wife Of His Imperial Majesty The 1st
● Queen Nzingha... Queen Of Angola, Warrior Empress...Defeated The Portuguese Army
●Queen Nandi......Queen Of The Zulu Land....Symbol Of High Esteem, Mother Of King Shaka Zulu17778-1826
#africa #motherland #queen #africans #greatwomen #africagreats #goddess
#queens #honors #royalty #worthy #blessings #blackgirlmagic #blacklove #blackwombmen #wombman #crown
#blacklove #queenofqueens #melanin

If you know me, you know i love elephants..i am one. I love being a #wombman and i love beIng #moor (mistakenly known as ‘black’). I love everything that guy, the public enemy hates. •

Did you know elephants are super emotional and form strong attachments that they can die from a broken heart? #elephant are not #trophies

Round about this time in 2015 I realised that my menstrual cycle had changed dramatically, becoming more regular and my flow became more even too. I was extremely happy about this change as I’d always suffered with an abnormal cycle and very scanty periods from what I thought was caused by PCOS. I’d also always been told that I could have possible issues with conceiving naturally and that I was not ovulating at all, every time I went for a check on my ovaries. I’d have bad symptoms every month such as cramps, fatigue, mood swings, food cravings and even suicidal thoughts... Basically, I dreaded my monthly’s and had extreme anxiety just before my cycle would start.
As I started to embrace and enjoy my new regular cycle, I noticed other changes beginning to happen within my body, but not while I was bleeding. The symptoms were very period like, but without the blood and the pains I felt in my ovaries were something that I’d only ever associated with being on my period. So I grew anxious once again and went to my doctor, who told me that I was finally ovulating... Woo Hoo! I was totally fuckin elated as this meant that finally my lady garden was finally working how she should!
Another thing noted was that I was always beginning to bleed when it came around to the time of my New Moon ritual and I was ovulating at the time of the Full Moon so decided to start looking into what this actually meant.
I found out that traditionally women’s cycles would line up with the cycle of the moon and further to that, it meant different things if the woman was bleeding either at new or full moon.
To bleed at new moon and to ovulate at full moon is called a White Moon cycle. This cycle is closely linked to motherhood and fertility as your body is fertile just like the Earth when it comes to the full moon stage. Women with this cycle will usually have a surge in their intuition during their periods as well as a need to go within during this new moon phase for nourishment and self renewal.
Women who bleed at full moon and ovulate at new moon are experiencing what is called a Red Moon cycle. These women would typically be the witches, healers and midwives of their communities. 👇🏽

still Black
still Magical
still Manifesting
still Humble
#newmoonvibes || 🍃

11-18-2017 Galaxy Joaquin Gomes💫
7 pounds 9.5 ounces.
The birth was messy and filled with tears and pain. But so worth it.
When you bring something big into this world the universe will ask you to put in the work and really SHOW how much you want it. And it's kind of a death process. Cause the previous you is dying as you are birthing this new creation, and at the same time you're re-birthing yourself. Pretty magnificent and terrifying all at the same time.
#birth #newborn #rebirth #transformation #tribedemama #naturalwaterbirth #wombman #beautifulboy #foreverchanged

I don’t dress up for Halloween ... so I dressed up as myself. #goddess #auset #wombman #halloween


No matter what life brings you, a woman with a purpose is unstoppable!!! Keep pushing even when when the road gets tough. That fork in the road gives 2 options. Moving forward, either way. Obstacles may come. Sometimes, unbearable. Neither road totally smooth. There are rocks, boulders and potholes on both. But no matter the route you take - you will ALWAYS reach your destiny...And it will only be as BEAUTIFUL as you make it. #Love #Proud #Destiny #WorkHard #Determination #Ambition #Obstacles #Foundation #ChroniclesOfAGem #Diamonds #Pressure #Evolution #Growth #Strength #Power #LifeGiving #LifeChanging #Wombman #DiamondQueen #GemsFromAGem #ThePowerOfIAm👸🏽💎❤️

{J A D E face roller} Jade is an amazing balancing stone. Meaning ancient strength + serenity. Jade is an ornamental rock, mostly known for its green varieties, which feature prominently in ancient Asian art. This little baby improves the elasticity of your skin, promotes lymphatic drainage and so much more. Catch all the deets and how I use this roller on my stories 💚
#jade #jadefaceroller #healthandwellness #holistichealth #healthbenefits #beauty #facecare #beautyroutine

Day 24 Wild Crafting womb-uterus art for "Me Too" reclamation and restoration.

Wolf Womb-
Wolves remind us in trauma recovery-the sacredness of liberating our instincts, recalibration time after trauma, regulating the nervous system, shaking, being in deep communion with nature to restore and boundaries.
We cannot simultaneously set a boundary and take care of another persons feelings-Melodie Beattie
Boundaries feed the rhythm of self worth, self care, inner knowing and honouring yourself as the innate authority.
For the ME TOO Stories both spoken and unspoken, both personal and collective I believe you and support you. I've committed to a 40 day womb art meditation for continued Reclamation, continued insight and to feed this revolution.
Red cedar-the tree of life representing reclaiming our lives within trauma, wolf skull, purple roses for the beauty in boundaries and feathers of a winged teacher unknown.

Womb healing sessions, movement/yoga for trauma with me www.lalupavia.com #metoo #metoo❤️ #uterusart #wombart #wombman #wombcare #wombwisdom #wombmedicine #witch #queerwitch #witchy #witches #boneart #newmoon #traumarecovery #traumainformedyoga #wolves #wolfskull #lalupavia #wolfwoman

my eyes slightly shift, breaking contact with his sincerity
i tug the length of my fingers as a distraction but the language of his physical structure remains.
near him i sit, bare from the waist up, his pupils burn through my damp skin.

i stretch my limbs towards the arm of the dark bourbon leathered sofa centered in the living space of his one bedroom apartment.
i’ve listened to him moan for weeks now.
a deep, throaty moan- upper torso rising, fall and nearly collapse beneath my tongue.
he breathes apprehensively. my heart steadies to rhythm.
his eyes meet me with embarrassment, taking a swallow –the glass of hennessy classic hiding his disappointment.

💚 #wombman

You grow girl! I've felt so many emotions over these locs. Goodness gracious. One day at a time...
#loclovin #my crown #naturalhair #wombman #stargate #11lifepath #cancer #moonchild

J. Greene art
Invest in art
Mom and child 16×24
Acrylic on canvas original art
Inbox, dm, or email juliangreene623@gmail.com for purchase or to get started on your custom art piece
#jgreeneart #canvasart #africanart
#afrocentric #blackfamily #create #nubian #melanin #kemet #sankofa #artcollector #artgallery #artbuyer #blackart #empress #queen #sistar #wombman #naturalhair #naturalista #blackwoman #queen #blackchild #nubia

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